Deception Sunday update 19 April 2020


Deception Sunday update 19 April 2020

Naren gets angry and goes to his room. She asks Dada ji if she is doing right. Dada ji says you are biwi no’ 1 of Naren and also our bahu no. 1. Harish calls chandrika and blames her for pooja’s moves. She comes to office. Workers cheer for her. Pooja asks Union leader to meet in her cabin. Rahul tries to instigates Naren against Pooja. Naren is angry. Dada ji comes there.

Pooja tells that the chair belongs to Naren. Workers come there. Pooja asks Peon to bring tea for them. Union leader tells that the company is like their home and says Naren wouldn’t have slapped me. Pooja apologizes to him and says Naren will apologize to you before 11 am. Dada ji asks Naren to apologize to Workers and asks him not to be hurdle in pooja’s way.

Naren coming for the union meeting. Pooja says you are on time like always, I would like to read important points, Rahul is freed from all signing authorities, so that he can give time to his marriage and bride, he will teach yoga to entire staff. The union leader say it will be more than enough if Naren ends our tiff. Pooja smiles. FB shows Pooja giving a sorry speech to help Naren.

Naren angrily tears the letter and asks her to pass his message to union, he will never bend down. Pooja says fine, but they can make me stand in elections, what would I do then. She shows her election campaign picture. She says see those people shot this picture, you can fight with me, you will come to support me in front of the world. He says in your dreams. She says your elections dream can
be just a dream, so better reach office on time. FB ends.

Naren goes and hugs the union leader. Pooja smiles. Naren holds his anger. He says you have taken the matter seriously, I m sorry. He gets back to his seat and says this apology will be costly for you Pooja. She smiles. Harish asks how could Naren apologize to them. Rahul says Naren hugged them too, when Dada ji hugged enemies, what could I do. Naren says they made me weak in front of everyone. Dada ji says you have a brave heart, apologizing and forgiving are big things. Harish asks his dad will he teach them business ethics. Rahul says maybe Pooja is doing this to take over Vyas empire, it can be her plan. Pooja comes and says you are right Rahul, we all are same, maybe you are different than humans. Harish calls it enough. He asks everyone to remember, if Pooja dines at home, he won’t dine with them. Dada ji reacts. Neelima says I m with Harish. Dada ji asks Naren to support his wife. Naren says its not just my duty, you should have taught this to Pooja, I will not forget this. He goes. Piyaa albela….plays…. Anuj looks on and thinks just some time, then a devil will die.

Rahul comes to room and knocks. Naren acts and tells him that she just came back from temple, after praying for his long life. He too starts acting. He says I m glad to get a wife like you. He cries and hugs her. He says your sister has much greed, she has snatched Naren’s empire. Naina says I m ashamed of her, what can be done, she is my sister. She thinks to snatch Rahul’s property.

Pooja says I will make my place in Naren’s heart soon. Dada ji comes there. He asks Pooja to have some food, how will she stay hungry. She says no, till Naren makes his mum sit on dining table with respect, I will not touch food, this time Naren has to give up his ego. He calls Chandrika. He says Pooja is stubborn, I couldn’t feed her food, she wants to unite you and your son, you have to do duty towards her now, think well, your answer may change.

Naina takes sindoor and says I have applied your name sindoor Mayank, now its Rahul’s turn, what’s my mistake, why did Dada ji name his property to three grandsons, once Rahul gets away, this sindoor will be of Naren’s name. Pooja says I will make Harish’s fav breakfast today. She finds fridge and all cabinets locked. She thinks who has done this and why, does anyone know I make breakfast for everyone, sorry Naren, I can’t make food for you today. Supriya wakes up and sees Naren sleeping. She thinks I won’t let the family have food made by Pooja. Alarm clock falls. Naren wakes up. Supriya lies back on the bed and says I wanted some water. Naren feeds her water. She asks him to go and sleep.

After some time, Pooja comes in Supriya’s room. She sees Naren sleeping. She cries and leaves. Supriya looks on. Its morning, Supriya asks servant to take breakfast for Naren. Neelima says I will take care, I will feed aloo puri to Naren today. Supriya thanks her. Servant asks shall I prepare for aloo puri. Neelima says no need, just reheat yesterday night’s curry. Anuj comes there and adds poison in the dish. He thinks this poisonous breakfast is for Naren. Pooja asks do you want anything from kitchen. He says no and leaves.

Chandni meets Pooja. She says we miss you a lot, Chandrika has sent aloo puri for you. Pooja asks her to thank Chandrika. She sees the leftover dishes and says why is it stinking…. Pooja serves the aloo puri on the dining table. Harish likes it a lot. Naren says it seems someone made it with much love. Pooja smiles. She calls Chandrika and says Naren liked the food prepared by you, I wish you could see him, are you annoyed, I will send you Naren’s pic, then you will smile. Chandrika asks her to have breakfast and come home for a talk. Servant tells Dada ji that Pooja will come in some time. Harish taunts Dada ji. Dada ji asks him to enjoy aloo puri. Supriya likes the aloo puri. Neelima and Naina ask servant who made the breakfast. Servant says the food came from Krishnapuri, Pooja asked me to serve it to everyone. Naren thinks what does Pooja want to prove, she has to pay for this.

Harish telling Naren that until Pooja stays here, some drama will happen. Naren gets Chandrika’s call and she asks him to come and meet her. Anuj thinks he tried to kill him for Pooja and she is saving Naren. Satish calls Anuj and asks how is he? She asks him to give call to boss. Anuj asks if I a m a kid. Kusum asks him to tell address. Rachel says he had said that boss went out. Anuj ends the call.

Pooja and Chandrika comes out and sees Naren dancing with band. Naren tells them that today he came to take them back home with band and song. Pooja looks for media. Naren says today there is no media. Pooja asks him not to do any drama. Naren says I have hurt you, and says today he is not lying. Pooja says lets go inside and talk. Naren says
only if your mum do my aarti. Pooja says she will do. Chandrika tells Pooja that she will tell him truth. Pooja says no and says Naren came here with a motive and we have to know. Chandrika stands to do aarti. Naren asks her to do his aarti with Pooja. After aarti, Chandrika offers sweets. Naren makes Pooja have it first, he have it and makes Chandrika eats it. He says I know there are many questions in your heart, I got answers for you. Pooja asks why you are playing game and asks what he is thinking. Naren tells her that he has realized and tells that he loves her. He tells her that Krishnapuri people saved them.

A fb is shown, Danish informs Naren that there was food in the poison which was thrown in dustbin, and says rat died after eating it. Dada ji tells Naren that Pooja have saved them and bears his torture silently. He tells him that Pooja loves you a lot and asks him to worth her. fb ends. Naren tells Pooja that he has sent the food for testing. He asks them to come with him and says if you come with me then I will think you have forgiven me. Chandrika refuses to come.

Harish asks Supriya to make Naren understand to throw Pooja out of his life and blames her. They hear band and baja. Naren asks Dada ji if he can gets a chance and says I hope you all will support me. Pooja and Chandrika come in Palanquins. Naren says I have accepted Pooja as my wife. He says I have hurt my sasumom also, so I brought her back home. Chandrika gets down from Palanquin. Harish asks are you out of your mind Naren. Rahul says only they have added the poison. Naren asks until when we will doubt on them. Harish says you have done a big mistake by bringing them here, they will ruin them.

Dada ji tells Naren that today he has made him proud and made family name on high. He says we shall thank God. He tells that he will fulfill his mannat. Pooja thinks to test Naren.

Dada ji telling them that he will go and fulfill his mannat and go on a yatra. Naren says I will drop you. Dada ji says ok. Naina tells Pooja that she is accepting her forgetting the differences and hugs her. Pooja is skeptical about her behavior. Rahul says I will try to become good brother in law. Dada ji asks Pooja to test Naren if she wants. At the dining table, Pooja asks Naren to sit and have food. Dada ji asks Pooja to sit beside Naren. Naren stops her and asks Chandrika to sit there.

Pooja is very happy, while Chandrika is surprised. He makes Pooja sit on his chair. Saiyya Ve Plays…..Pooja hopes Naren is not betraying her. Naina comes to meet Harsha and sees her Chachi telling Harsha that she will transfer all Mayank’s property on her name and asks her to transfer

it to Naina once she turns 40. Naina is shocked and greets Harsha. She asks Harsha to agree. Harsha agrees.
Naren asks Pooja to come with her for campaigning and says he is there to protect her. Pooja thinks to test Naren and goes to Supriya’s room and asks her to have food. Supriya shouts and calls Naren, tells that she wants to kill her. He tastes the food and tells Supriya that Pooja is not guilty and have saved them. He asks her not to punish Pooja for other’s crimes. He asks Pooja to feed Supriya. Pooja feeds her with her hand.

Naren comes to Pooja while blindfolding himself. Pooja holds him and saves him from falling down. He says he wants to accept her, wants his hatred feelings to vanish completely. Piya Albela plays…..Servant brings Naren’s stuff. Pooja says I will set it. Naren says we shall do together. Pooja says sure, but not by blindfolding. She says if you have still hatred for me then my all love is for your hatred. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage Plays as she sets his travel luggage. Malti tells Harsha that she will stay in the Ashram for few days. Harsha says ok and asks Naina to stay. Rahul says she can’t stay as she has to distribute blankets to workers on Mayank’s name.

Rahul calls Naren and tells that Naina’s Chachi wants to name Mayank’s factories on Harsha’s name and asks if she can handle. Naren asks Pooja’s opinion. Pooja says if she handles work then she can get out from the trauma of his death soon. Naren asks Rahul to get the papers ready. Pooja asks if they are going for political work. Naren says it is a surprise and asks her not to worry as he will not betray her. He asks if she trusts him. Pooja says yes.

Anuj sends message to Hardik saying Naren is feigning to be good, Pooja’s life is in danger. Hardik gets tensed and search for them. Anuj tells Naren that security will come with him as it is a protocol. Naren looks at him upset and tells that he don’t need security. Hardik comes out and asks where they went. Anuj says don’t know and he refused to take security.

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