Deception Thursday update 30 January 2020


Deception Thursday update 30 January 2020

Guru ji and Naren playing badminton. Guru ji says you shall have more concentration and asks him to close his eyes for 5 mins. Pooja looks on shockingly. Guru ji is about to keep hand on his head. Pooja calls him and disturbs Guru ji. She asks why you are sitting and asks Naren to play with her, says she was a badminton champion in her ashram. Guru ji gets angry and leaves. Naren and Pooja play badminton. Anuj asks Rachel to shift to Pooja’s room and says he wants his room.

Pooja’s photo frame breaks. Anuj cries and says he can’t see her hurt. Rachel thinks he is so concerned for his cousin. Guru ji comes again seeing Naren alone and asks for his 5 mins. Naren says yes. Pooja comes there calling Naren. Guru ji gets angry. Pooja gives juice to Naren and asks Guru ji if he
wants to drink. Guru ji gets angry again and leaves.

He again comes to Naren and asks him to sit. Pooja comes and says I have to change the bedsheet. Naren asks her to do it later. Guru ji says no problem and tells that he is going to math soon. Harsha calls pooja and asks her to make tea. Pooja says okay. Harsha tells Neelima that Pooja didn’t show any tantrums and agreed. Neelima smirks. Guru ji comes to Naren and asks him to come near him. He tells that he will feel good with his blessings.

Pooja thinks to give tea to Harsha and be with Naren. Rahul throws small marbels on the way to make pooja fall. Pooja is coming towards her. Supriya calls Pooja and slips as she steps on the marbels. Pooja runs to her and helps her get up. Guru ji asks Naren to close his eyes. She sees Guru ji controlling Naren. Supriya calls Pooja. Guru ji asks Naren to appear without clothes, leaves his hunger and forget all relations. Pooja asks Supriya to come to come. Supriya says she can’t walk. Pooja calls Mayank and Harsha. They take her inside along with Pooja’s help. Naren opens his eyes. Pooja sees Naren going to his room in trance. She tries to call him. Neelima smirks. Pooja falls down badly. Malanga Re plays….He goes out of house. Pooja is going out and asks Neelima and Guru ji. Neelima smirks..

Neelima says if this girl reaches him then our plan will fail. Guru ji tells that Naren is not in his control and says says Harish will handover his son to me till evening and your trouble will leave to math. Neelima smiles.

Naren is walking on the road in trance. He hears Guru ji’s words and throws his phone, removes his chappal. Pooja comes following him and is shocked. She picks his phone, chappal. He drops his handkerchief etc. Harish calls Dr. Gupta. Neelima blames Servants for the marbles in the hall. Harish says I will meet Doctor and asks Mayank to bring her to hospital. Naren in full control of Guru ji removes shirt and drops it. Pooja shouts his name, but he doesn’t stop.

Pooja asks him to come home and says Supriya got hurt. Naren brushes off her hand and removes his shirt on road. Everyone stop to see him. People identify him and asks why he is walking in trance as if someone is controlling him. Pooja recalls Guru ji controlling him and neelima. She thinks how to stop him.

Naren walking on the road in trance. Rahul thinks Guru ji’s touch has an effect and thinks lets see what madness Naren will do today. Pooja runs back home and asks supriya to come with her. Neelima says she has to go to hospital. Pooja says if you don’t come with me today then you will not forgive me all life. Supriya is shocked. Pooja asks her to come. Naren thinks of Guru ji’s words and removes his pant as well. He continues walking. People on the road laugh on him. Rahul is keeping a watch on him and laughs and recalls Naren slapping him. He thinks Harish wanted to make him MD, now people will call him mad jogi. Pooja and Mayank bring Supriya there with support. They see Naren walking on road naked. Pooja sees people laughing at him and taking his video. She breaks a man’s
phone and breaks it. She asks everyone to keep their phones back. Mayank asks Naren to come into his senses. Pooja asks Naren to stop and see Supriya. She takes a cloth kept there and asks Supriya to cover him.

Naren is still walking in trance. Rahul thinks his respect is gone. He signs few men to go. Pooja asks Supriya not to cry and asks her to become his shield. She says your touch is enough to get rid of the evil powers. Rahul’s men throws stone on Naren. Mayank and Pooja protect him. Pooja asks Supriya to take God’s name and keep on his head and says only you can bring Naren back. They pray to God while Naren is sitting under the tree. Supriya keeps her hand on his hand while praying to God. Naren opens his eyes and calls Supriya. Rahul thinks how did this happen, Guru ji said that there is no solution to his touch. Naren gets back to his senses and is shocked. Supriya and Mayank ask him to come. Pooja sees Rahul there and thinks nobody can harm him when I am with him.

In the car, Pooja apologises to Supriya for taking her there in that condition. She thinks how did you think about mother’s touch. Pooja tells her that once in her childhood when Kusum touched Anuj with faith, he got fine. Supriya asks what happened to Naren suddenly. Pooja says it was Guru ji’s trick. Harish asks Harsha where is Supriya? Supriya brings Naren home.

Everyone is shocked to see him covered with a cloth. Supriya asks Mayank to take Naren to room. Harish asks Pooja to give explanation. Pooja says it is given by someone who did mistake and says Guru ji will give him explanation. She asks him to tell Harish. Supriya tells Harish that Guru ji touched him and made him in trance and he was walking naked near the ghaat.

Guru ji says I can answer you only Maa and not to others. Pooja tries to confront him. Supriya asks her to go and asks Guru ji to answer. Guru ji says he just blessed him and don’t know what happened to him. Supriya blames him. Harish scolds Supriya for blaming Guru ji. Neelima praises Supriya’s strength in handling Naren. Rahul says Harish is not wrong to be concerned.

Harish says I wish Naren shall have been like him. Supriya asks him to see Naren’s condition and says if anything had happened to him then…Harsha says Bua ji blessing have protected him. Guru ji asks them to calm down and says I will talk to Naren. Supriya asks him not to involve in their house matters. She asks Harish to talk to him alone. They talk in the room. Harish asks Supriya to have faith on Guru ji. Supriya says she don’t want him near Naren and asks him to send him. Harish says I will send him if you want, but I have a condition. He says if Guru ji goes from here, then you have to send pooja from here today itself. Pooja comes to Naren’s room and calls him. He gets up. She asks him to have milk.

Pooja asking Naren to drink warm milk. She recalls people laughing on Naren. She tells Naren that why he is so good that he couldn’t understand Guru ji’s evil motives. She says whatever happened today…Naren says I have no shame on my doings. Pooja says you are not alone, you have a family whom you don’t care. Harish asks Supriya to tell him if she is ready to kick Pooja out of house. Supriya is silent. Harish says for the first time in 25 years that we have different thinking. Supriya says she is on God’s side and tells that she is sure that Pooja will make Naren fine. She says you can let Guru ji stay here and tells that Guru ji wouldn’t have asked you to make Pooja leave if he wasn’t scared of her. Pooja tells that Supriya don’t care of people’s laugh or their
family shame, but care for her son and that’s why she came running to him even though she was hurt. Naren asks her to stop it and asks who gave you this right. Pooja is shocked and says I thought we are friends.

Naren says there is a limit for every relation and says I hope this friendship remain in the limits. Pooja is teary eyes. He comes to Supriya and thinks about Pooja’s words. She gets teary eyes and recalls Guru ji’s words. He tells Dada ji that he is not ashamed of his doings, but everyone is hurt. He tells that it was his inner self voice which he followed. He asks why there is a rules of right and wrong. Guru ji comes and tells that it was your inner self voice and it can’t take anyone to wrong path else you wouldn’t have gone to Nirvaan ghat. She says your dada ji used to go there and get answers. He says you are not different from your dada. He says we shall go there and do shanti yagna. He says come with me Naren. Naren is going to Guru ji. Mayank says even I will come with you. Guru ji hesitantly says why not. Mayank holds Naren while walking.

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