Deception Sunday update 2 February 2020


Deception Sunday update 2 February 2020

Mayank tells her that he is going to Delhi for his start up. Harsha follows him in car. Guru ji tells Neelima and Rahul that Harsha will return as a wounded tigress. Kusum scolds Pooja and tells that Naren has messed up her kitchen. Pooja says she will clean it. Kusum asks if she gets angry if she scolds Naren.

Kusum scolding Pooja and asks if she got hurt when she scolded Naren. Pooja says she will clean the place. Rachel feels pity on Pooja. Naren hears her. Rachel says you are insearch of God, may be you will find him in cleanliness. Naren tells Pooja that he will clean and says may be he will find God this way. He cleans the place. Malanga Re plays. Anuj tells about Satish and Kusum’s anniversary. Pooja says we shall make them remarry. Anuj asks her to make Naren leave first. Naren comes for having food. Kusum gives him a day’s old burnt rotis. Pooja sees it and makes fresh rotis. She takes his plate.

Sushma comes there and tells Kusum that this girl is eating from Naren’s plate. Kusum asks her to come out, and asks her to tell truth. She asks what is going on between
you both, and tells that you have gone mad for him, and says now I understood why you are doing this. Pooja says they are just friends. Kusum says if you have just friendship with him then it is wrong to show concern for him, wipe his face with your pallu, eating from his plate etc.

Pooja is silent. Naren comes and says they are friends. He asks how to guarantee you? Kusum asks him to just leave. Satish asks him not to give any guarantee and says your innocent heart don’t need to prove anything. He says I don’t know what will be your search’s result, but may be we will find miracle. Naren asks if he will help him. Satish tells that God can be found in small things, like loving each other, like following friendship etc…He asks Pooja to touch his feet and take his blessings, as mama ji told God can be found in giving blessings to youngsters. time to say sorry.

Pooja asks why? Naren says I will say sorry and tells her sorry with folded hands. Pooja holds his hand and says it is out of friendship limits. Naren sits down and touches kusum’s feet and asks her to give blessings. He hugs Anuj. Mayank comes there. Pooja touches his feet as Naren asked her. Mayank hugs her. Pooja looks on. Harsha thinks of Guru ji’s words and gets worried for Naren and Mayank.

Satish asks Kusum to make tea and breakfast for them. Kusum gets upset. Pooja asks if Guru ji did something. Mayank says he is calm down and tells that he is sure Naren will win. Harsha calls Pooja and asks her to come home. Pooja comes there. Harsha asks her to sit and asks why she is looking changed, and asks about her new clothes and asks why she is not covering her head with dupatta.

She asks her to stay away from Naren. Guru ji comes to Satish’s house with Rahul and asks Naren how is he? He insists to meet Satish. Neelima asks Supriya to rest for sometime. Supriya says she is doing this for Naren and says she will not get up. Neelima says she will sit there and pray and asks her to go and meet Pooja. Supriya says ok. Harsha asks Pooja to stop dreaming to become their family member.

She blames Pooja for taking their advantage. Pooja asks did I do any mistake. Harsha asks her to send Naren back and leave him for forever. Pooja is shocked. Supriya comes and asks what you are saying? Harsha tells that we can’t be blinded by her, and tells that she is thinking about Naren’s betterment. Supriya says someone has blinded you. Harsha asks why she has returned when Harish fired her. Supriya asks her to wait outside till she talks to Harsha. Harsha says there is nothing to talk. Pooja has to go.

Harsha telling Supriya that Pooja will not stay here, and says it is for Naren’s betterment. Supriya says Naren is my son and says I will think of him before you. Neelima comes and tries to manipulate Harsha and tells that she said right that Naren is her son. Supriya says I didn’t mean that and says Harsha loves naren more. Neelima says if you don’t like any outsiders to interfere then why you are telling this. Supriya says I didn’t mean this. Harsha cries.

Naren asks Guru ji why did he come here? Guru ji says this house is not new to me. Satish comes and touches his feet, and says he used to teach us in college. Guru ji says lets sit alone and talk. Naren gets shocked.

Neelima provokes Harsha. Harsha cries and goes. Pooja tries to speak to Harsha. Supriya
asks Neelima who is on Akhand jyoot. Neelima says she asked Lakhan to sit there. She thinks Guru ji made the two mothers fight and separate. They see diya off and Supriya lights it again and prays for Naren’s safety.

Guru ji asks Satish that he heard that he is giving certificate of finding God. Satish is shocked. Guru ji asks since when you have started this business. Satish says I didn’t understand what you are saying. Guru ji gets up angrily and says you are not stupid though and says coming to the point, stop letting Naren stay in your house and send him back to Hrishikesh. He says nobody can bring him on right path except me. Naren looks out and thinks he came here with a planning, but what? He gets Pooja’s call and she asks him if everything is fine. Naren tells her about Guru ji coming there with Rahul and Mama ji touching his feet as if they know each other. Pooja says I will reach home soon. Rahul hears them.

Satish says I have seen honesty in that boy’s eyes, and fondness for God and says his hopes are pinned on me now, and I won’t break his heart for your selfishness. Guru ji gives an angry look. Satish says I got this learning from you only, and says he will use all his knowledge so that Naren can find the answers. He says you have started business of your knowledge else you wouldn’t have kept this condition infront of Naren. Guru ji says Satish. Satish says bye and asks him to ask him if he needs his service. He says if you meet my Guru ji then I will be more happy to meet my lost Guru. Guru ji feels defeated.

Rahul asks Naren if he is still upset with him and says you didn’t talk to me once. Naren says I don’t hold grudges and says today is the day to hug enemies, and says may be I can find out God. Guru ji comes and asks Rahul to remember what did he do? Rahul apologises to Satish and says I am sorry. Satish and Kusum are shocked. Pooja comes running home and sees Guru ji and Rahul. Guru ji asks how are you and says you seems to be tensed. Pooja says I didn’t know that you will be tensed about the challenge, and says I hope you have manipulated Harsha too. He says your siddhi or sparsh will not harm anyone when your true colors are out. Rahul says may be it will be too late then. Pooja says it is waste to talk to you and asks Guru ji to pack his bags and says you have to leave. Guru ji says you talks with confidence, but I have tied your wings.

Rahul smirks and apologises to Pooja for his doing inside. Naren calls pooja and asks where did you go? Pooja says I will tell you later. Naren says Satish is worried, I tried to talk to Kusum but. Pooja says let me go and talk first. She comes inside and sees Kusum holding the stick. Kusum hits her with the stick, but Naren comes and holds the stick. Kusum asks him to leave it and says nobody will be able to save her today.

Pooja asks what did Rahul say that you both are upset with me. Kusum cries and says what to do? She says Rahul tried to take your advantage and you are yearning to stay in his house and even forgave him. Pooja asks her to listen. A fb is shown, Rahul tells Satish that he smeared on her cake in the farm house and apologises. Fb ends. Kusum says you would have told this to your Mama and says don’t know how many lovers you have.

Pooja says mami. Kusum says if you have intelligence then you wouldn’t have roam with naren. Naren asks Kusum to feel proud of Pooja for her courage. Kusum says she haven’t won any medal and says people will say that mama and mami made her take prostitution’s route. Pooja goes to Satish and touches him, just then Satish falls down unconscious. Naren, Kusum and Pooja are shocked.

Rahul tells Guru ji that it was a master stroke and tells that Kusum must have scolded Pooja badly and Naren must be trapped by now. Guru ji asks him to second installment. Rahul says my hands are tied and says don’t know when you locker keys will come in my hand. Guru ji says smart and that’s why I like you. You will have money, power and position soon.

Doctor checks Satish and says we have to do surgery soon. Anuj says shall I cancel the function at home. Doctor says no and says he will visit tomorrow. Kusum scolds Pooja and asks her to go, and asks her not to come in room if she wants Mama to live.
Pooja is about to go. Satish calls her inside. Pooja runs to him and cries hugging him. Satish apologises to her and says I was not with you when Rahul misbehaved with you, and even today I couldn’t support you when you are on right path for someone’s betterment. He asks Kusum to let him talk to Pooja for few mins.

Supriya thinks Harsha didn’t come to meet them. Mayank comes and says he will sit looking after the akhand jyoot. Supriya says she will come in 10 mins. Mayank prays to God and says he just wants Pooja.

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