Deception Sunday update 29 March 2020


Deception Sunday update 29 March 2020

Pooja gets happy seeing the toys etc. A song plays. Naren asks her to drink milk. She refuses and runs. Neelima taunts Surbhi. Rahul asks them to calm down and says we have to send her to mental asylum. Neelima says she will not go near her. Rahul says it is the time to show her parenting skills and make her against Naren.
Pooja is hiding under the table, while Naren is searching her. Neelima comes under the table and tells her that she will take her to fair and shows the chocolate.

Pooja says Naren is taking me to fair. Neelima says Naren will take you to big moustache police, who will make you drink milk. Pooja gets tensed. Naren sees her. Pooja hides. Supriya asks her to come out and drink milk. Naren says I will not take her to mela until she finishes milk. He puts chocolate in milk and says he will drink it. Pooja says no and drinks milk. She asks him to take her to mela. Naren asks her to first change clothes. Supriya is sad. Pooja says she will wear cartoon tshirt and is about to change her clothes. Naren asks her to go to bathroom and change her clothes. Supriya asks where you are taking her. Naren says he will take her somewhere. Pooja hears him.

Anuj tells Satish that he will go and bring Pooja back. Satish says atleast they don’t think her as burden and don’t want to send her to mental asylum. He says he is relieved as Naren is with her. Rachel asks Naina to teach her dance. Satish comes there and is shocked. Naina says Mama ji knows her. Satish recalls her threat. Naren recalls Supriya’s words and asks Naren to make pinky promise that he will take her to mela.

Pooja asks Naren to promise him that he will take her to mela. Naren promises her and asks her to wear shoes. He makes her wear shoes. Tum mile song plays…….He applies beauty cream on her face. Pooja asks him to come. He looks at her.

Supriya getting worried for Pooja. Harish says let Naren handle her and tells that although Pooja’s mental state is not good, but their heart connection is strong. Rahul hires goons and ask if they are ready in police uniform. He says yes. Rahul asks him to scare Pooja without letting Naren know. Pooja talks to the toy and says she will bring something for Anuj. Naren stops the car at the icecream parlour. Pooja says you are a liar and have broken pinky promise. Naren says he will have many colors icecream. Pooja says she will also come. Kusum brings tea. Rachel asks Naina to take it and says Kusum made it. Kusum asks Naina who is she and says she don’t recognize her. Naina asks Satish to say who is she? Satish’s tea falls from his hand. Rachel says she will bring another

tea. Kusum also goes. Naina tells Satish that you are a heart patient and also diabetic. Kusum comes. Naina asks her to have laddoos made by her. Satish makes it fall thinking she added poison in it. Naren orders all flavors icecream and asks Pooja to sit.
Pooja sees Naren with fake police and gets scared. Naren comes to her. Satish tells Kusum that she is Pooja friend who came to meet her. He asks her to go and says your papa called. Pooja asks Naren if the police is his friend. Naren says police is everyone’s friend.

Pooja messes the icecream parlour. Naren tries to stop her, but she bites on his hand and runs. Fake police/goons laugh. Naina asks Satish to tell the address of Pooja house. Satish asks what do you want? Naina says she wants to go to her house. Surbhi and Rahul talks to goons and he informs them that Pooja is running on road. Pooja comes home and complains to Supriya that he is a liar and haven’t taken her to fair. Rahul, Neelima and Surbhi smiles. Harish asks Naren to win her trust and says they are going to meet some doc tor for advice.

Naren comes to room and calls Pooja. She comes infront of him and gives new teddy bear. He says we will make new pinky promise and says he will take her to fair tomorrow. Pooja twists his finger and throws something on his head. Naren gets injuring on his head and he falls down. Supriya shouts Naren. Neelima is happy. Supriya runs to Naren. Others also come.

Neelima asks how did you get hurt. Naren says I tripped from the stairs. Pooja looks on. Supriya is shocked. Rahul says how this bottle came here. Neelima brings Pooja and says I know why this happened. Naren stops her. Doctor is called. Rahul says Bhai’s eye is saved. Supriya asks Pooja to apologize to Naren. Pooja shouts and says she will not say sorry.

Pooja telling Harsha that everyone is bad and Naren is not taking her to fair. She says she will return to her Mama’s house. Mayank says Bhai fools him also and asks Pooja to take him also. Naren asks Supriya about Pooja. Supriya says I won’t let you stay with her alone in room and that’s why she will shift to his room. Naren says no and tells that Pooja is his responsibility. Harish tells Pooja that Harsha will make Naren right.

Harsha asks him to do sit ups. Naren obliges. Pooja says it is enough, next time I will make you do 100 times. She says she is getting sleepy and tells Harish that she won’t let anyone sleep on her bed. Naren says my bed is ready there. Rahul, Neelima and Surbhi see Supriya restless. Neelima says she will make Pooja leave from

the house.
Pooja gets up from bed and comes to Naren. Supriya comes there and thinks Pooja might hurt Naren again. Pooja touches Naren’s wound with her finger. Naren wakes up. Pooja pretends to be sleeping near him. Supriya goes out of room. Neelima thinks first Naren was mad, then Supriya and now Pooja. Neelima and Supriya come to meet Kusum. Neelima tries to instigate Supriya against Pooja. Rahul comes to meet Kusum and asks her to be shakuni mami to send Pooja to mental asylum.

Naren talks to Pooja and asks her to have food before going to Mama’s house. Kusum tells Supriya that Pooja’s mum was mad and once threw hot milk on Anuj. She appreciates them for taking care of mad girl. Neelima says if this is genetic then Pooja and Naren’s kids will be mad. Rahul asks their kids can’t be mad and provokes Supriya. Supriya gets thinking. They return home and hear Pooja shouting.

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