Deception Wednesday update 11 March 2020


Deception Wednesday update 11 March 2020

Guru ji asks her to leave the city and country and never come back again. Naren is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Guru ji asks his people to throw her out. Pooja says when she has the guts to accept the crime, then she can leave too. Naren thinks why did Pooja lie?

Naren goes out. The lady ask her to leave else she will kick her out. Pooja goes out. The women gang attacked Naren with rod. He shouts Pooja. Woman gang takes him in car. Pooja runs back and see a car leaving.. She asks Security whose car it was? Security says office people. Pooja thinks if Naren is in trouble. She thinks what to do? She asks Servant if he saw Naren inside. He says no. She calls him. Woman sees her call on Naren’s phone.

Guru ji tells that they will boycott Gupta family from now on. Kusum asks them not to do this and tell some solution. Everyone is shocked. Guru ji asks them to get Anuj and Rachel married according to their customs and asks Gupta family to make their niece Pooja leave country. Harish tells Guru ji that Pooja is innocent, she is NGO Head and is a social workers and how can she favours wrong thinking. Guru ji says you are going against my decision. Harish says I am refusing to accept your wrong decision. Guru ji says if that girl don’t leave then they will boycott Vyas family also from their community. Pooja calls Naren. Woman switches off his phone and throws it afar. She says now you can’t meet Naren Vyas.

Harish comes out. Pooja tells him that Naren is in trouble as she heard his voice and sent her team to search him. Harish says ok. Surbhi thinks where is Pooja going in urgency and what Harish was talking to her. Pooja sees oil mark on the road.

Naren seeing woman gang digging the land. They say welcome to the lunch date of your life. Naren asks them to open his hands and asks who are you? The woman asks her to have a sip of wine and throws it on his face. They remove their moustaches, beards, turbans and open hairs. Naren laughs seeing women in men’s disguise. He laughs and says you are so egoistic. Woman says you are on death hot seat and saying this. Naren says good try, but your try is also weak like you and frees his hand. Woman hits rod on his head and he falls down unconscious. Pooja talks to Mr. Kapoor and says she didn’t find Naren till now. She gets down from the car and calls Naren. She sees petrol leakage marks on road and recalls seeing it outside of Vyas mansion and follows it.. Surbhi also follows

her in her car and thinks why Pooja is tensed. The women gang bury Naren along with wine and glass in a coffin and puts sand on hit. Pooja gets down from the car and finds the gang car there. She thinks he might be here.
Woman says we will miss you and are going after covering the coffin with sand. Naren gains consciousness and tries to get out. Pooja calls Naren. Surbhi follows her. Pooja finds something and understands that he is under the soil. She moves the soil and finds coffin. Naren is still stuck inside. Surbhi looks at her from far. Naren loses consciousness.

Pooja opens the coffin and finds unconscious Naren inside. She shouts Naren and asks him to open his eyes. She checks his nerves and asks him to open his eyes. She hugs him. Jogiya plays….Supriya prays in the inhouse temple. Pooja asks Naren if he can hear her. She pumps his heart and massages his hands. She then opens his mouth and gives him breathe through mouth to mouth respiration. Naren gets the breathe and coughs. Pooja cries and says I will bring water, asks him to keep his eyes open. Pooja goes. Surbhi thinks this is the good chance, poor Pooja, now Naren will not get closer to you. She asks him to get up and says anything can happen here. Naren calls Pooja. Surbhi asks him to get up. Naren recalls Pooja going.

Pooja sees the women gang. Woman says you can’t protect Naren Vyas. They try to attack Pooja, but she fights with them being martial arts expert. She holds a woman with her hand. Other woman asks why you are supporting him being a woman. Pooja says he is my husband. Women gang is shocked.

Harish calls Samdhi to Satish and apologizes to him. He asks when he will get Anuj married? Satish says very soon. Harish asks him not to worry about Pooja and they are here with her.

Pooja tells them that she is guilty as she is responsible for Naren’s all crimes. She says sometimes patience to bear something makes a person stone. Woman asks why did he snatch our everything, our house, husband, family and company. Pooja accepts that Naren did wrong and tells that if he did wrong then you too have done wrong. Surbhi helps Naren to walk. Pooja says she has returned to make Naren realize his mistake and says she will do penance and asks for a chance. Woman hugs Pooja. Naren sees attacker woman hugging Pooja. Surbhi says it means they are with Pooja.

Naren and Surbhi seeing Pooja hugging one of the woman from the gang. Pooja sees him and runs to him, hugs him and says you are fine. Naren pushes her and makes her fall down. Surbhi says don’t know what she will do and taunts her. She takes Naren with her. Pooja cries sitting there. Naren recalls Pooja taking up the blame on herself and then promising the women gang to return their companies to them. Surbhi thinks she will take advantage of the fire which is between Naren and Pooja now. Satish tells Kusum that Anuj and Rachel have to get married, else people will make an issue. Kusum refuses to let them married. Satish asks her to understand and says if they don’t marry then Pooja will have troubles. Pooja talks to someone and asks to get Dada ji’s name plates fixed to

the places from where it was taken out. She thinks about Naren. Surbhi comes there and asks Pooja to leave the house. Pooja says she wants Naren’s permission or court orders. Surbhi says I can get court orders and I don’t think Naren will let you stay here after whatever you have done with him. Pooja says ok call him, I want to hear him praising me. Surbhi asks her to get out and pushes her suitcase.
Naren comes and holds it, and says cat fight in the morning. He asks Surbhi to keep her suitcase back in her room and says he is waiting for tomorrow, and says there is still time for your freedom. Pooja says who asked for freedom. Naren asks her to do shopping and says tomorrow is Anuj and Rachel’s marriage. He says it will be your victory and my defeat. Pooja says she will come to celebrate her brother’s marriage. Naren asks her to be careful and says danger is not less. Pooja tells Surbhi that she is going for shopping and asks her to keep her luggage inside.

Satish talks to Kusum about the marriage nek. Kusum says she is not interested in any arrangements. Pooja comes home and gives gift to Anuj, Manyavar suit. She says she is sure that her brother will fulfill his marriage vows sincerely. Anuj apologizes for doubting her. Pooja asks him to try the dress. Naren tells Mayank that he wants marriage to be grand. Mayank says all arrangements is done. Harsha asks him to take Prasad. Naren says someone else need this, and says I hope you are not attending enemy’s marriage. Harsha says why we will go there.
Pooja gets ready and applies sindoor in her maang.

She runs. Naren comes and asks where is she going? Pooja smiles seeing him. Naren asks her to look at her reflection in the mirror. He removes the curtain. Pooja feels shy. Naren says this is not suiting you. Pooja asks him to tell what will suit her. Naren says it seems you are enjoying this game. Pooja says it seems even you are enjoying.

Pooja and naren talk romantically. Pooja hugs him as pulls her closer to him. O Re Piya plays….It turns out to be her imagination and smiles. He asks Servant to keep the constructions equipment in the car. Mayank says we are going to attend marriage. Naren says may be we will bury someone mercilessly. Pooja is shocked. Naren thinks he won’t let her tears dry up.

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