Deception Thursday update 2 April 2020


Deception Thursday update 2 April 2020

The news flashes on screen that Naren and Pooja are husband and wife. Pooja hears the news and asks if he is her husband or thief? Naren says I am your special friend. The staff guy calls Police. Naren hears the Police jeep sound and finds the door locked. He asks Pooja if she will tell Police that he is her friend. Pooja says she will say only if she jumps through the window like the clown jumped. Naren looks on.

Naren jumping from the building as Pooja asks him. Pooja gets shocked and is about to jump. Naren asks her not to jump, but she falls down. Naren holds her. Police comes there with hotel staff and tells that he is the man who eloped with this girl. Naren says she is his wife. Inspector asks Pooja. Pooja says he is my husband. Inspector asks her to tell truly. Pooja asks if he don’t know hindi. Naren says he has proofs which proves that she is his wife. Inspector goes. Pooja tells Naren that she will take bath first and goes. Ve Saiyyan plays…


Supriya is about to tear the cards given by Naren. Harish reminds her that Naren gave her cards and letters on some occasions. Supriya says he has gone far from us. Naren talks to Harish and says he will take Pooja to Doctor

tomorrow. Supriya hears them. Harish asks her to talk. Supriya seems upset and don’t talk to Naren.
Rahul washes his face and talks to the goon. Goon says he enquired about Pooja. Rahul says he will become clown again. Naren and Pooja are running. Pooja asks him to get icecream for her. Naren says there is no icecream here. Pooja sees men drying clothes and says she wants to play in pool, actually it is river.

The men say that it seems they came to enjoy here. Naren gets angry. He sees a man asking his son to come and dive. Naina asks Mayank to give Pooja’s address. Mayank refuses and asks watchman not to let her enter there. Man asks Naren why he took her here when he can’t handle her. Naren asks Pooja if she will let her special friend color her in rangrez gali. Pooja nods. Naren jumps in river and signs Pooja to jump. Pooja also jump. They play in water.

Neelima instigates Supriya against Pooja and Naren, and says we know that they are husband and wife, but how can we forget about Kusum and Doctor’s words, and says your bahu’s kid can be mad. She says if Naren becomes mad taking care of his mad wife. Supriya gets tensed. Naren thanks the boy’s father for teaching him something new. Pooja calls him and kisses on his cheeks, and says you are my real friend. Le jaye Kahan plays…Naren is surprised. Pooja holds his hand and they start walking. Rahul eyes them and says he will search them even in hell. Naina says I will get your address.

Naren brings Pooja to shop and asks her to take the clothes which she likes. She asks if we are going to marriage. Naren asks her to buy the dress which she likes. Naren recalls men looking at her feet and asks her to wear some clothes. Pooja says she will wear what he wears. He gets Anuj’s call. Naren promises him that he will be at peace when Pooja gets fine. He comes wearing ghagra choli. Pooja smiles looking at him. Ve Saiyya plays…..Pooja smiles.

Naren and Pooja walking on road wearing ghagra. He tells her that he wishes she would have meet Dada ji. The people on road laugh on them and remarks on Pooja. Nren fights with them. The men hold him. Pooja takes stones/pebbles and throws on them. The men get angry and throw stone on Pooja, while Naren asks them not to harm his wife. They throw stone on Pooja, but he protects Pooja and gets hurt. The men think him mad and go. Pooja goes angrily. Rahul comes to hospital and asks any mad girl came here.. Doctor says yes and asks ward boys to hold him, and says he will do his vasectomy operation. Rahul gets shocked, makes Doctor injects himself and runs. Pooja makes Naren sit and applies ointment on his wounds. Ve Saiyya plays….

Mayank asks naina what is this childish behavior and asks her to go home. Naina says she will not go until she gets the address and tells him that she is Pooja’s step sister, elder than her and illegitimate. She sheds fake tears. Mayank is shocked. Pooja asks Naren to change his clothes. Naren says if I change clothes then you will insist to wear clothes like me. Pooja says she will not. Naren says it seems everything is same as before. Later Pooja opens her pony tail and applies bindi on her forehead and looks on. Naina tells Mayank that Mama ji gave her all Pooja’s money and jewellery so that she don’t tell anyone about her. Pooja gets ready leaves from the lodge. Naren wakes up and looks for her.
Neelima asks Surbhi to pay the price of staying in the house. Pooja comes to the same men and picks the rod. Anuj gets angry on Naren. Kusum tries to stop, he pushes her and she falls down. Satish asks Anuj why he is angry on Naren, what wrong did he do? He asks why he is ruining things in ego. Anuj says he will take a decision in ego. Pooja shows her face. The men ask if she is not afraid and laughs on her calling her mad. Rachel tells Anuj that Naren is with Pooja in this state too and this proves that he loves her.

Anuj decides to leave the house. Satish says today he forgot that today is Kusum’s birthday and asks him to have jalebis. Harish and Hardik comes home and asks Harsha about Supriya. Harsha says she went to room just now. Harish gets upset thinking about Supriya’s behavior. Pooja beats the men and asks how dare you hit my Naren, I am not mad and Naren is also not mad. Just then Naren comes there and calls her name. She stops. The men run from there. Pooja is shocked. Naren comes towards her.

Pooja acting to be childish again seeing Naren coming there, and tells him that they had beaten my husband in morning so I beaten them. She says Mama used to say if I go to karate classes then I will become strong. She says she became strong without having milk. Naren smiles and hugs her. Main Jogi hona plays….They leave. Supriya sees dream that Pooja delivered mentally challenged child and wakes up shocked.

Harish asks Supriya about her behavior and says Pooja has done so much for Naren and you. Supriya asks him if he wants to see his son to become nurse of Pooja. Pooja thinks she has to hide this truth from Naren and smiles seeing him awake, says good morning. She asks him to take her to magic show and says you don’t need to wear fancy dress. Naren says even you don’t

need to wear these clothes and you can wear what you likes. Pooja thinks it is good that naren is not taking her to doctor and says if he had taken her there then she couldn’t fulfill the promise given to someone, and says if this secret comes out then many lives will be ruined and thinks to convince Naren to go back to hrishikesh. Naren talks to Vaid ji and asks him to help him.

Neelima tells Harsha and Supriya that Surbhi went to doctor and is having morning sickness, says she might be pregnant and tells that atleast they will get normal grand child which they can’t expect from naren and pooja. Supriya gets upset. Neelima says sorry and instigates her. Pooja thinks Naren will get angry when her truth comes out, and thinks she is hiding something from him. She calls for Naren. Naren comes as magical and shows her magic. Tumko Paaya Hai toh song plays…..Pooja gets touched with his gesture. He makes her wear ring and tells poetry. Pooja also completes the poetry. Naren hugs her and asks if she is normal. It turns out to be her imagination. She then acts and says she wants to see more magic.

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