Deception Saturday update 18 April 2020


Deception Saturday update 18 April 2020

Naina warns Chacha and Chachi and says if her plan fails then she will bury them in walls. She tells that she will snatch Vyas Mansion from Pooja. Dada ji comes there calling the fake couple. Naina hides. They tell him that Pooja is back in Vyas Mansion and can kick them out soon. She says she wants Vyas Mansion to be one their name and blackmails Dada ji talking about Naren’s birth truth. Dada ji is shocked and says house is on Harish’s name. They say they have an idea.

Supriya wakes up at night and looks at Naren sleeping. Pooja applies sindoor on her forehead and says she will take care of Naren’s food habits.

Supriya thinks to make something for Naren secretly and blames Pooja. Pooja also thinks to go to kitchen and make food for him. She goes to kitchen and thinks who made food. Supriya hides. She comes out. Naren comes to her. Pooja falls on him. He sees Supriya’s ring and asks what you have done with Maa.

Naren asking Pooja where is Supriya seeing ring. Pooja says she got it on kitchen slab. Naren asks her to tell what she did with her. Pooja says sometimes I feel you don’t want to see truth. They search for Supriya and find her lying on floor. Pooja tries to help her get up, but Supriya shouts asking her to go. Naren asks how did your ring reach here. Supriya says she gave to Servant for cleaning. Pooja tastes the paratha and says it is looking like made by her. She thinks Supriya must have taught Servant to make it. She thinks to make food for Naren. Neelima comes to Naina and tells that she has realized that she is best for Rahul. Naina calls her mummy ji on her insistence. Neelima asks her to take first move towards Rahul. Naina thinks they are fools.

Naren sits to have food. Supriya says your bua sent it from Ashram. She thinks who made it. Pooja thinks Naren will have food made by her today. Naren asks Dada ji if he got arrangements to get food for Pooja from hotel, and says he don’t want her to die due to hunger. Dada ji laughs and asks him to take her responsibility. Pooja asks Dada ji to tell him not to worry about her, and says may be my habit will get spoiled. Naina waits for fake Chacha and Chachi. Fake Chacha and Chachi come and asks Dada ji to name Naina’s Meerut factory on their name.

Chachi says it was Mayank’s factories before. Rahul says what you are saying. Chacha and Chachi tell that the factory Vastu is not good and they don’t want same thing happen to Naina. Harish objects. Dada ji says let them decide. Naina gets angry. Naren says he has no objection if Naina agrees. Pooja says they are her real relatives, not fake. Dada ji says they will give property to them after a month. Naren feeds food to Supriya. Pooja walks out from there feeling sad. Naina comes to them angrily. They say Naren would have kicked them out if they have asked Vyas Mansion.

Naina threatens to send them back. They say if we go then you can’t live here. Naina is angry and leaves. Fake Chacha asks Pooja if she is happy now. Pooja asks them to obey her if they don’t want to go to jail. Anuj plans to poison Naren. Rachel sees poison bottle and empties it and puts water in it. Pooja gets Naren’s message and comes to room. She sees many men wearing Naren’s mask and hears his poetry praising her beauty. She takes roses from them and calls Naren. Naren says you have to give love test and asks her to identity him.

Pooja goes to Naren and says takes out mask, says you can’t fool me even if you wears many mask. Naren holds her hand. Flowers are showered on her. Naren hugs her. Sajna tere bina plays…. Just then media comes there and clicks pics. Pooja is surprised. Naren says I couldn’t match upto your standard. Pooja says you have worked hard and says only true love can do this. Naren asks Media if they like his surprise for his jaan. They say yes. Naren asks them to excuse them. He tells Pooja, I wish you would have understand the pain of tears. Pooja cries sitting there alone.

Naren telling that he will talk to Union leader angrily. Rahul tells Neelima that he will get Mayank’s property and also company. Naren checks for file. His assistants tell that it might be in the room. Rahul tells Naren that union of workers are angry. Naren asks him to go to Office and says he will teach them a lesson. Pooja gets the file and thinks Naren will come to room. Naren comes to room. Pooja tells that she has file, which she locked inside. Naren says I let you stay here, didn’t let you die, and fed you food. Pooja says everything will be fine as your heart knows love. She tells that the file is locked in any of the locker of the house and says this key is the answer. She sings hasta hua noorani…..Naren checks the locks. Pooja shows other keys. Naren says love

can’t happen forcibly. Pooja says it can’t be bind. Naren asks her to leave key. Ve Saiyya plays…He is about to go. Pooja gives keys, but he throws it. He says union leader and workers are same like you. Pooja says they want respect and love from you. Naren says they want to take advantage. Anuj plans to kill Naren and adds poison bottle in his protein shake, but gets shocked seeing it having water. He understands Rachel changed it. Rahul bribes union leader and asks him to do as he said. Rahul asks workers to wait.
Pooja and Dada ji talk about their plan to handle Chacha and Chachi. Pooja says she has to save Naren from pooja. Rahul asks workers to sit in Naren’s cabin. Naren comes. Rahul tells Naren that workers entered his cabin forcibly. Workers throw cow dung on him and blames him for throwing dung on them. Naren refuses to fulfill their demands. Worker says if you don’t agree then our demands have been doubled. Naren asks Rahul to throw dirt out. Rahul gets dung applied to his face as per plan. Naren slaps Union leader and asks him to do work or not, and says such men are in many.

Harish comes to Chandrika and tells that his daughter is trying to change his house, and trying to become leader. Chandrika says I will talk to her. Harish says I am not her enemy and will accept her for my son, if she mends her way.

Pooja sees news that Naren slapped Union leader which made workers strike. She thinks Rahul is involved. Rahul dances and thinks Bhai will be ruined now. Naina comes there and says she came to keep his clothes. She asks why you are happy. Rahul says because of marriage thoughts. Naina pretends to be shy.

Harish asks Naren why he slapped Union leader and says they are suffering loss. Naren asks him to let him handle. Harish says I did a mistake by giving business to you. Neelima says Naren has many tensions, elections is coming. Pooja says Naren can handle many tensions at a time,. It is not a big deal for him. Harish asks her to go and talk to Chandrika. Pooja goes and hugs Chandrika. Chandrika asks why you are interfering in their matters. Pooja says Naren’s relatives want to snatch his property from everyone.

Chandrika asking Pooja to either agree to her condition or forget her forever. Pooja says she can’t put her feet cuffed. Chandrika says she will think that she has no son or daughter in law. Naren and other watches interview of union leaders. He says I will make many companies. Harish says that company was started in Amma’s name. Rahul says he has an idea and says he is ready to get slapped by them and sit in MD”s chair. Dada ji says this is not the solution and tells that Naren has to solve this issue by himself. Neelima tells Harish that this is the best way to fight with the crisis and says once things gets fine, Rahul will return the company and chair back to Naren.. Chandrika breaks ties with pooja and goes. Pooja cries. Harish tells that he is making Rahul as MD of the company till everything gets fine. Dadea ji asks Pooja to tell what is her opinion. Pooja says just as elders think and goes inside. Dada ji is shocked. Rahul touches elders’ feet. Pooja thinks what to do.

Union leaders and workers come to Vyas mansion. Naren talks to them. Union leader tells that they came to welcome their new owner of the company. Rahul thinks they are talking about him and bends his head to wear garland, but they go to Pooja and make her wear garland. Harish and others are shocked. Dada ji is happy. Anuj looks on. Pooja talks about the rights from Naren’s behalf. They say we will listen to you. Naren asks Pooja whom she cheated to get this. Dada ji says he has named all Vyas Property on her name. Pooja says whatever was of Mayank, was given to Naina, and same way, I got Naren’s property. Harish tells that Pooja don’t listen to her own mother and regrets to trust her before.

Pooja tells Naren that she needs his signature on the transfer papers. Naren tells her that he will reply to her once elections are over, signs on papers and throws on Pooja. Pooja thanks him and says she wants to go to in his bullet proof car with his assistants.

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