Deception Monday update 9 March 2020


Deception Monday update 9 March 2020

Pooja thinks whoever tried to given her extra medicine, she will catch that person. She will give him gift tomorrow.

Rakesh and Surbhi think who might the person. Harsha says Pooja can’t do this citing she is taking care of her so well. Neelima says Supriya deserves this. Naren comes to Supriya and recalls Pooja saving and taunting him. He asks Nurse if Mrs. Vyas is fine now. Nurse says yes. He thinks of Pooja’s words that she saved him else he would have gone to jail and now is burdened under a woman’s favours.

He recalls going to Supriya’s room and adding her medicine overdose in Supriya’s food. He then makes her have it. Fb ends. Naren feels guilty and punishes himself by banging his head on the wood pillar.

Anuj gives money to Rachel and asks her to give to Kusum. Rachel asks if he sell his stuff. He says he can do this for his girl friend and says he has a place for her in his heart. He promotes the show dil dhunta hai. Pooja comes to Vyas Mansion and the band is played. Everyone looks on.

Pooja telling Naren that she is shifting in Vyas Mansion to keep close to the patient whose responsibility she has taken and says she has realized that anything can happen after I leave from here. She says once upon a time, this was my house too. Naren threatens to call the police. Pooja says I walk two steps ahead of you and says she brought forensic report of the food which was kept in Supriya’s room. A fb is shown, Pooja calls Harish and tells that soup was smelling something. Harish takes soup from the kitchen to send for test. Fb ends. Naren says he don’t accept it and can’t let her stay. Pooja brings the cake and says happy birthday Mr. Vyas. She asks how did he like her gift. Everyone is shocked as they forgot about his birthday. Surbhi says sorry to naren and

says she forgot his birthday.
Naren says he don’t need her wish. He tells that Pooja can stay in his house like a royal guest and will get special treatment. He asks them to send cake to his room. Harish tells Pooja that Naren is the one who made Supriya had that overdose of medicines. Pooja is shocked. Naren makes Surbhi have the cake and asks her to make him relief of Pooja. Surbhi smiles. Harish feels saddened and tells that he don’t know that Pooja can do this. Pooja says she will find out.

Surbhi tells Naren that Pooja shall take care of Mr. Kapoor, but she came here. She shares her plan. Naren angrily stabs on the cake. Pooja thinks Naren can’t do this, can’t harm Maa which may lower his eyes. She comes to him and asks why he is wearing googles. Naren says what do you want to know and says he had mixed overdose medicine in Supriya’s soup. Naren says he is responsible for her condition. Pooja says I didn’t ask you. Naren feels guilty. Pooja comes to Supriya’s room and thinks to make guilt come out of Naren’s heart. She searches for the proof and finds nail with nail polish and wonders whose could be this. Naren feels guilty and gives his wallet to a beggar. Harsha asks Pooja what is this misbehavior. Surbhi asks why we are listening to her. Pooja says anyone of you had mixed medicine in Supriya’s food. She asks Surbhi to agree and says she don’t like to threaten taking court’s name. Neelima tells Harsha that you are worried as if you have done crime. Pooja checks her nails.

Pooja checking nails of Harsha. Harsha tells that she didn’t do anything and cares for Supriya. Pooja says I know you kept nirjala fast for her, and can’t do anything. Surbhi thinks Pooja will leave from here in 2 hours. Neelima goes to her room and tries to take off her artificial nails. Pooja follows her and asks how could you do this. Neelima says she will give whatever she asks for. Pooja says this uniform suits you better, what you can give to me. She asks how you could do this with your sister.

Neelima tells that her head haven’t shake and says when I went to Supriya’s room last night, she saw Naren mixing tablets in the room and then after he went, she made Supriya have the soup. She says once her son returns you can’t do anything. Pooja holds her

hand and takes her out. Naren drags her to hall while Neelima manages to steal the artificial nail. He scolds her. Pooja comes there. Surbhi tells him that a confidential file is missing. Naren suspects Pooja. Pooja says when he is suspecting her, he can get the room checked. Constables find the room in Pooja’s room. Naren says now I get it, why she was so concerned about Supriya, and shifted here, it was her planning to get this file and says I salute you.
Pooja says anytime, I have an experience of being your teacher. She says she don’t waste her time in such small companies papers.

Naren takes handcuff from Inspector and says today he will decorate her hand with it. Pooja says ok, I accept it with your hand. Harish comes and asks what you are doing. Don’t know that Mrs. Kapoor is a high profile man. Naren asks since when he is so concerned. Pooja asks him to continue his family drama later and asks him if he was scared of hand cuff. Jogiya song plays. Naren says they have kept jashn in the evening and says I will miss you. Pooja says she won’t give him a chance to miss her and says you will have first bite of cake with my hand. Naren asks Inspector to take her. Pooja signs her guards to stop.

Surbhi tells happy birthday to Naren. Naren reminisces Supriya wishing him happy birthday and tells that he don’t want to celebrate his birthday, burn this cake. Harsha asks him to celebrate for them. Mayank says we will have his birthday celebration grandly. Surbhi goes. Mayank sees her happy and asks what happened? He asks how did the papers found with Pooja. Surbhi tells that she had kept it. Pooja calls Surbhi and tells that she is enjoying good service by the police and tells her something which shocks Surbhi. Harish tells Pooja that he will bail her out. Pooja says her bail will be done by someone else. Mayank asks Naren why he is selecting clothes for party. Naren says Pooja will not come to party. Someone comes to Pooja. Pooja thanks her for bailing her out.

Naren coming to the party. Harsha wishes him happy birthday. Naren says I don’t need any. Harsha asks him not to spoil his mood. Naren asks her not to worry and asks where is Surbhi? Mayank says she might have went to her kitty party. He asks him to cut the cake. Naren recalls Pooja telling that she will make him have first bite and says we shall wait for 5 mins.

Pooja comes singing happy birthday to you.. The spot light falls on her. She says happy birthday. It seems you thought that I will come from outside, but I was in the house itself since much time. Naren looks upset. Naren asks who got her bail done. Pooja says oh my god, you was not informed before my bail was done. She asks him not to get stress and calls Surbhi. Surbhi comes there and tells that this

game played such game and left no option for me. Naren signs her to keep quiet and asks Mayank to call DCP. Pooja asks what is my mistake?

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