Deception Wednesday update 1 April 2020


Deception Wednesday update 1 April 2020

Supriya says ok and says she is ready to take up her responsibility. She goes to Pooja’s room. Pooja asks her to punish her, but don’t be upset with her. Supriya asks her to clean the room first. Pooja cleans the room. Naren and Mayank looks at her from outside. Ve Saiyya plays…..

Naina comes to Vyas Mansion and thinks this is my sister’s Ayodhya. She thinks to sit out all night till anybody opens the door. Supriya asks her to sit on bed and asks Manoj to keep the food. She asks her to finish the food. Pooja says she wants to go to Bua first as she must be in extreme pain. Supriya says you won’t go anywhere. Pooja refuses to have food. Supriya asks Manoj to take food back. Pooja cries. Supriya also cries. Naren tells Mayank that he will feed her food and give her medicines. Mayank asks what you will do, as no doctor gave any treatment for her. Naren gets an idea and tells Mayank to take Pooja out at 5 am. Rahul hears him and calls Mr. Kapoor and informs him.

He tells Mr. Kapoor to get ready to make his night colorful and tells that Ram will help them kidnap Sita. Naren writes letter for Supriya asking for her support. Rahul comes there, reads the letter and says sorry bhai…you are taking her without informing anyone. Naren wearing hooded jacket buys two bus tickets to daulatpur. Mayank tells Pooja that he will take her to Mama’s house on his bike. Pooja asks him to tie her shoe lace. He ties it. Rahul and Surbhi see, and says he has become her servant. Rahul says he will be back in sometime. Mayank takes Pooja out. Naina don’t see her as she is sleeping on bench there. The man in hood enters bus. Mayank tells Pooja that bus is leaving. Pooja asks the driver to stop the bus and runs. The man in hooded jacket gives his hand to her. Pooja gets inside the bus and sees Naren.. Rahul comes there as joker and says happy journey bhabhi ji.

Pooja telling Naren that she wants to go to Mama’s house. People on road think he is teasing her and beats naren. Naina wakes up and hears Mayank talking to Harsha, and telling her that Naren and Pooja went out from hrishikesh and asks her to make palak paneer. Naina thinks I came to play with my sister, but she is not here. She eyes Mayank and says she got Lakshman. One of the man is about to hit Naren with stick, but Pooja asks them to stop and says she will beat them. The men say she is mad. Ve Saiyya plays…

Surbhi wakes up Supriya and pretends to be shocked and tells that Naren and Pooja are not in the house and says she will wake up Harish. Naren thanks Pooja. Pooja says we are not friends and asks him to call mama. Naren tells Satish that he wants

to take her to Daulatabad for treatment. Pooja takes the call and says she don’t want to go with him. Satish asks her to go and says he will come in 1-2 days…..
Naina beats a man on road seeing Mayank coming and pretends as if he teased her. Mayank warns the man. Naina tells him that she has to go somewhere, but her scooty stopped.

Rahul and his goons enter the bus which Naren and Pooja are riding wearing clown’s clothes and make up. Rahul talks to Pooja and asks if she wants to eat something. Pooja says Naren will not let me go. Rahul sings son. Naren tries to look at Pooja. Pooja gets down the bus. Rahul promises to get a shop of toys for her and looks at Naren thinking this time Pooja will be kidnapped surely. Naren comes to Pooja hearing her laugh. Rahul hides. Naren asks why did she get down the bus. Pooja says she wants to go to loo. Naren takes her to washroom. Pooja asks him to stand out and says it is for girls only. Naren stops her and ties her hand with rope kept there. Rahul peeps in the loo through the window and asks her to come and have pushka with him. Naren is waiting for Pooja outside and thinks why she is taking time. .

Supriya calls Satish and asks about Naren and Pooja. Satish says they went to Daulatpur for treatment. Supriya gets worried and asks how can you let naren go with Pooja. Satish says who can handle her better than naren. Supriya calls Naren, but he disconnects it. Harish asks Supriya not to worry. Pooja opens the rope and ties to the wall. Naren calls Harish and informs him that he is going to Daulatpur with Pooja. Harish says I am proud of you son.

Pooja escapes from behind him. Naren waits for her. Harish asks him not to worry and gives best wishes. Rahul tells Pooja that puchka is there. Naren comes to the washroom. Pooja have pani puri which is mixed with some medicine. Naren knocks on the door and gets doubtful. He sees the rope tied to the pipe and gets shocked.

Naren beating Rahul who is on clown’s get up and throws water on his face. Rahul sees the color removing and ties cloth on his face and attacks on Naren. He escapes. Naren comes to Pooja and tries to make her conscious. Anuj tells Satish that he will go and bring Pooja back. Satish stops him angrily. Pooja signs driver and thinks they will reach Daulatpur and she will be treated. Rahul thinks she will be kidnapped anyhow. Naina holds Mayank’s hand to make him fall for her, but he understands her plan and asks her to leave from his car, and asks her not to lie again. Naren takes Pooja to Daulatpur by walk and says thanks to land slide, we are here. We will reach and I can’t accept and we will reach Daulatpur. Anuj tells Reporter that Naren Vyas took a mentally challenged

girl out of city. Reporter asks who is he? Anuj looks on. Naina tells Mayank that she wants to meet Pooja. Mayank asks her to meet her once she returns.

Naren brings Pooja to a local hotel and takes care of her. Song plays….The staff guy thinks something is wrong and asks other guy to keep an eye on them. Naren talks to Vaid ji and tells that he brought the patient. Pooja throws water on him and asks him to bring chocolate cookies and food for her. He comes to the shop and buys the stuff. He sees the news on TV and it shows Naren has kidnapped Pooja Goel. He runs back to hotel. Pooja asks if he is thief. Satish scolds Anuj and says Pooja’s reputation is also ruined. Kusum says we should have send her to mental asylum.

Harish calls Satish and asks about the news. He asks how can he let the news spread and says if small city people see the news then they will think wrong about them. Satish scolds Anuj and feels pain in his heart. Rachel scolds Anuj and asks if his ego is big than Satish’s health. Anuj talks to Reporter and says he agreed this time, but the case will be fought in court.

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