Deception Thursday update 5 March 2020


Deception Thursday update 5 March 2020

Pooja thinks to call Supriya and thinks Naren might be fine by now. She calls on Supriya’s number. Surbhi picks the call. Pooja asks about Supriya. Surbhi says she went out. She asks about her location.

Pooja tells her that she is in Chicago. Surbhi smiles. Pooja calls Satish and asks him to visit hrishikesh once. Satish asks her not to worry about them for a year and ends the call. Surbhi calls Rakesh and tells about Pooja’s location.

Surpriya coming back home from the hospital. Harish looks at her from outside the house. Naren ignores Supriya. Pooja takes up job at care centre. The Manager there welcomes Pooja and briefs her about the care centre telling they take care of unwell and depressed persons. Pooja thinks of Guruji’s words.

Naren tells Surbhi that she can take Supriya’s treatment expenses from company’s accounts, but don’t tell her that he has a son. He says this room shall be her world. Surbhi thinks thanks Naren Babu, you made my work easy.

Pooja comes to meet the person who came to meet her. Rakesh tells her that Supriya sent him to make sure she is fine. He gives her 5000 dollars and a letter claiming to be written by Supriya. He says he has arranged a house for her,
and will send 5000 dollars to her every month. He recalls Surbhi asking him to meet Pooja and trap her and widened the distance between Pooja and Vyas family.

Surbhi asks Supriya not to let anyone come in room, not even Naren. Naren comes and asks her to get Supriya’s signatures on the papers. Supriya hits him with something. He is shocked. Surbhi gets happy. Supriya asks him not to come to her room again. Rahul asks Constable to help him freed from the jail and tells that he is Vyas company owner. Naren is in his office. Employee tells him that all female employees are fired. Naren asks if all companies name which have Pooja’s name agree to change their company name. Employee says yes, except one company. Naren says he would like to meet the owner. Pooja is in the care centre and thinks to call Naren once. She thinks about Satish’s words. She calls Naren, but he don’t pick her call. She gets call from some depressed person. He tells her that he is going to end his life. Pooja thinks she shall save Ashish Kapoor. She takes his address from reception.

Rachel comes home and tells that Naren kicked all female employees with 3 months advance payment. Kusum says everyone is asking her about Pooja. Anuj says Naren can’t take such decision. Surbhi instigates Supriya against Naren and tells that Pooja tried to kill her. Supriya is shocked and falls in her trap. Surbhi gets the house keys and calls herself Naren Surbhi Vyas.

Naren comes to meet Pooja Diwan and says may be your husband loves you a lot and that’s why named company on your name. She says yes. Naren looks on. Pooja runs to Ashish Kapoor’s house and asks him to stop. He is about to cut his wrist. Pooja runs and stops him. He looks at her angrily.

Pooja stopping Mr. Kapoor from committing suicide and says life is not cheap to be wasted. He gets angry and holds knife on her neck. He says who are you to value my life. Naren thanks the lady (Pooja Diwan) what she would like to have. He serves her wine and looks at the lady. Pooja hits him with her elbow and slaps him. She says if your life is cheap to succumb to knife and asks him to give a chance to life. Mr. Kapoor cries. Pooja asks him to relax and gives him water. He thanks her. Pooja introduces herself as Pooja Goel Vyas. Harsha comes to Neelima and Hardik and says she brought food for them. She asks her to understand that Naren is going through a rough moment. Neelima says why they shall suffer when Supriya is guilty of her son. She asks her to take her food back.

Hardik says I am much hungry and will eat. Neelima goes. The lady tells that they met for the first time and got comfortable. Phone rings. Naren says it seems your husband reached, I called him here, this world is strange. Harsha meets Harish and asks him to meet Supriya. Harish says he wants to come, but because of Naren, he can’t come. Naren tells Pooja Diwan to think what her husband will think when he sees money and roses. He asks her to change her company’s name now.

Pooja thinks about Naren’s pain and writes letter to him. She says she writes that she has become his jogan and she sees Satish’s reflection in him sometimes, but he is an exclusive piece. She says she has been waiting for the day when she can apologize to him, as she gave him pain and also the reason of it. Naren sees the Pooja fabrics board on road and throws the wine bottle. Pooja keeps letter for day 1.

Neelima argues with Harish. Hardik says until when we will fight with our family. Rakesh comes and says he said right. He says everyone gives their example that Kashinath’s family is one. Neelima says we all know what you mean and asks him to become jamai, and not to become their boss. She says he is breaking all of us in the name of Jamai.

She says if we all will get punished. Surbhi says I deserves punishment firstly and says it was my duty to keep the family united, but I couldn’t and says sorry to Neelima, Harish and others. Naren comes and says what a family drama, I am impressed. He says he called everyone here for some personal reasons. Neelima asks him to come to point. Naren tells that Mrs. Vyas can’t handle Vyas Mansion and someone has to handle its responsibilities. She says I know everyone has their eyes on it. Surbhi says she don’t want these keys and asks him to keep it. Neelima says she don’t want keys and knows how to get her rights. Rakesh suggests him to give keys to Harsha. Surbhi asks Rakesh to keep his suggestion with himself and says let Naren decide. Harsha says if she gets keys then she will become enemy of her mayka. Naren says he don’t understand why keys are always handled by women and gives keys responsibility to Mayank. Everyone is shocked.

Mayank says Bhai. Naren says I am not giving an option, it is a decision. Harsha asks him to listen and thinks why Naren is hating women so much. She thinks about Dada ji’s words that time changes sometimes, and sometimes person changes with time, worries for his family

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