Deception Saturday update 1 February 2020


Deception Saturday update 1 February 2020

Naren says I will search the answers and return within 7 days. Guru ji says I like your confidence and says if you find God’s proof then I will accept that I have no power in me. He says if you don’t bring any proof then. Naren says then I will do as you says. Guru ji asks him to think and says deal is done. He thinks you will be on my feet after 7 days. Pooja thinks why did you take up this challenge, how you will find the answers. Malanga Re plays…..

Pooja stops Guru ji and asks what you will get by influencing Naren. Guru ji says Naren has chosen to go, and asks why she got restless so soon. He says I don’t understand what do you want from me, shall I stop the challenge, or tell everyone that Naren has accepted his defeat. Pooja asks why he is so egoistic on his fake sidhis. Pooja says if you are really great then you haven’t done cheap things.

She says I will pray to God to gets answers for Naren. Guru ji says pray for Naren, and says he has to compensate for losing the challenge. Pooja says just like nobody find God’s existence, nobody can refuse that God don’t exist. Guru ji asks where Naren is going to go, to your Mama’s house. He asks her not to waste time and tells that doors are closed for you there and asks her to get ready for the defeat. She gets teary eyes.

Naren comes to Pooja and asks her to come, as they are going to her Mama’s house. Pooja says we can’t go there and tells that they are angry with him. Naren says you can convinced your brother with a hug. Pooja asks how did you think that Mama can help you. Naren says he is very knowledgable. Neelima thinks may be Guru ji loses this time. Pooja calls Kusum, but she rejects her call and is in the hospital. She then calls Anuj, even he rejects her call.

Pooja and Naren reaching Satish’s house and see the lock. Naren asks Pooja to call Mama and tell him that we came here to stay here for few days. Pooja tells him that Sushma aunty must be having the keys and asks Naren to stay there till she returns. She comes to Sushma’s house and asks for keys. Sushma questions her. Pooja asks for keys. Naren thinks where is Pooja and comes out. Sushma comes following Pooja. Pooja asks Naren to come and take him inside. Sushma thinks she has sold her shame and going inside with the man. Guru ji asks Rahul to relax and says nobody can get God’s proofs. He tells that his sidhis are small infront of God, and tells that Naren have just began his search. He says they will not get anything and tells Pooja’s mama is a human and Naren will come
back to me empty handed and surrender to me. He asks them to change the house things until he returns.

Harsha asks supriya if you have done some pooja. Supriya says she is calling God and tells that Naren’s defeat will be God’s defeat and tells that she will do bhagawat path till Naren wins. Naren asks Pooja to give him food. He asks when Mama will be back. Pooja says may be they went to hospital. She tells that Mami don’t want anyone to enter her kitchen and flour and other thing is locked. Naren asks if this house is not yours. Pooja says they are angry with me now. She says we shall return home and tell Guru ji that we don’t accept this challenge. Naren says these questions are his also, and will solve his query. Pooja says she will make something for him. She goes to kitchen. Naren also goes with her.

Sushma brings other neighbors there and they peep inside the house. Jogiya song plays…Naren have the food. He makes Pooja sit and goes t kitchen to turn the roti and burns his hand. Pooja rushes back and hold his hand under the tap. Kusum, Satish and Anuj return home. They see neighbor standing and asks if theft happened. Sushma says Pooja is with a man inside and romancing with him. They go inside and see Pooja feeding Naren with her hand as his finger is burnt. They are shocked.

Kusum scolds Pooja and says she brought mad man with her. Pooja says Naren is in trouble and tells that Mama can help him out. Kusum asks her to tell him to go to hell and there only he will get God. Pooja says you are upset with me, but why do you get angry with him. She says where I would go in trouble times. Anuj asks her to stop calling it as her house. Naren is waiting outside. Kusum also backs Anuj. Pooja apologizes to her and asks Anuj to understand. Anuj says you like them and didn’t care about us.

Kusum says where we will go, and asks Pooja to come with her and throw Naren out, else go with him. Pooja runs to Mama and asks him to help Naren and tells that if Naren returns home without answers then Guru ji will take his advantage badly. Satish says nobody have answers, then how I will answer him. He says you might be right, but I don’t think that I can help Naren in any way. Pooja is shocked.

She asks Mama to talk to Naren once and says he is very stubborn. Satish says if you wants, Naren can stay here for 2 days, he says Naren is a good man, but I can’t take his responsibility and let arguments happen inside the house. Naren enters. Harsha tells that Naren’s both mothers will fight with him and says she will also do Paath and asks her to rest for sometime. Supriya goes to take rest.

Harish tells Guruji that he is fed up of Naren’s dramas and can’t concentrate on office work. Guru ji asks him to calm down himself and says you have to fight big wars in future. He asks him to come in his sharan/shelter for few days and handover office responsibility to Rahul for few days. Harish is tensed. Rahul comes. Guru ji gives office responsibility to Rahul. Naren sits down on Satish’s feet and says only you can help me and tell how I will feel God. Satish says we will talk later. Kusum asks him to come inside. Naren and Pooja looks on.

Guru ji handing over Harish’s business to Rahul. Rahul says he will keep Naren’s pic infront of him and work. Harish says I will handover you important documents and they leave. Neelima praises Guru ji for his perfect trap and asks how to trap Supriya and Harsha. Guru ji says if two mums are sitting on akhand jyoti then it is difficult to break their unity, and says same jyoot will separate them, asks her to make arrangements for bali. She is shocked. Anuj asks where will Naren stay? Naren says he will stay in garden. Kusum and Anuj speak badly with him. Pooja says Naren will stay in my room and I will stay with Ritu in her room. Rachel says she will pay half rent then. Pooja asks Naren to come to her room. Guru ji comes to Mayank. Mayank says I am not innocent like bhai and
don’t want to talk to you. Guru ji says Pooja will change your life. Mayank falls in his trap and says he wants to know pooja’s feelings. Guru ji says you need my blessings for this. Mayank is trapped.

Pooja is worried and thinks how will Naren win this challenge and gets tensed. Naren reads the book. Guru ji keeps hand on his head and asks him to bring his hidden love out and destroy everything. He asks him to open his eyes and says I can sense that Pooja loves you and asks him not to back off. Malanga Re plays…Naren reads in the book and thinks to wake up Satish, and can’t waste time. Kusum wake up and says it is 5 am. She asks him to sit in garden. Mayank gets restless and see her pic in his room.

Satish is going for work. Pooja asks him to talk to Naren once. Satish says I have no answers for his question. Naren comes and asks him to help him. Satish says I have to go to take order. Naren says just 1 question and says it is written that even there is a God on the leaves, on the tree barks, in fruits juice etc. Satish says yes.

Naren smiles. Pooja tells Satish that she will come with him. She asks Satish if Guru ji like people really have powers. Satish tells that such people uses their powers to hurt others. Naren plugs the flowers from the trees. He calls Pooja and tells her that he will drink juice of the flowers and then he is hopeful to get answers. He asks her to come home soon. Pooja tells Satish what Naren said. Satish says there are poisonous flowers in our garden too. Kusum thinks what this mad man is doing. Naren grinds the flowers and get the juice.

Pooja runs back home thinking about Satish’s words. Naren is about to drink that juice. Pooja comes and throws the glass away. It breaks. Naren is shocked and asks what you have done. Pooja tells him that few plants are poisonous and asks him to stop childish behavior and come with her. Naren says if there is God here, then how can he let me get harmed. Pooja says if anything happens to you then how you will feel God or his existence.

Pooja holds his hands and takes him from there. Satish thinks this guy doesn’t think about himself to feel God and thinks he shall help him. Naren calls Mayank and asks him to transfer money. Mayank says ok and asks about Pooja. He then decides to go there and give money. Harsha comes to his room and gives his shirt.

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