Deception Saturday update 4 April 2020


Deception Saturday update 4 April 2020

Naren coughs. Pooja gives him water. He refuses to have anything. Naren says this is my punishment for not been able to do my duty. He locks her and goes. Pooja comes out and thinks he might take a wrong step angrily.

Naren telling that he failed and says Maa..your son is failed and couldn’t treat your bahu. Supriya calls him and says you might have forgotten me, but I couldn’t forget my son, my ansh and cries. Pooja comes outside the wine shop and looks for Naren. Supriya sees the pic and cries. Rahul comes to Pooja indisguise of a clown and says he went to a big circus and asks her to come. Pooja looks back at the wine shop. She thinks she has to reach someone through Rahul. Naren comes out of the shop and vomits blood. Pooja turns and looks at him. She thinks how to leave naren in this condition. She sees open main hole and makes Rahul falls in it. She runs back to Naren and falls down on road.

Naren continues to vomit blood. Pooja gets shocked, turns back and sees car coming towards her. Rahul gets shocked and says someone save me. Naina is on the way. Pooja asks shop owner to call Doctor. He says Doctor can’t come at this time. Naina is in the car and hears her talking to shop owner and threatening to call Police. She thinks if she is mad or acting. Pooja comes to the doctor and asks him to come to treat her husband. He refuses. She comes infront of his car. Rahul is rescued by some men and calls Mr. Kapoor and says Pooja is not with Naren. Mr. Kapoor thinks to do something. Pooja asks Doctor why did he became doctor if he wants to attend party. She thinks I am helpless as someone knows our secret. Doctor checks Naren.

A fb is shown, Mr. Kapoor sees Dada ji and says he is happy to see him alive. Pooja tells Dada ji that he is her friend. She asks him when did he come? Mr. Kapoor says he never went and shows the video in which Dada ji tells the secret to Pooja. He blackmails Pooja and asks her to think Naren is marrying her tomorrow, when this video is played. They all will be shock and Naren will die in the sorrow that his birth killed his mum’s original son.

Pooja says she won’t let this happen and will not break the promise given to Dada ji. Mr. Kapoor asks her to paid the price for the promise. Pooja asks him to say what he wants. Mr. Kapoor says you knows well what I wants and touches her. She pushes him. He says I want you…Pooja. Mr. Kapoor asks him to leave the marriage and come to him tomorrow. Pooja says Naren will not leave me. Mr. Kapoor asks her to act to be mad so that Naren leaves her. Fb ends. Pooja drives the car and stops it.

Doctor tells her that Naren’s mum is calling him. Pooja thinks she can’t attend the call and thinks I am surprised, you have realized his pain even though you are far. She says when I returned home, my strength gave me answer, but then I heard Naren telling her about the award function. She gets Mr. Kapoor’s call and he asks if she reached home. He says he has booked amazing place for Vyas family and shows the pyre. Pooja asks what is this joke? Mr. Kapoor says if this marriage happens then nobody will be alive in Vyas family, I won’t do anything, one truth will ruin everyone’s lives.

He says if Vyas family comes to know that someone will get heart attack or something else and will eventually be cremated. He burns the pyre. Pooja asks what is this madness. Mr. Kapoor asks her to act to be mad. She went to balcony feeling suffocated of dhol sound and sees a boy and his mum, she thought it is Kanhaiya’s sign to hide the secret. She says Mr. Kapoor planned to kidnap her through Rahul, but Naren married her and took her home. She thinks to end the story before new year begins.

Pooja thanking Doctor. Doctor says you have saved your husband else anything would have happen and says wine is dangerous for Naren. Pooja says ok and thinks Kapoor has lost his patience and she has to go to him, and thinks I will go so that I can return, to end all old stories in new year. Someone peeps in the room. Pooja hears the song and asks the beside room guy to slow down the volume. Mr. Kapoor is shown in the room and says I can’t live without you, and that’s why came here, just a wall between us, and we will unite soon. He looks at her poster and thinks time has come to unite with you, new year will be interesting. He calls someone.

Neelima and Hardik are in the car and see someone lying unconscious on the road. Hardik gets down the car and calls the man.

Other man hits on his head and he faints. Both men escapes.
Lodge guy tells Naren that Pooja saved him and called liver doctor. Naren looks on. Neelima asks Rahul to return and tells him that someone attacked Hardik. Rahul thinks who is behind the attack. Mr. Kapoor smirks. Naren tells pooja that he knows that she will be fine soon. Pooja says she called bad doctor, to give him big injection. Naren gets Harish’s call and he informs him about attack on Hardik. Naren says we will come tomorrow. Lodge staff gives complimentary gift to Naren. Naren opens the box and is surprised to see the punching toy.

Pooja laughs. Naren asks her to sleep. Pooja sees the other box and finds the mobile. She sees dada ji’s video in which Mr. Kapoor’s goons throw kerosene oil on him. She reads Mr. Kapoor’s message that car is ready and asks her to come out after Naren sleeps. Pooja thinks you didn’t do right by touching Dada ji, I am coming to free him.

Satish worries for Pooja and Naren. Rachel asks her not to worry about Pooja as Naren is with her. Satish says he will pray to God. Rachel says we both will pray together. Pooja thinks I won’t let past dark clouds fall on you. She thinks she will return after ending all the troubles and once she returns, then there will be just love. Naren wakes up and asks where you are going? Mr. Kapoor is sitting in car with make up of Dracula on his face, and says I am waiting for you. Pooja asks him to sleep. Naren asks her to sleep too.

Pooja asks him to promise that he will never drink that bad cold drink. Naren promises her. Pooja jumps happily and hugs him. Mora Piya albela..She gets tensed as phone vibrates which Mr. Kapoor have sent. Naren says whose call is ringing. Pooja takes out the phone as Naren turns. Lodge guy comes there and says I got a call from this room to send fresh towel. Pooja sees joker card falling down and suspects Pooja. She jumps on bed and says she will sleep. Naren thinks I don’t know if you will be fine or not. Mr. Kapoor gets angry and asks goons to shoot Mayank. Goon aims gun at Mayank.

Pooja goes out. Ve Saiyya plays….Naina sees Pooja going and asks her to go to Joker. She recalls seeing Mr. Kapoor sending complimentary gift to Pooja. She thinks so he is Pooja’s lover. Pooja sees her. Naina goes to Naren and tells that Pooja’s life is in danger. Mr. Kapoor calls goon and asks him to shoot Harish. Naren searches for Pooja in bathroom and couldn’t find her. Goon hits security guy. Mr. Kapoor says alvida mr. Harish vyas.

the goon aiming gun at Harish. Just then Supriya comes there and gives him tiffin for Hardik. Naina tells Naren that she saw Kapoor at the reception and says he must have kidnapped her. Naren asks who are you? Naina says she is Pooja’s step sister and asks him to go and search her. She thinks you don’t know how many secrets she is having. Pooja sees Naren running and Naina going behind him. Pooja throws marbles on her way. Naina falls and calls Naren. Naren runs to her. Naina pretends to get unconscious. Naren asks someone to take out car. Mr. Kapoor asks Goon to shoot both. Goon is about to shoot them, but just then Mr. Kapoor sees Pooja there and asks him to stop. Pooja thinks don’t know whom he will punish. He goes to Pooja and says boom. Pooja acts like a kid and

asks him to take her to show magic show.

Mr. Kapoor thinks what is she doing. Naren takes her to hospital. She pretends to gain conscious and says I saw your condition outside the wine shop and called liver specialist there. Naren says you called the doctor. Naina says Pooja was asking everyone to help and was scared. Naren thanks her for helping him. Naina asks him to go and bring Pooja and says she has some secret in her heart. Naren says I didn’t understand. Naina again pretends to faint. Naren book tickets to Mumbai. Naina thinks she will return to her soon. Pooja laughs like a child.

Mr. Kapoor says how much you will make us mad. Pooja laughs and asks you are mad. Mr. Kapoor thinks if she has gone mad. Pooja thinks my madness will make you mad and you will take me to Dada ji. Naren calls Police. He comes to Police station and says he wants to file police complaint. Mr. Kapoor thinks he will know the truth in 5 mins. Harish tells Supriya that they are responsible for Pooja’s condition and her happiness and sorrows are theirs. Supriya asks him to take tablets before sleeping. Harish is about to see something. Supriya stops him and says I will take your medicines. She thinks she has to tell the truth some day.

Naren shows the pic of Pooja. Inspector asks Constable to lock him and calls Mr. Kapoor. Naren says I will not leave you. Mr. Kapoor puts the call on loudspeaker. Inspector says Naren Vyas came here to file police and we have arrested him. Mr. Kapoor asks Pooja, Naren have troubled you a lot and we shall trouble him. He asks Inspector to beat Naren with lathis etc. Pooja don’t react. Inspector beats Naren. Pooja hears his voice on call and feels pain, but don’t react. Ve Saiyya plays….Inspector beats Naren using third degree. Pooja couldn’t bear.

Mr. Kapoor thinks it seems until when Pooja will hide her pain. Pooja asks Mr. Kapoor to stop the car and says she wants to go to washroom. She gets down from the car and thinks she has to bear to rescue Dada ji. She sees policemen sitting there and takes their phone. She calls Daulatpur PS and asks Inspector to get ready to go to Andaman and Nicobar Island for arresting Naren Vyas. Inspector apologizes and says he will leave Naren. Mr. Kapoor is waiting for Pooja and hears Inspector asking Constable to leave Naren.

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