Deception Thursday update 16 April 2020


Deception Thursday update 16 April 2020


Naina asks Fake Chacha and Chachi to do as she said. She says she has written the script and asks them to do as she said. She says she will target the entire Vyas Mansion. She says she will get it on her name. Pooja thinks Naina’s greed is increasing. Naina asks them to fasten their waist and says get ready to ask Vyas Mansion. Pooja thinks how to escape from here. She cuts the rope and thinks to inform Dada i. She thinks she won’t let Naina’s evil eyes fall on Vyas family. She thinks how to call Dada ji. She hides seeing Naren and his employees coming. Naren hears the sound and asks security to check. Pooja hides.

Deception Wednesday update 15 April 2020

Naren chooses Anuj as his new security incharge as the latter comes indisguise. He thinks now Naren can’t save himself. Pooja hears him when he talks to Rachel, and thinks if Naren has kidnapped him also. Someone calls Naina and informs her about Pooja. Naina asks him to keep eye on her and says Pooja can’t reach Mayank’s killer… Pooja thinks what is Rahul’s motive behind wearing Naren’s shoes.

Pooja hiding in the cabin seeing Peon coming there. He switches off lights. Pooja thinks something is going on in Rahul’s mind. She checks the file and sees gets some papers from the suitcase. She reads it and comes to know about Rahul’s evil plan. She says Rahul wants to get everything transfer on his name and thinks she is Naren’s shield and nobody can harm Naren or his family. She thinks I will see how you get Vyas Empire on your name. Pooja burns the papers.

Chandrika talks to Dada ji and blames herself for Pooja’s condition. Dada ji says it is his mistake to agree to Pooja’s saying. Chandrika says if Naren don’t search her. Dada ji tells that Naren loves her even though he hates her. Naina thinks to go to Rahul’s room and woo him. Rahul hears her and

pretends to do exercise. Naina comes inside his room and sees his shirtless.. She turns her face and says Mayank came in her dream and asked her to take care of him. He takes the fruits. Alarm beeps in Naren’s office. Security and others ask Naren to come out. Naren recalls Pooja is inside and runs inside. Pooja is sitting on chair.
Naren says you would have escaped from here. Pooja says f she had gone then she wouldn’t have seen how he came running there. Naren recalls Supriya’s condition and pushes her on chair, says this is your punishment. He is about to leave from there, but as she is about to faint, he lifts her and takes her outside. In the car, Pooja asks for water. Naren gives her water.

His assistant says how did media reached here, what we will tell to them. Pooja recalls calling media home. Harish calls Naren and asks what was Pooja doing in office. Naren says I don’t know, I will talk to media. Pooja thinks only she can feel love in his eyes and wishes she would have taken him to Krishnapuri for Chandrika’s birthday. Naren asks driver to take car to Krishnapuri. Pooja thinks if Naren knows about Chandrika’s birthday. Song plays. Pooja looks at Naren.

Rahul tells Harish that he didn’t let the fire increase, and came to know that Naren saved Pooja and lifted her on his shoulder. He says may be harmonium and guitar plays here. Supriya gets tensed. Anuj looks on in the car.

Naren brings Pooja to Chandrika’s house and says he brought her here to change her clothes, and says he will lie to Media that she went to temple on her knees. Pooja says I will agree on a condition and says 6 months back, we were separated because of the condition. Naren is upset. He asks where is your mother and says it is peak time for her. Pooja asks him not to insult maa on her birthday. Naren says do you think I get affected by it. Pooja says fine, but you will get affected if media comes to know that my husband got me kidnapped.

Anuj comes home. Rachel finds tablet in Anuj’s stuff. Anuj asks her not to touch her things. Naren tells Pooja that he can’t let her mum have sweets. Pooja says mum will be happy. Naren leaves his hand impression on paper and also signs on it and writes happy birthday Chand bai. Pooja looks on.

Naina coming to meet the goons who had killed Mayank. The goons ask her to free them from there and tell that they will tell everyone that you got him killed. Naina recalls hiring them to kill Mayank. She waits for Mayank on the road and asks goons to kill them. Goons beat them and get his wallet. Naina comes out of car and stabs him. Fb ends. Naina asks goons not to take her name. Pooja tells Naren that 2 men are in jail since 2 months and says they might have done from someone else order. Naren says it is because of greed and taunts her. Pooja tells him that she will tell his words to media if he questions the criminals.

Supriya looks at Naren’s pic. Naren goes to the prison and asks goons to tell the truth. He asks on whose order, you have killed Mayank. The goon spits on his suit and says we have killed your brother and asks what you will do. Naren punches them and go out. Goons recalls Naina beating them with rod and threatening to kill their wives and children. She says she has killed her husband and can kill anybody.
Pooja tells Naren that she will take his side infront of media. She applies tilak on his head and tells that she got lover boy stuff. She ties ghungroo on his hand. Piya albela plays.
Reporters are waiting for Pooja to come at Vyas Mansion. Pooja and Naren come there. Reporter asks who had kidnapped her, if Naren rescued her. Pooja says Naren and her family was much worried for her and tells that she went to temple to fulfill mannat and climbed 500 stairs. Naren says you would have taken me with you. Pooja says if I had told you then you wouldn’t let me climb the stairs. Dada ji blesses for their strong relation. Naren says my Jaan needs rest. Pooja tells that she has pain in her foot. Naren lifts her and takes her to room. Tu Thodi Der Song plays…..

Naina thinks Pooja couldn’t die in water and fire and thinks her hardwork can’t go waste, she has to kill her and send her to Mayank. Pooja recalls Naren kissing her hand after their marriage. Ve Saiyya Plays…She comes to Naren’s room and asks where are you? Naren comes, holds her hands and dips her head in bath tub.
Rahul thinks who is Pooja’s well wisher who had burnt my cabin. He thinks to make Pooja leave from the house. Dada ji calls Chandrika and wishes her happy birthday and says I wish Naren would have wished you on your birthday. Chandrika says she don’t want Naren to know the truth and that’s why left him.

Naren leaves Pooja as she feels suffocated in water. Pooja asks how is your love, which don’t let me live or die and you don’t get peace without troubling me. Naren says his mind asks him to punish her mother’s criminals, but his mum’s upbringing don’t let me do wrong. Pooja says if you are done, then let me go and shift my stuff in your room. Naren pushes her in bath tub and takes her out. Pooja says she came to end the war. Naren asks can you make her fine. Supriya sees file and says nobody shall get it. Pooja says whatever happened was wrong. Naren says I will not let you have relation with me. Pooja asks why didn’t you buy media. She says a mother can’t harm other mother.

Pooja telling Naren that she will never accept that Chandrika had hurt Supriya. Naren asks her to proof then. Pooja says she will proof and get the real criminal punished. Naren says if this happen then he will bend down on Chandrika’s feet and apologize to her. Pooja asks him to call her Maa and says you will get her forgiveness. Naren gets irritated and goes from the room.

Naina thinks to check how Naren is punishing Pooja. Pooja sees hockey stick and takes it to guest room. She thinks she will get some clue here. Naina comes to Naren and Pooja’s room, and sees them missing. Pooja tries to check all possibilities and thinks the attacker might be behind Supriya and must have hit her hard. Naina sees her and thinks she shall stop Pooja. She goes to Naren, wakes her up

and tells Pooja is planning to beat someone with hockey stick in guest room. Naren goes there. Naina asks what you are doing and calls it as her illegitimate effect. Naren says you can spy, but you will be under someone sight. Pooja teases him. Naren says Naina will keep an eye on your movements and asks Pooja not to go to Supriya’s room. Naina asks Pooja to go to her room and get caged.

Pooja thinks Naina is very clever and manipulates the situation. She thinks she has to catch the real criminal and recalls Chandrika telling her that the attacker was a girl. Pooja thinks if the girl was not Surbhi then who can it be. She doubts on Naina and recalls her evil motives. She says I am coming to spoil your sleep. Pooja comes to Supriya’s room. Naren is in the bathroom and asks for towel. Pooja teases him while giving towel. Naren takes it and closes the door. Pooja hears Naren coming and hides in the cupboard.

Rahul brings Supriya from the walk. Naren tells Supriya that he will get ready and come. Supriya is about to get up, but stops seeing Naren coming. He sees Pooja’s saree stuck and knocks on the cupboard door. Pooja gets tensed. He says whoever is hiding, come out. Pooja opens the door.


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