Deception Sunday update 1 March 2020


Deception Sunday update 1 March 2020


Rahul says if your bones are broken then how you will take care of him. Neelima says we are just paralyzing him, we have option to kill him. Pooja asks Hardik to stop him and says Harish uncle is your brother. Pooja starts crying. Pooja folds her hand and asks him to stop Doctor.

Rahul says network went. Pooja asks why is he dragging Harish. Rahul and Neeima asks them to sign on 100 crores property. Pooja says these papers need Naren’s signatures also. Rahul asks her to call Naren there and says he will stop doctor for 10 mins. Pooja calls Naren and tells him something which is muted. Naren looks on.

Pooja tells Rahul that Naren will be here in sometime. Rahul says lets play a small game till then. He ties Pooja and makes her sit on the chair, and holds the heavy bag above her head while controlling it with the rope. Neelima asks where is your Naren Babu, or is this your cleverness. Naren says no Chachi. He walks inside and sees Pooja tied. He says this chhal game is deserved by you. Rahul stops him and says at one side is your father and at the other is your wife. He says just one sign. Hardik looks on as if he has no spine and no thinking. Naren takes the papers to sign. It falls from his hand.

Naren picks it up and signs on the papers. He says I have signed on these papers, once Pooja signs on it, all money will be yours. Pooja cries. Rahul gives pen to Pooja and opens the rope. Naren is teary eyes. Pooja signs on the papers. Neelima smiles. Rahul takes the papers. Naren asks him to read the papers. Rahul says we can trust you, when we have burnt your farm house, got you arrested in drugs case, when you couldn’t do anything then, what you can do now. Neelima smirks as if it is an achievement. Pooja gets up. Naren asks Pooja to come. Rahul says your Papa is safe. Naren thanks them and says this day will be remembered by all of us. They walk away from there.

At home, Naren applies ointment on Pooja’s hand. Pooja cries and says I have lost, she says she couldn’t let Dada ji’s safe keeping go in wrong hands, I tried, but….and cries. Naren says you don’t need to clarify, everyone is same as you wanted, Dada ji’s trust money is still safe. Pooja is surprised. Naren says you have changed me to Kanhaiya’s colors, let them celebrate, they don’t know that their happiness is short lived.

Neelima, Rahul and Hardik say cheers and have wine. Rahul says I didn’t know that they will sign on the papers so easily. Neelima asks him to check clause on the papers. Rahul checks it and says Pooja Madam, you didn’t do right. He throws glass angrily. Naren tells Pooja that he had added one clause to make right out of wrong. He recalls keeping one paper in between and tells that Rahul will get money after 99 years and asks her not to get worry, Guru ji found a solution to safeguard Maa and Papa.

Guru ji slaps a doctor from taking wrong advantage of his profession and asks him never to come to Vyas again. Naren tells Pooja that evil is always part of life, and says he heard that we have to do something to make changes to the world. He says no war can be won by just values and says lie is not less than goodness. He says you have come in my life as a God and says he wants to bend down his head infront of her. Pooja gets emotional as he bends down his head. Oh Piya song plays. Pooja hugs him.

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