Deception Thursday update 13 February 2020


Deception Thursday update 13 February 2020

Dr. Anand’s mum informs Satish that they want marriage to be good. Dr. Anand tells them that Pooja and he will get married in Vyas Mansion. His mum asks why? Satish says they are like family to Pooja and says her bidaai will happen from his house only.

Deception Wednesday update 12 Feb

Surbhi and Harish plan to give guest house to Pooja’s family etc. Shilpa tells Surbhi that she has to bear 3 mum in law and that’s why she was against joint family. Surbhi says she will adjust for 2-3 days. Yash says marriage shall be grand. Shilpa says yes, and says Naren and Surbhi are our only kids.

Harsha comes there and asks Harish if he wants her to attend this marriage. Harish asks what you are saying? Harsha tells that if Pooja enters this house then she will not attend Naren’s marriage along with Mayank. Rakesh comes and asks Harsha not to ruin the environment. Harish says it was Naren’s wish to get Pooja married from this house. Surbhi asks Harsha to sit and asks if she will not bless them because of Pooja. Harsha says she will attend Naren and her marriage, but will not visit Pooja’s function place. Rahul says Surbhi’s marriage function shall be grand, and asks why we shall spend on that girl’s marriage. Hardik says yes and says you shall not spend a single penny on Pooja.

Naren comes and says surely. He hugs Hardik and says you are saying right. He says there will be no useless expenses in Pooja or my marriage. There will be no decoration etc. Everyone is shocked. Yash says this is the first marriage in his house.

 Naren says they can feed the poor rather than wasting money in lavish wedding. Shilpa says Naren’s thinking is good. Neelima tells Harsha that she is sure that this is Mohini’s idea, and she will come with her band baaja.

Pooja and her family come to Vyas Mansion. Guru ji comes with them. Harish gets glad and thanks him for coming. Naren calls Pooja and takes her to side. He asks if she is stressed and asks her not to take stress and says there will be no comparison among their families. Mayank sees Pooja coming and thinks you came to this maskara’s house.

Dr. Anand and his parents coming to Vyas Mansion. Dr. Anand’s mum tells her husband that nobody is here to welcome them and there is no decoration. Dr. Anand says they are having a simple marriage. His mum asks why did they call them. Neelima hears them and thinks Pooja’s to be saas is so entertaining. She greets them. Supriya asks Harsha about the rituals. Harsha taunts her and asks her to call her bhabhi. Dr. Anand’s mum asks Kusum to do all the rituals and taunts her. She tells that they have brought unique and beautiful chunari for pooja. Kusum says she kept it in other room. Neelima tells Rahul that Pooja’s mum in law is useful and says she can help us to ruin Naren and Surbhi’s relation. Rahul tells her that she shall make him marry Surbhi. Neelima comes to the
other room and looks at chunari. She thinks so this is the chunari which Pooja’s inlaws bought for her. She burns the chunari. She thinks this is enough for today’s abshagun. Pooja and Surbhi are getting ready for marriage.

Pooja tries to wear the necklace, but it falls. Shilpa looks on. Dr. Anand waits for Pooja to come. Anuj says she will come. Mayank thinks he will play game now. Pooja comes and sits for the ritual. Dr. Anand’s mum comes to take the chunari, and sees it burning. She scolds Kusum. Neelima comes and says she will do something. She comes to Naren and tells Pooja’s chunari is burnt and her would be mum in law got angry and may break the marriage. She says there is one chunari now which Supriya is going to make Surbhi wear. Supriya asks Harsha to do Surbhi’s nek. Naren runs towards there. Harsha is about to make Surbhi wear the chunari, but Naren comes there running and asks Harsha to stop. He asks if this is Supriya’s chunari. They say yes. Naren takes that chunari and walks away. Everyone is shocked.

Dr. Anand scolds Kusum and Satish for the abshagun and says don’t know if this relation will blossom for my son or not. Dr. Anand asks her to stop it and asks her to the rasam or return back to hotel. Naren comes there and says these things are not useful. He asks Dr. Anand’s mum to use the chunari which he brought and do the rasam. Pooja asks whose chunari is this? Guru ji sees and smirks. Naren says it is Maa’s chunari. Dr. Anand’s mum tells Pooja that she is happy to get a good husband. She makes Pooja wear the chunari. Surbhi, shilpa, yash, Supriya and Harish come there and are shocked. Surbhi gets teary eyes. Pooja realizes and thinks Naren did wrong. Dr. Anand’s mum do the rasam. Dr. Anand makes her have sweets. Naren and everyone claps. He congratulates Dr. Anand.

Yash tells Supriya that Naren don’t care for Surbhi, but cares for Pooja. He has no value for his would be wife. Neelima accuses Pooja. Harsha says I warned you not to let her come inside. Anuj comes there and gives shagun sweets to Supriya. He says they want to pay the money for the chunari. Neelima tells that it is very costly and says you will get Pooja married in that much money. Naren comes and says Chachi.

He asks why she talks about money always, and says Chunari was needed at pooja’s side and there is nothing wrong to help others. Rahul says you gave Surbhi’s rights to Pooja and saying there is nothing wrong. He tells Surbhi that whatever chunari, Surbhi wears is from his family. Neelima comes and says she has chunari which got made for Rahul’s wife. Rakesh looks upset.

Neelima smiles looking at Rahul. She tells him that Surbhi worn chunari of his name. Rahul is happy. Rakesh tells Guru ji that Neelima and Rahul are playing tricks, but Surbhi will marry Mayank only. Guru ji looks on. Rakesh says Surbhi is keys to crores rs wealth and my son shall get that keys. Guru ji says Mayank will get that wealth and asks him to remember him after getting wealth. Rakesh smiles.

Pooja looks at herself in mirror and thinks Naren did wrong. Surbhi and Shilpa come there. Pooja tries to return the chunari. Surbhi says it is good that Naren did right else don’t know what her mum in law would have done. Shilpa asks her to keep that chunari and says you can’t afford it and I will buy 20’s chunari for Surbhi later. She asks her to go so that Surbhi can change. Pooja goes and sees Naren. Naren talks to her. Pooja gets angry and asks him to leave her on her own. Naren asks what happened?

Naren asking Pooja why she is upset and asks what wrong did I do? Pooja asks why did you give Surbhi’s chunari for me. Naren says now everything is fine naa, and says Phupha ji said that marriage functions are enjoyable due to friends and says he has no friends than her.

Pooja says she don’t have any interest in his talks and asks why did you refuse Surbhi for the cocktail party. Naren says he don’t want Yash uncle to waste money and says he has donated 20 lakhs to orphanage, and asks if she is happy. She gets Dr. Anand’s call and he asks her to come and see the party arrangements. He tells that he wants to invite Naren and Surbhi too and asks her to put call on loudspeaker. He invites Naren and Surbhi for party and asks her to remember the promise made to his wife. He
refers Pooja as his wife again and again, and tells that he has invited Rahul and Mayank also.

Rakesh asks Mayank to forget Pooja and see a better girl around him. Mayank says he wants to hear Pooja’s answer. Neelima tells Rahul that Surbhi will marry him only and tells that they don’t need to do anything as Naren brought Pooja home. Rahul says he is mad about Pooja and Surbhi can’t bear this. Guruji tells Rakesh not to get tensed and says Surbhi will marry Mayank only.

Pooja comes for the party. Dr. Anand compliments her beauty. Naren, Surbhi and other guests come. Dr. Anand greets them and tells that he gave responsibility to malkin for today. He places his hand around her shoulder. Naren looks on. Piya re plays. Mayank comes there and eyes Pooja. Naren couldn’t stop his eyes off Pooja. Mayank calls pooja. Pooja asks when did he come? He says why you will see me. Rahul comes there. Naren looks at Pooja. Dr. Anand holds Pooja and introduces her as his would be wife.

Naren looks at them. Rahul tells Naren that they shall have party. Naren says in sometime. Surbhi asks Shilpa what she is doing in Dr. Anand’s party. Surbhi says she came here to keep eye on Pooja. Pooja asks if she wants juice. Shilpa asks her to drink juice and says she will have drink. Naren comes to Pooja. She asks what happened, why he is smiling. He says I am seeing you hosting someone’s party and felt strange. He asks if she felt similar thing. Pooja says she used to host in his house parties and now in her house.

Rahul asks Surbhi to have drink. Surbhi says she is not sure if Naren likes it or not. Naren comes and says he has no problem and she don’t need his permission to do anything. Rahul says they shall dance. Naren- Surbhi, Pooja and Dr. Anand dances in the party.

Naren and Pooja look at each other. Pooja feels uncomfortable in Dr. Anand’s embrace. Partners are changed during dancing, and Pooja comes to Naren. They dance happily. Pooja keeps her head on his shoulder. It turns out to be Pooja’s imagination and she gets uncomfortable seeing herself with Dr. Anand, and goes.

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