Deception Thursday update 20 February 2020


Deception Thursday update 20 February 2020

Rahul is conspiring with his mother and uncle to turn Naren into a puppet. They plan to make him sign papers that would give them access to the billions under Pooja’s name, Read Deception Thursday update 20 February 2020 below.

Thursday update on Deception 20 February 2020: Pooja asks why did you come so late at night. Everyone go to Pooja’s room along with neighbors. Neighbors taunt them. Satish and Kusum scold Naren. Naren says sorry and says today he came to surprise pooja. He says he has booked a house for Pooja to secure her future. She says this house will be on Pooja’s house and you all can stay there whenever you like. They get impress with him. Pooja recalls Satish asking her to keep distance from Naren for two weeks and gets tensed.

Rahul says he went to show the dreams of house to Pooja. Neelima says that house will never be built. Rahul tells that zero has no value, but it will change Harish’s destiny. Neelima smirks. He adds zeroes and says now 25000 will be 25 crores, and says how bhabhi ji will save her husband and inlaws.

Pooja says now I understood why you were not picking my call. She acts to be upset with him. Naren looks at her and says I am seeing if you can act well to be upset. Pooja smiles and says she is really upset. Jogiya plays…Naren says from today he will not give her a chance to be upset and says this will be your dream house. Pooja says our dream house…..Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays……He looks at her lovingly. Pooja feels shy.

Next morning, Satish is tensed. Pooja thinks how to tell Naren that he has to go alone even today. Naren asks Satish if he can take Pooja now and assures her security. Kusum comes and says you can take her back, what she will do here. She says if Pooja stays here then you will enter here as thief and will cut our nose infront of neighbors. Naren apologizes. Satish asks Naren to let her stay with him for 2-4 days. Kusum says you are saying as if she is going to mangal grah and asks Pooja to pack her bags.

In the room, Satish tells Pooja that he was stopping her as he is worried about her and Naren. He asks her to keep his trust and asks not to tell anyone. Pooja asks if he is hiding something from her.

Pooja asking Satish if he is hiding something. Satish says no and asks her to go as Naren is waiting. Pooja goes. Satish thinks until he gets solution for the dosh. Pooja comes out and sees Naren standing with cycle. He tells that taxi punctured while he was coming and then took cycle on rent to reach here. Pooja asks if we will go on cycle, we can book taxi also. Naren asks her to come on cycle ride. Pooja agrees and says you don’t need to ask me, I will come wherever you want me to come.

She says she needs an answer first and asks why your vehicle betray you always. Naren says it gets upset whenever the thing is about you. Pooja smiles and asks lets go Naren. Naren asks her to take his name again. He rides the cycle with her. Sab tera song plays…..

Neelima asks Rahul what happened? Rahul tells her that officially Harish and his family are bankrupt now, and they will come on street now. Neelima says Pooja have to give us 100 crores to save this house. She says they got Power and money which they deserve.

Naren plans a life with Pooja and says we will not have TV at home, as they shall spend time with each other. Satish thinks Pandit ji told that 2 days are risky for Naren and prays to God to protect him. Kusum gives him tea, and the tea cups breaks.. Satish gets shocked. Naren and Pooja are having an eye lock. Suddenly a car comes infront of them and they fall down from the cycle, but get saved. People gather there and asks if he is fine Naren and Pooja says yes. They stand up. Naren says cycle is not working now. Kusum asks Satish to say what is the matter. Satish is tensed. Kusum thinks what is the matter? Naren tells Pooja that somebody told him that shopping uplifts girls’ mood. Pooja says we will buy some stuff for our home.

Naren and Pooja buy the stuff. Supriya and Harish come back home. Supriya tells Neelima that Harish got unwell in Mumbai and that’s why they returned back. Hardik says we shall show him to doctor. Supriya says we started his treatment and next week we have to go to show him to doctor. Neelima asks him to go and rest, and says today they will enjoy and do dawat at home, says don’t know if we will have get together again or not. Supriya prays to God. Pooja tells Naren that her clothes is dirty, how to go home in this dress. Naren says he will fulfill her wish. He takes her to shopping mall and buys dresses for her. Mora Piya Albela plays…He selects dresses for her.

Supriya asks Neelima why did she make the arrangements. Neelima says we shall enjoy until we have servants, and makes Harish have the first bite with her hand. She thinks from tomorrow you will not have this. Supriya asks if everything is fine. Neelima says yes. Just then Harish gets a call and is shocked. Neelima smiles. Naren buys shirt of Pooja’s choice and tells Pooja that his wallet is empty now.


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