Deception Thursday update 27 February 2020


Deception Thursday update 27 February 2020

Guru ji telling Pooja that he is feeling as if something is going to happen with Naren and asks her to call Naren and stop him from going there. Pooja thinks Naren’s phone is not working and calls cab driver. Cab driver says he got down from his car.

Guru ji says we shall go to the office told by naren. Naren comes to the office and asks if the samples is ready. Man says it is ready and asks him to take the samples and fix the price later. Naren says sample is good, and says deal is done, you will get confirmation in evening. Naren takes bags and goes.

Rachel and Rahul are in car. He gives her coconut water. Rachel says you are good man. He says he has everything and a lovely wife, but just name sake wife. He thinks Rakesh’s idea is good and thinks only God can save
Naren. Naren is in the car. Police car stops his car. Naren gets down. Inspector says he wants to check the car. Naren asks why? Inspector says we got info that drugs are with you. Naren says you can check. Constable finds the drugs in the bag. Naren is shocked. Inspector checks it and looks at Naren.

He arrests him for carrying illegal drugs. Naren says he doesn’t know. They take him. Guru ji and Pooja come there and see Police taking Naren. Rakesh appreciates manager and says now he will see until when Pooja will not give up.
Pooja comes to Police station and says he is innocent. Inspector says drugs is found with him and says if he is innocent then court will decide.

Pooja is shocked. She gets call from Rahul. He appreciates her for reaching there. He tells her that she can’t free him, but I can free him, but you have to give me 100 crores and get your husband freed. Guru ji asks Pooja whose call it was? Pooja says Rahul and tells that he was laughing on her. She says Inspector is not letting her meet Naren. Guru ji asks her to come and says you can stop a wife, but you can’t stop a baby from meeting his father. Inspector lets Pooja meet him for 10 mins. Pooja meets Naren in the lock up. Jogiya plays…..Naren tells her that he is innocent and is trapped. Pooaja says you don’t need to clarify. Naren says I am not clarifying. She says I will get you freed from here. Naren says he don’t want any support. He asks her to take care of herself and of his parents too. Pooja nods and hugs him. Constable says time is up. She comes out of lock up and looks at him with tears in her eyes. Naren touches her face. Constable asks her to come. Pooja goes.

She calls Satish and asks him to convince Joshi to fight Naren’s case. Satish asks her not to worry and says he will go to Joshi’s house. Guru ji tells pooja that they are bad people and tells that we have to become bad to defeat them. He shows her drugs packet and says if similar packets are found in criminals. Pooja says they are family even if they forget limits and says Naren will not forgive me. Guru ji says Arjun have to pick shastra. Pooja says if Harish was fine then Naren wouldn’t have been alone. She says if she shall talk to Rakesh for help. Guru ji says everyone is feigning to be good people.

Rakesh comes and says he is saying right and starts acting. He asks Pooja not to worry and says we will get Naren freed. Pooja thanks him and goes to attend Satish’s call. Rakesh tells Guru ji that what he thought who did his condition bad. Guru ji says he is doing penance now and says even if he dies then he will get moksha. Rakesh says you have got old and asks him to go to math. He says you knows about Bandu’s position and asks him to decide, threatening to harm Pooja’s family also.

Pooja is taking to Satish and comes home. Rahul says I have solution for your problem and asks her to sign on papers and get Naren freed.

Rahul asking Pooja to sign on the papers and gets Naren freed. Pooja asks if he don’t have shame to do this with his own brother. Rahul acts and asks her to get ready to see drama. He calls Manoj and asks him to take TV to Naren’s room. Harish says he don’t want TV and asks him to take it. Rahul asks him to watch news and switches on TV. Harish is shocked to see the news about Naren’s arrest on carrying drugs. Reporter says if Harish Vyas is also with him. Harish is about to faint. Surbhi comes and holds him before Pooja could hold him. She tries to switch off TV, but Rahul doesn’t let her. They see Pooja there on the TV. Neelima blames Pooja. Harsha says some people doesn’t know that Naren is not meant for office. Rahul says Naren will be in jail for years. Harish

suffers heart attack listening to this. Neelima, Rahul and Rakesh smiles. Supriya doesn’t let Pooja touch harish. They rush him to hospital. Pooja tells Rahul that he did wrong. Rahul asks her to sign on the papers and think that this is independence of your husband. She gets Satish’s call and he informs her that Joshi agreed to fight their case. Rahul gets tensed. Pooja goes to meet him. Joshi assures Pooja that he will get Naren freed. Pooja and Satish thank him. Joshi says Naren will be freed from jail tomorrow.

Pooja comes to Supriya and tells that Dehradun’s best lawyer will fight Naren’s case and Naren will be with Harish tomorrow. She asks her to tell something and don’t be angry. Supriya says my innocent son got trapped to praise you. Surbhi comes and asks Pooja why you are stressing her and asks her to stop troubling her and leave. Pooja cries. Surbhi smirks. Pooja thinks about Naren’s words and determines to get Naren freed from the accusations.

Next morning, Anuj thinks she is missing Rachel a lot. Devi comes there and says I will tell you. She promotes her show and asks him to have trust on his love. He thanks her.

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