Deception Wednesday update 15 April 2020


Deception Wednesday update 15 April 2020

Chandrika accepting Naren’s condition. Naren asks her to have thumb impression on the papers and says I will handle. Chandrika says I will not insult my daughter’s hardwork by using thumb impression. Naren says ofcourse and asks her to write the clauses.

Pooja says she wants to talk to Chandrika and takes her to side. She asks why she is doing this and says everything is happening as planned. Chandrika says she can’t let the truth come out infront of Naren. She comes to Naren and asks him to accept Pooja with respect and love, and says she is ready to sign. She says today is the test of your upbringing, don’t let a mother lose. Naren asks shall we begin and asks her to write that she (chandrika alias Chand Bai) breaks her alliance with her daughter and will not contact

her in happiness or sorrows, will continue to dance, but will not let ghungroo affect Pooja.

Chandrika tells Naren that she will forget that she has any child. Naren asks her to take the cap. Chandrika gets it and is going out. Pooja runs out. Naren says welcome Pooja. Pooja tries to stop Chandrika and comes infront of her car. She says either I will go with you or you will stay here. Chandrika refuses and asks her to agree if she ever thought of herself as her mother. Pooja sadly goes inside. Chandrika goes. Naina and her fake Chacha and Chachi tell Naren that they will leave. Naren says nobody will leave and tells that although Pooja returned, but she will be cuffed. Supriya is tensed and worried thinking Pooja and Chandrika will snatch Naren. Harish asks Naren how can he let Pooja stay here. Naren promises him that he will kick her out too. Harish says he will burn the contract. Naren asks him to let him handle Pooja. Harish says that girl will not enter Supriya’s kitchen, room etc.

Supriya thinks I won’t let them win and shouts Naren. Naina makes Pooja wears cap and says so much bhakti of saas. She says I came to know that Chand Bai is actually Naren’s mother. She asks Pooja if she is not surprised. Pooja taunts her and says Naina’s work is same. Naina blackmails to tell them the truth about Naren. Pooja says if that happens, then she will inform who is legitimate and who is illegitimate, then your pack up is sure. Naina gets angry. Pooja says I have my eyes on you.

Naren and Harish go to Supriya and see her fallen down. They lift her and take her to bed. Supriya says she wants to save Naren from Pooja and asks him not to let her stay at home. Naren says same thing will happen. Anuj talks to someone and calls him boss, says Naren will not win elections, and burns the newspaper. Rachel asks where he is going now a days and asks him not to hide anything from him. Anuj asks him not to be their teacher.

Pooja tells Dada ji that outhouse is saved from Naina, but she must be planning. Dada ji tells that he is sure that she will protect the family and blesses her to have Naren with him. Doctor checks Supriya and tells Naren that Supriya have to be on the bed always, she is handicapped for life. Doctor signs Supriya and they smiles.

Pooja comes to the place which she read on fake Chacha and Chachi’s luggage. Naren thinks about Supriya. Malanga Re plays…Pooja comes to the hotel. A man kidnaps her.

Pooja coming to the place.. The people there tells that they were doing play. Pooja happens to see the poster in which fake Chacha and Chachi’s pic is posted. She thinks so this is their truth, I am coming to expose you. Naren is angry in his room and tells that whenever he sees this hockey stick, his mind asks him not to listen to heart. He says I can’t give peace to the people torturing my mum. Naren breaks the ghungroo and asks his servant to keep it. His assistant says you are not bad which you try to become. Mora Piya plays.. Naren looks at the ghungroo box and keeps it aback.

Goons tease Pooja and ask her to dance. They push her and she falls down. Pooja says she is Naren Vyas’s wife. The goons ask where is he? Just then Naren comes and beats him, asks

did you call me. Pooja is happy seeing him fighting with goons for her. He asks her to come and sit in car. Pooja feels pain in her leg, but starts walking. Naren sits in car. Pooja promises to make his heart beat for her again. Naren rings the car horn. Pooja sits in car and says you have troubled all neighborhood by ringing horn. She says you can’t see me in trouble and thanks him for loving her. Naren asks her to thank his hatred that it don’t love her. Pooja thinks she will wait for the day when this hatred becomes love and accept her.
Rahul tells that he can’t melt seeing Naina’s tears, once he snatches Mayank’s property from her then he will not know her. Naren and Pooja reach Vyas Mansion. Naren goes inside. Pooja walks slow due to pain in her leg. Goons come and kidnap her. Guard informs Naren that Pooja is kidnapped. Rahul comes to Naina and says if I could, then I wouldn’t have let any tears fall from your eyes. Naina says what is your mistake. Rahul tells her that Mayank came in his dream and asked him to give you red rose. Naina takes it and thinks she has to woo Rahul. Naren slaps his assistant and says Pooja is kidnapped from my house.

Dada ji says we shall call Pooja. Harish says media shall not be informed. Naren says election is near and they can’t risk. Dada ji defends her. Harish says it was good that she is kidnapped. Dada ji says she is our bahu. Naren says she was, and tells that marriage is on just paper. Dada ji asks really. Naren says he is not lying. The goons take Pooja somewhere. Media comes there and asks Naren about Pooja. Rahul requests them to leave his brother. Naren says I couldn’t handle my jaan, then how will I handle the people of Hrishikesh. Satish comes there. Naren says I couldn’t protect your niece and promises to search her.

Pooja asks goons to leave her and says her husband will not leave them. Goon says lets see. They tie her to chair. Naren says I will reply when Pooja is with me. Supriya thinks who has kidnapped Pooja. Chandrika blames herself for leaving Pooja. Dada ji says who might be the person.

Rahul tells that Ravan has kidnapped Pooja. Neelima asks him to be careful. Rahul says I haven’t kidnapped or touched her. Neelima says then who is this Ravan? Pooja sees Vyas Group of Company board and thinks who has kidnapped her.

Naren coming to Pooja. Pooja gets scared, but relaxes seeing him. Naren tells her that he got her kidnapped by his goons and haven’t saved her. He recalls getting her kidnapped right infront of her. He says if I had not kidnapped you, how I would have seen you helpless here, and blames her for Supriya’s condition. Pooja asks do you really think I am responsible. Naren says I gave you a chance 6 months back, but you have taken the decision. Pooja says I hurt you so much and punishment is my medicine. Naren asks why she is shedding fake tears and says there is no media here. He says I brought food for you. Pooja says atleast I am staying with your hatred.

Naren says you had chance to stay with love, but you lost it. He asks her to think how Supriya might be feeling being handicapped and says you thinks about your mum. Pooja says Maa is not yours or mine they are ours. She says it is good to have food with your hand and asks for AC. Naren says my mother don’t want you to enter Vyas Mansion and this will happen. Pooja determines to get Naren celebrate Chandrika’s birthday.

After Naren goes from there, Naina comes to Mayank’s cabin and acts, says you left me. She says whoever kidnapped Pooja is good. Fake Chachi asks why did you call us. Pooja hears them.

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