Deception Sunday update 22 March 2020


Deception Sunday update 22 March 2020

Sunday update on Deception 22 March 2020: Pooja making Naren wear pearls necklace and tells that she will be sad thinking Surbhi got young and dashing husband unlike her. Naren says I have solution for your pain and makes her drink wine. Everyone looks on. Mr. Kapoor gets jealous. Pooja asks if you have any orders for me. Naren asks her to dance and says he will also dance with her and fulfill the enmity. Harish and others look tensed.

Pooja dances on the song Saiyya toh Kamaal ka….Prem ratan dhan payo. Naren plays dhol. Neelima asks Rahul if he kept the chip safely. Rahul says it is close to his heart and says he hopes that Mr. kapoor don’t do anything wrong. Mayank hears him and gives drink. Rahul says he don’t want. When he comes to room, Mayank comes and hits on his head. He takes the chip from his inner pocket of sherwani and says just 40 mins more and then Naren and Pooja will unite. Mr. Kapoor is about to slap Pooja.

Naren holds his hand and asks why you are slapping your wife. He asks him to play band with him. Mr. Kapoor pushes Naren. Naren laughs. Pooja asks Mr. Kapoor if he is feeling defeated. Mr. Kapoor says no and tells that he will play the dhol. Pooja dances as Naren and Mr. Kapoor play dhol. Mr. Kapoor gets jealous and takes Pooja to room. Naren plays dhol angrily. He says lets take the baraat inside.

Harish tells Mayank that it is time for plan B. Mr. Kapoor tries to take Pooja to room, but all doors are closed. Mayank tells Harish that only one door is left open for Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor asks Pooja if she forgot her shame and is drunk. He asks can’t you see my true love and says I am trying to protect you from Naren. Pooja says true love talks is not looking good to hear from you. She says what do you think that only you can threaten to commit suicide. She says once Naren and Surbhi marries, she will commit suicide and keeps knife on her hand. Mr. Kapoor asks her not to refuse his love.

Neelima tells Surbhi that she is happy for her and hugs her. Naren asks them to hurry up with the marriage functions. Neelima thinks she will get free from millionaire middle class bahu. Rahul gains consciousness and says I knew it, this woman will do something. He tries to open the room, but it is locked. Pooja threatens to cut her wrist. Mr. Kapoor says I can’t lose you. Pooja says you can’t get me, it is time to say good bye. Mr. Kapoor asks her not to refuse his love. Neelima gets a call from Rahul. Naren and Surbhi are exchanging garlands. He imagines Pooja asking him if he can marry Surbhi.

Supriya telling Naren that he can’t marry Surbhi and have to marry only Pooja. She throws garlands on ground. Naren asks Harish to send his mad wife to mental asylum. Harsha takes her off the mandap. Naren tells Pandit ji that he don’t want these rituals and asks him to do direct pheras. Neelima opens the door and frees Rahul. Rahul says pendrive is missing and we have to do something before Pooja and her team takes advantage. Mayank gives pendrive to Harish and asks ladies and gentlemen to pay attention. He pays the pendrive in which women are accusing Naren to have raped them and impregnated one of the them. Naren is shocked. Mayank says picture is not yet over. He plays the Pooja and Mr. Kapoor conversation in room. Pooja provokes Mr. Kapoor to tell the truth. Mr.

Kapoor confesses to have made fake videos and tells that he loves her more than mad Naren. She says I love you Pooja and please don’t leave me. Pooja says time is up and says your game is finished. Everyone is shocked to see on projector screen.
Mr. Kapoor says marriage must have happened by now. Pooja says everyone watched your confession. Surbhi says I can explain to you. Naren slaps her hard and beats Rahul. Mr. Kapoor says he will not let her unite with Naren. Pooja runs to Naren and asks him to stop beating Rahul and not to make his hands dirty. Nren comes near her…Kabhi na kehna Alvida song plays…..He feels guilty. Pooja hugs him. Naren says don’t know what to tell you.

I couldn’t see the truth as I was blinded by hatred. He apologizes and sits down on his knees. He says my love is fake infront of your true love. Pooja says everyone should learn love from him. Harish comes to Pooja and says you have done a big favor on us by accepting our family. Pooja says she is lucky to get this family and says she wants to marry Naren if you permit me. Harish and Supriya permit her happily. Pooja gets ready. Naren is about to fill her maang with sindoor infront of everyone, when Mr. Kapoor comes and points gun at Naren. He says I love you very much. Pooja asks him to keep gun down.

Mr. Kapoor tells that he will shoot pooja’s lover. Naren asks him to shoot him. Harish asks him to keep gun down. Mr. Kapoor shoots in air and says if anyone come near me then I can’t guarantee who will have garland on their pics. Naren asks him to shoot him if he has courage.

Mayank calls Police. Pooja pushes Naren and asks Mr. Kapoor to shoot her. Naren gets up and asks Pooja to stay away, aims gun at him. Mr. kapoor holds Pooja and asks if you wants to die or wants to see your Diwani die. He says aashiq, diwani…Pooja hits him with her elbow and goes towards Naren, aims gun at Mr. kapoor. Neelima thinks of a plan.

Neelima switching off the lights when Mr. kapoor and Pooja aiming at each other. The bullet is shot. Pooja and Naren are safe. Mr. kapoor gets injured.

Inspector comes there and asks Constable to take Mr. kapoor to hospital. Harish says it was an accident and tells that Mr. Kapoor pointed gun at Naren first. Naren asks Pooja not to tell anything. Inspector says they have to arrest Naren. Pooja says she shot Mr. Kapoor and asks him to arrest her. Inspector says he saw Naren with the gun and arrests him. Pooja hugs naren and cries. Saiyya re plays…She hugs him tightly. Naaren pushes her and goes with Police.

Rahul takes Surbhi with him. Surbhi says she wants to kill Pooja and tells that he is behind bars because of her. Rahul asks her to leave Naren and think

about herself. He asks Surbhi to get room booked in hotel for her.
Pooja comes to the police station. Satish comes to the police station. Pooja tells Mama. Harish comes and tells that he has hired best lawyer and Naren will be freed.

Lawyer meets Naren and asks him to give statement. Naren asks him to get him punished for murder and says you will get 10 times more fees. Lawyer comes out and tells everyone that Naren wants to get punished as if he is hiding someone’s crime.

Doctor takes out bullet from Mr. kapoor’s body and says he is under observation. Rahul comes there to kill him. Pooja keeps gun on her head and asks Inspector to let her meet Naren. Naren is brought there. She tells Inspector that she shot Mr. Kapoor as Naren have pain in his right hand and can’t shoot. She asks him to aim. Naren couldn’t shoot with his right hand and is in pain.

Pooja tells Inspector that she shot Mr. Kapoor and wants to talk to Naren for sometime. She tells Naren that she wants to ask him something and says when she got his love, she got everything and it completes her life. She asks him not to take blame on himself and asks him to just gift this thing to her. Naren says he will not let her be in jail. Jogiya plays.

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