Deception Tuesday update 17 March 2020


Deception Tuesday update 17 March 2020

Naren telling Pooja that today he felt peace seeing her hurt and defeated. He says I won’t give a damm if you go with your husband on honeymoon to cruise or moon. Pooja is shocked and sits down shattered. Naren asks photographer to get her pic clicked and says he will keep a copy. Satish asks you needs whose statement now to clear the misunderstandings.

Supriya goes near Pooja and sings mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari. Pooja looks at her and hugs her cryingly. Supriya tries to cheer her up. Surbhi and Rakesh are tensed. Supriya asks Pooja not to cry and says if you cry then your pic will not be good. Naren says these tears don’t need your sympathy. He holds Pooja by her hairs and pushes her asking her to leave. She falls on Anuj. Anuj holds her. Naren asks her to see this

evening special memory and moves the cloth from the board. It reads “dogs and pooja are not allowed here”. Anuj says my Didi will leave from here and thanks him for the insult and humiliation.
Naren thanks Mr.Kapoor and says your truth ruined one more thing. Pooja is shocked. Mr.Kapoor also go out. Naren asks guests to leave. Pooja recalls Naren’s concern and the happy moments, his betrayal etc. She recalls Naren thanking Mr.Kapoor and says she wants to talk to him alone. Rahul smirks and plays dhol. Hardik stops him. Naren asks him to play. He dances with Surbhi.

Naren asks Mr. Kapoor what he told to Naren that he thanked him, which created misunderstanding between them. He asks her to sit and says he will tell her. Pooja says she needs to know and asks him. Mr.Kapoor says nothing is important to him than her happiness and safety. He says when Naren came to meet me in the hospital.

A fb is shown, Mr.Kapoor tells Naren that he met Pooja a year ago through suicide helpline when he was depressed in his wife’s memory. Pooja took care of me, made me out of depression and helped me. He says that time, I wasn’t aware that Pooja is mentally stable. He says she is totally mad and it is her hobby to trap rich guys, marry and leave them. He says she likes to give pain to others. He says she takes advantage of her innocent face. Naren asks about their marriage. Mr. Kapoor says she is my wife, I am getting her treated and asks him to send her back with him before she ruins more lives. Naren is shocked. Fb ends.

Pooja scolds Mr.Kapoor for lying to Naren and ruining her life. Mr. Kapoor says Naren Vyas will ruin you and will not let you stay in peace. Pooja says she deserves pain and tells that she made him heartless. Mr. Kapoor says Naren Vyas was responsible for his accident as he tried to kill him. Pooja says it can’t be possible and says he can hurt me, but can’t hurt others. Mr. Kapoor says you need someone better partner. Pooja thanks for the suggestion. Mr.Kapoor says he loves her. Pooja is shocked.

Naren opens the champagne bottle and asks Satish to drink it. Harish says you have proved that your mother’s upbringing has failed. He throws the glass. Pooja slaps Mr. Kapoor and gives ring in his hand. She thanks him for the friendship and says she returned here to win her husband and will win him. Mr.Kapoor leaves.

Naren plays dhol and says he can’t control the happiness. He tells that he will marry Surbhi after 5 days and asks Rahul to play dhol. Pooja wipes her tears, comes inside and says so much happiness Naren.

He asks why did she return? Pooja says your wishes will remain unfulfilled. Naren says you don’t accept defeat and asks what is her new trick to make the evening entertaining. Pooja says your wish will be fulfilled as the evening will be entertaining. Harish sees lawyer. Naren says again betrayal. Pooja says you have become brand ambassador of chal party, and got engaged by betrayal. She says you can get engaged, but stop dreaming about marrying Surbhi, as it is a crime to remarry when first wife is alive. She tells that you had signed on the divorce papers a year ago, but without my signature divorce can’t happen. Surbhi is shocked. Naren checks the papers. Pooja says wherever I go in this world, I will have your name forever. Naren is shocked.

Surbhi asks Naren not to listen to her and says papers might be fake just like her. Pooja says did anyone ask your opinion, why you can’t leave your habit of interfering between husband and wife. Harish smiles. Mayank checks the papers. Pooja tells Rahul that she took him out of jail on her guarantee and he shall have her acceptance stamp on his decisions. She tells that she accepts loyalty from him. She asks Surbhi not to fly high and says if her mood spoils then she will not let her get divorce from Rahul all life. Naren calls her Mr. Kapoor and asks what does she wants. Pooja says she will give proofs as she loves him. She says she is ready to be tested for her love for him and says she is ready for all tests and says she will win ultimately. Naren looks on.

Naren telling Pooja that she can give test when she is permitted to enter home. Harish says she has his permission to enter home. He says a father has permission for his bahu. He calls Anuj. Servants bring welcome back Pooja’s board. Harish tells Pooja that they all are with her. Satish, Kusum, Rachel and Anuj stands at Pooja side. Naren is shocked to see harish and Supriya going to Pooja side. He says your wish will be fulfilled. He breaks the glass. He says test time have come and asks her to go if she wants. Pooja says these lines will get the excuse to collide with you. Naren says now I am your God.. Pooja says I never thought you less than a God. Naren says lets see what is in your part, medal or penalty. He says if you are proved honest then you will get rose, and if

you are not then you will get money, and asks if she is scared then commit suicide with this knife. He says if you loses then you will have to pay a big penalty, this pistol will be fired and you couldn’t see our marriage. He says you have to go through 4 kasautiis and says even god have to be wise with you. He says you can take help from someone in one of the kasautii. Pooja asks if it is a sympathy or his love which don’t want her to fail..

Naren says test are 4, but no chance to fail. Pooja says she came here to win his love and trust and have no given herself option to fail. She says if she fails then she will decorate the mandap and will dance in his baraat. Harish says you don’t need to go through any test and says whoever don’t believe you is defeated. Pooja says she can take up any test. Surbhi asks what will be the test. Naren says first test will be loyalty test. He says what did you say that Rakesh Kaushal had closed all ways of your return. Everyone is shocked.

Naren says he sent letters and money to you in Supriya’s name. He asks her to prove. Mayank says my papa can’t do this. Pooja says Mayank. He says you are accusing my papa for your sins. Harish says pooja is saying right and tells that truth is same thing. He says Rakesh was waiting for a chance to ruin us since years and played his game when he got the chance. Rakesh asks him to stop it and says if you don’t want us to stay here, then would have told us and not thought about your sister. Neelima says at one time, you were so close to Rakesh babu. Rakesh says we don’t want to drink water of this house and asks Harsha and mayank to pack their bags.

Naren says 1 mins guys and says nobody will step outside this house for the first 3 hours and asks her not to show her face without any proofs. Pooja says after 3 hours, I will have proofs in my hand and a smile. Naren says I have a feeling that it is going to be interesting night. Rakesh gets tensed. Pooja searches for the proofs in her suitcase and gets the passbook. She says now how you will refuse this proof. Harsha comes, snatches the passbook, burns it and throws on floor. Pooja says this is my innocence last proof and says I know Rakesh hurts you. Harsha threatens to kill herself if she talks against Rakesh and says you will be responsible for this. Pooja is shocked.

Surbhi thinks what Pooja will do now. Rahul says pooja can’t prove anything. Surbhi says you talked big, but nothing can be done. Rahul asks her to come and says lets see where our trump card is. They see Mr. Kapoor going to graveyard in the night holding white flower bouquet. Rahul says he is albela lover of pooja.

After 3 hours, Rakesh tells Harsha and Mayank that Pooja is just bluffing and have no proofs against him. Mr. Kapoor opens the box and sees birthday cake. Pooja comes to hall. Naren shoots around her. Pooja and others are shocked.

Naren says Mrs. Kapoor, do you have doubt on my aim and says I hope you have returned with the proofs and reminds her that his aim never fails. Pooja says just 2 mins is left now and asks can we talk. Naren says ofcourse, I am waiting to see you defeated. Pooja tells Rakesh and Harsha that they were right and she prove them wrong on fake proofs. She apologizes to them. Harish is shocked.

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