Deception Saturday update 25 January 2020


Deception Saturday update 25 January 2020

Supriya seeing Pooja smiling while aarti is going on in the temple. She reminisces the efforts and concern of Pooja for Naren. She thinks of Chandani saying that Naren and Pooja are like Radha and Krishnan, support each other in every situation. Radhe Krishnan plays…..Supriya imagines them exchanging garlands and smiles. Pooja gives aarti to everyone.

Supriya thinks God is giving them sign that Naren’s Radha is Pooja who understands him so well and thinks no girl can be better than her. She asks pooja about Satish. Pooja says somewhat better? Supriya tells that she talked to Delhi specialist and asks her to come home wearing beautiful dress. Supriya thinks to talk to Harish about Pooja and thinks to convince him although he will get angry and refuse at first.

tells kids that Radha and Krishna’s love is an example for everyone. Kids asks if they were married? Harsha says no. Pandit ji says today’s kids will not understand. Pooja tells that they shall do play on Radha and Krishna. Harsha says we have Radha and Krishna.

Supriya calls Harish and asks him to come home, as she wants to talk about Naren. Neelima hears her and thinks to find out through Rahul. Harsha asks Pooja. Pooja says she is ready. Naren says he is not ready and asks her to find other Krishna for her. Kids try to convince him. Harsha says it is difficult to convince him. Pooja says he will not refuse. Neelima calls Rahul and tells that Supriya is excited about Naren’s future.

Pooja asks Naren to act in the play. Naren says what is the advantage and says he can’t understand Krishna’s leela. And asks her not to talk like his mum. Pooja tries to convince him. Naren asks her to give 500 so that he can buy art and crafts stuff. Pooja asks him to take from Naren. Supriya thinks she shall talk to Harish and give jhumka to Pooja. Naren returns and thinks where is the black board, class and kids. Pooja returns. Naren asks her. Pooja says she doesn’t know. Naren asks her to give the stuff which he brought. Pooja asks him to agree first. She asks him to think of doing a role for kids. Naren asks her to give arts and crafts stuff which he bought and picks the scale. Chandani makes pooja ready as Radha. Radha says Naren will not angry. Chandani says Naren and you are like Radha and Krishna.

Harish asks Supriya why she is tensed. Supriya says she wants to talk about Naren and Pooja and says she can become answer for his questions. Harish says he is already worried as Amma will be coming here and asks her not to complicate the things. Supriya asks him about his opinion on Pooja and Naren’s alliance. Harish is shocked and asks what do you wants to say.
Pooja comes dressed as Radha. Harsha and kids look at her smiling. Pooja also smiles and comes to them. Naren comes there and looks at Pooja. Jogiya song plays….He says you are looking good. Pooja asks him to become Krishna. Naren refuses. Pooja is stubborn on her decision. Gudiya comes and asks Naren to take flute. Supriya says Pooja takes care of Naren and says whatever we want is his happiness. She shows the jhumkas and says trust me, nobody can be good for Naren than Pooja. Harish scolds her and goes. Supriya asks him to listen. Neelima hears them and is shocked.

Pooja tells kids that Naren will come and is just showing tantrums. Harish tells Supriya that Vyas group is build on Bhola Babus investments and says if he wants his investments back then what we will do, we will have nothing. Supriya asks him to think about Naren’s happiness. Harish tells that whatever he is doing for Naren’s happiness and that he promised Bhola Babu that he will get his son married to his daughter Kiara. Supriya is shocked.

Harish telling Supriya that Bhola Babu wants Kiara to marry Naren and says we brought pooja here so that she can make him sansari and not to make her marry him. Naren comes wearing Krishna’s dress. Pooja smiles. Harish says Naren and kiara’s marriage is fixed and can’t be cancelled. He asks her to dismiss her thoughts about pooja.

Harsha sees Naren and says even Kanhaiyya ji will be happy to see you. She asks Pooja to learn the lines, and says you both have to tell this, and tells Naren that kids will be happy. Naren and Pooja reads the script. Harish tells that Amma fixed Kiara and Naren’s marriage when he was just 4 years old, and tells that he can’t take risk to upset Bhola Babu.

Chandani smiles. Pooja sings song shaam abhimaani…oh deewani..Supriya cries.
Everyone looks on. Naren sings radha judh gayi hai mere naam se….Mayank and Harsha see the play with kids. Mayank imagines himself with Pooja. Everyone claps for them. Neelima tells Rahul that Supriya wants to make Pooja as her bahu. Rahul says Tau ji will not be convinced. Neelima tells that Supriya can convince him, and tells that the girl is actually handling Naren well. She asks him to do something. Rahul recalls Pooja warning him and tells that today is last day for her. Pooja comes home. Supriya recalls asking her to come home and hugs Pooja. Pooja asks if everything is fine. Supriya says if she needs a chance to hug her daughter. She shows her jhumkas and asks her to wear it.

Neelima sees Supriya giving jhumkas to her and asking her to wear. Rahul asks goons to scare her so that she runs away from here. Supriya smiles and tells that she saw Radha and gives her sweets. Pooja takes it for Naren and kids. She thinks don’t know what Naren would have done by now. Rahul sees her going and calls goons. He asks them to get ready. Naren thinks where is Pooja? She should have left class stuff. Mayank plays the flute. Naren asks if you want to become Krishna. Mayank says if Pooja becomes Radha then he will become Krishna and then changes his words. Naren says Pooja took my money. Mayank says no shops will be open now.

Goons come there and switches off lights. Pooja talks to Mama. Harish tells that Kusum is getting his treatment in Delhi’s best hospital. Kusum recalls Supriya calling her and telling that she talked to the doctor and made all the arrangements for Satish. He ends the call. Pooja comes to the temple. Rahul and Neelima see her sitting in their car outside the temple. Pooja comes inside the temple and thinks why it is so dark. She calls Naren. Just then she sees goons coming there with hockey sticks. She gets scared. She asks who are you and what you are doing here. She runs.

Goons catches her. Her dupatta and sweets box fall there. She kicks the goons and runs. She sees the dead end. Goon laughs who threatened chandani. Rahul asks her not to ask what he is doing here. Goon says you will know today why Rang gali is called rangeen. They push her to ground. Naren and Mayank return back to temple. Mayank tells Pooja is not here. They come out and see pooja’s dupatta and sweets box. Naren picks it up and tells that Pooja is in danger. Mayank says it could belong to someone else also. Pooja fights with the goons while they try to tie her. Naren shouts Pooja. Mayank says she might have left home. They tie Pooja and keep cloth in her mouth. Pooja hears Naren’s voice.

The goons keeping cloth in Pooja’s mouth. Pooja hears his voice and pretends to faint. Mayank says we shall go home and check. The goon wonders what happened to her and removes cloth from her mouth. She shouts Naren Babu. Naren and Mayank hears her voice.. They break the door and come inside, see many goons with her. Pooja runs to Naren and hugs him crying. Mayank and Naren fight with the goons. Goons beats Mayank and Naren. Pooja tries to stop them, but the goons catch them.

Chandani’s friends comes there talking on phone and sees goons beating them badly. Rahul and Neelima are standing far and enjoy. Chandani comes with her friends holding lathis and asks them to stop. They beat the goons. Naren, pooja and Mayank also beats the goons now. Rahul gets upset and says this can’t
happen. Police comes there and arrests the goons. Neelima is shocked.

Rahul says we shall leave from here. Neelima says we have to break their jugalbandi. Media comes there and clicks the pics. Goon tells Pooja that he will not leave her once he is freed from jail. Naren beats him. Pooja is in shock. Naren brings dupatta and covers her. Malanga Re plays….He tells that he will bring water and goes. Chandani and others come to Pooja. Neelima tells Rahul that goons might take his name. Rahul says they don’t know my name and asks her to take out her trump card and says only it can change ours and Pooja’s destiny. Neelima says we have to wait for right time as Supriya will not let her succeed.

Reporter tells that Naren Vyas are trying to change destiny of rang gali women. They ask Pooja if she remembers how many goons were there? Naren asks them to stop it and asks them to ask the goons why they tried to molest or rape the girl. He gets angry. Mayank asks him to go and says he will handle media. Naren goes inside and calls pooja worriedly. Pooja comes and smiles. Naren asks her not to go anywhere without asking him. She says she had been to washroom just. He applies ointment on her neck. Jogiya plays……He realizes she is uncomfortable and covers her back with dupatta, says he will ask chandani to apply more ointment. Pooja smiles.

Next day, Naren buys 5 kgs fruits. Pooja asks for whom you are buying these? Naren says for you and asks her to give 500 Rs. She gives him 500 Rs. without any argument. He thinks to cheer her up and orders more fruits. Pooja says no need and asks salesman not to give much.Harish talks to his employee and asks him not to do any mistake, and tells that Amma’s flight will land tomorrow and she is like his family members. He checks for his medicine and thinks Supriya is not here. Neelima gives him medicines and says we shall stay as a family even after arguments. Harish thanks her. Neelima holds his hand and says even now you are tensed. She asks him not to take anxiety pills for everything. She tells that she had a shoulder pain, but a famous healer treated her. She tells that he is Guru ji who travelled all around the world and is well educated too. Harish says I don’t want to meet him and goes. Neelima says you have to meet him.

Neelima brings Guru ji home when Supriya is not at home. Guru ji tells inspiring words. Neelima asks Harish to come and tells Guru ji that he is her jethji. She says he is stressed since few days. Harish says there is just office tension. Guru ji asks him to come to him and holds his hand. He says to tell you the truth, I wanted to meet you, I came to know that you are in problem and I shall meet you. He says you are bothered by New York. Neelima says New York. Harish is shocked.

Guru ji asking Harish if he is bothered by New York. Neelima says NY. Guru ji gets up and keeps hand on his head. Harish is shocked. Guru ji asks him to go and says your problem is solved. Just then his phone rings, and goes to pick the call. He attends the call and asks Amma if you have reached Delhi. Amma says yes, but there is a last minute changes and tells that she can’t come to Hrishikesh this time. Harish looks at Guru ji and is surprised. Naren asks Pooja not to fear and says guilty should get scared. Harsha says you are not alone, and is with your family. Supriya hugs her. Naren smiles. Supriya says we are proud of you and asks Naren to take her. Rakesh comes and asks Harish to switch on the TV. Harish switches on the TV. Reporter tells about the rang gali incident and
tells that Naren Vyas has taken a plunge to change rang gali women and kids’ destiny with the help of his assistant Pooja. She says some say that Pooja is his wife and some say she is his assistant. She says Rang gali woman think them as Radha and Krishna. Reporter asks Naren if he thinks he can run the school here. Naren tells that fighting is the life. Pooja says she is with him. They ask about the children.

Naren says one day you will take these kids interview. Reporter asks if you both are husband and wife? Naren and Pooja looks at each other. Harish breaks TV angrily. Pooja tells that Naren came here for good work and I am helping him, we don’t need any name to our relationship. Reporter asks pooja about the rang gali women. Pooja asks them to take Rang gali women interview so that we get inspiration from their inspiring stories. Naren claps for her. Harish calls Supriya home and asks her to stop his drama fast. Supriya tells him that she will not tell him anything and says he is doing good thing and I am with them.

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