Deception Sunday update 16 February 2020


Deception Sunday update 16 February 2020

Shilpa tells Naren that Surbhi’s Dadi can’t come here, and says she wants him to come to new york for reception. Naren is shocked.

Supriya goes and returns to Pooja, and gives her mum in law’s jewellery.
She says she wanted to give it to her bahu, but is giving to her daughter. She asks what she wants. Pooja tells that she wants Naren’s marriage to happen as they desired. Naren agrees to Shilpa, when Surbhi tells that they will invite Pooja and Dr. Anand. Shilpa gets happy and goes with Surbhi. Supriya tells Naren that Pooja wants their sangeet to happen together and says she wants her daughter’s marriage to be done nicely.

For Sangeet, Dr. Anand’s parents come. Supriya welcomes them. Dr. Anand taunts her taking Pooja’s name. Shilpa tells Harish and Supriya about Naren and Surbhi’s reception in New York. Harish is shocked and asks Yash. Yash says that Amma wants reception to be held in New York. Shilpa says they will take Naren for few days. Harish agrees.

Rakesh tells Harsha until when she will sit sad. Harsha says you said right that daughters shall not come to their mayka often and says Supriya kept sangeet of mohini together with Naren. Supriya tells Pooja that she wants her to stay at her home, but…..She sings song mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari. Pooja smiles.

Shilpa searches for Naren’s passport. Guru ji and Rakesh plan Naren’s kidnapping. Guru ji says Mayank will marry Surbhi when Naren leaves her. He says even pooja can’t save him this time. Yash and Harish also sings song. Naren comes there. Pooja and Surbhi looks at him. Pooja sings song kehna hi kya…..Surbhi also sings same song.

Dr. Anand is with Naren in his room and says your room is interesting like you and says it seems I will get to hear your stories and asks if he will miss her. Naren says he will have to change his habits and tells about Pooja’s mood swings. Dr. Anand asks Naren to be with Pooja whenever she needs a friend. Naren promises him. Pooja thinks she can’t be weak and have to think about Anand. She can’t do injustice with Dr. Anand. She thinks Dr. Anand have right on this love and takes out the jewellery.

Anand came to Pooja ,hugging her from behind and saying why do I feel this is not the right ending of this story, will have to make this ending right. Pooja says we don’t have time to change the ending now, everything happening is right. Pooja says we should go, mamaji must be waiting at venue. Anand says You can’t go without meeting your friend. Go meet him, and take your time…
Naren drinking in his room, pooja comes , Naren turns away seeing her, he is about to fall down when pooja steps towards him .. Naren says, stop, I can handle myself…
Pooja says can’t we forget every fight in our last moment together.. Naren gets emotional and comes to her. Yesterday’s Precap scene plays out..

Rahul has sensed some thing suspicious about Guruji’s plan.
He tells Neelima about it… Guruji is talking to Bandhu on phone. Rahul overhears and says I have not played less guruji.Now its my time.. Rahul frees Mayank from place where he was kept. And looks like Anand has been kidnapped in place of Naren

Pooja getting ready and thinking about Naren. Rahul has taken Mayank away and tells him that he will be the one marrying Pooja and he has brought sherwani for him… Guruji finds out Mayank is missing and here Bandhu sees that Naren is not kidnapped . Naren’s sehra bandi going on

Anand wakes up and finds himself at a secluded place. He freez himself from rope using some broken glass pieces. Bandhu calls goons and tells them that they have kidnapped the wrong guy. Anand overhears them, and realizes that they were trying to kidnap Naren. He thinks about informing Naren that his life is in danger. He tries to run away and is being beaten by goons . Anand’s parents arrive at Pooja’s house. And she asks Pooja if she knows when will Anand come Naren’s baraat arrives

Goons are beating Anand but anand manages to escape. He is thinking how to inform pooja or Naren.. He collides with the car of Rahul in which Mayank is also there. It’s the time for feras and people waiting for Anand.
Anand’s mom calls in hospital, and they inform her he didn’t come to hospital today..
Rahul asks mayank to beat him so hard that he is not able to reach the Mandap.
Anand’s mother asks her that she was with anand last night, how can she be unaware of his whereabouts.
Mayank beating Anand.
Anand hits his head on a rock lying on the roadside. rahul is shocked,goes to him and realizes he is dead
Rahul asking mayank to go away

Rahul feeling apologetic as Doctor Anand died, and gets happy thinking Guru maa shall tell Bandu to take retirement and thinks Surbhi is just mine. He leaves Dr. Anand’s body there itself and goes. Naren and Surbhi are seated for marriage. Pooja is worried and asks her mum to be with her. Just as Surbhi and Naren are about to exchange garlands, electricity is gone. Rahul comes to Naren and asks him to come to side. Naren asks what happened? Rahul tells that Pooja’s marriage is stopped as Anand didn’t reach mandap and his mum is doing drama. He says why I am telling you, you will not leave your marriage to help Pooja. He asks what to do. Naren is shocked, throws the turban etc. He runs out while Supriya and Harish asks him where is he going? Dr. Anand’s mum is worried.

Kusum says he must be stuck in the hospital. Pooja tells Anuj that Dr. Anand was not in Hrishikesh when we left from there. Naren runs, sits in the car and goes. Yash asks harish if this is a joke. He says the guy who ran away from his own wedding, what he will do with my daughter, if he will keep my daughter happy. Harish asks him to give time so that he can talk to Naren.
Pandit ji asks where is the groom. Satish asks them to wait for sometime. Dr. Anand’s mum scolds Pooja and asks Satish to call Pooja. She asks him to call Police. Pooja recalls Dr. Anand asking her to meet Naren. Rahul thinks it is time to marry Surbhi now. Yash asks Harish, why did he run away from his own marriage, what was more important than his marriage. Rahul tells Harish that Naren got Pooja’s call. He talked to her, threw the varmala and went to her. Surbhi, Shilpa and others are angry. Dr. Anand’s mum curses the day when Rahul decided to marry Pooja. Satish says he must be coming. Naren comes to Pooja’s marriage venue. Pooja sees him and is shocked, she takes him to side and asks what is he doing here? She asks him to go and marry Surbhi.

Police comes there and asks if they are waiting for Dr. Anand Kumar. His mum asks if he knows where is her son. They bring the dead body. Everyone is shocked. His parents are shell shocked. Naren is also shocked. Dr. Anand’s mum lifts the white cloth from his face and is shocked to see his dead body. Pooja is shattered and sits in shock. Inspector says we got his body near the highway and says they will find the culprit soon. Naren gets Harish’s call. Harish says this guy will take my life one day. Pooja tries to come near Dr. Anand’s body. Dr. Anand’s mum tells that this girl have swallowed my son, he was mad about her. She slaps her and says she killed him. Guest presents there blames Pooja and her Kundli. Dr. Anand’s mum curses Pooja and says you will never be happy in your life and where ever you goes, you will ruin the house. Satish says you can’t curse her.

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