Deception Monday update 24 February 2020


Deception Monday update 24 February 2020

It’s war between Supriya and Pooja and Naren must choose whether to listen to his mother or his wife, Read Deception Monday update 24 February 2020.

Monday update on Deception 24 February 2020: Naren calls him Rahul sir. Rahul smiles. Peon takes Naren to his desk. Naren sits on chair and takes out Pooja’s photo. He keeps it on table and thinks he
has worn this shirt at right time. The circuit box sparks a bit.

Neelima tells Pooja that the puja house is not for them. Pooja says God belongs to everyone and says I am doing your work only as you don’t know how to clean the temple place. Neelima gets angry and says you needs blessings now. Neelima thinks who will save Naren now. Pooja hopes Naren took hanuman chalisa with him. Naren connects the computer wires and is about to plug in the same compromised circuit box. Pooja finds hanuman chalisa there and runs to give it to him.

Supriya calls her to give Naren’s breakfast, but Pooja doesn’t hear her and goes. Naren is about to plug in the computer. Peon comes and says Rahul is calling him. Surbhi asks Supriya where did Pooja go. Supriya says I don’t know. Surbhi says she will send Naren’s tiffin and tells Supriya that Pooja is changed. Supriya falls in her words. Surbhi smirks. Pooja reads hanuman chalisa and runs on road. Naren is about to plug the charger. Peon looks at him and thinks about Rahul’s words. Naren is still about to plug in the charger, when he hears a man scolding the boy for ruining his shoe polish. Naren tells that it is unethical to make a child work for them and says he will call child welfare today itself. The boy says if I don’t work here then how I will feed my family.

Pooja comes running to Naren and handovers hanuman chalisa to his hand. He asks why did she come for this. Pooja asks him to keep it for her happiness. Naren is about to plug in the charger, when a man comes and tells that he will repair the circuit box. Rahul gets angry seeing Pooja in office as she rescued Naren. Peon comes and asks Naren to report in other dept. Pooja comes to the CEO cabin and thinks Naren’s name should be on this, and promises to get CEO position for him. Rahul comes and keeps his hand holding her waist. Pooja turns and slaps him hard. She scolds him for not mending his ways. He asks how are you to slap me. Pooja tells that Naren will have his name board and he will sit on CEO chair. Rahul says confidence and says you wants to snatch my chair. Pooja says time will tell you, whoever don’t respects others will know. She walks out, sees Rachel and asks why did she come? She says she came for interview to become Rahul’s secretary. Pooja is shocked and tells her about Rahul’s bad reputation. Rachel asks if she don’t want her to become rich like her. Rahul hears her and tells someone that he will appoint Rachel as his secretary. He thinks whoever is against you will be in my pocket.

Naren checks the quality and tells someone who they can sell bad quality products. Employee says it is a minor problem, customers will not understand and says he is following boss orders. Naren calls Rakesh. Rakesh tells that business works like this and says crores are saved by giving bribe in lakhs. Rahul takes the call and asks Naren to talk to Harish, as they were following Harish’s footsteps. Rakesh smiles. Naren looks on.

He comes home. Supriya asks him not to go to office where he is troubled a lot. Pooja asks if you will caged him all life here in this house. Naren asks Pooja not to force him to go to office, and says he can’t work in a place where people do unethical work and are just concerned about balance sheet. Supriya says you don’t need to go there and nobody can force you. Pooja says until when you will support him and says you have to change as that company is yours. Supriya is shocked. Pooja asks are you going for work or not? Supriya says naren will not step in that office. Pooja says if Naren is washing off his hands from his responsibility then someone have to take the responsibility and tells that she will go to office on Naren’s behalf and will earn money for family. Rahul claps and says atleast someone is understanding in this family. He says your dearest daughter in law is right. Neelima says our respect will be ruined if she goes to houses and washes clothes, so that’s why I have a job offer for you and asks her to take up job as servant in Vyas Mansion again. Naren is angry.

Pooja telling that she is ready to do servant’s job in Vyas mansion. Rahul says they will send her Servant’s uniform and asks her to get ready and come in the morning. He says they need professional servants like her. Naren is teary eyes and walks to his room. In the morning, Pooja comes wearing servant’s saree. Naren asks Pooja not to do this and says he will search a job. Pooja says what is the guarantee that you can do the job. Surbhi asks her to take money from her as loan. Pooja says she will have to do job to repay her money. Naren asks her to understand and tells that they will humiliate you. Pooja says she is ready. Supriya tells Pooja that she don’t need to do this as they are here to think. Naren says he is ready to go to office. Supriya says no and asks Pooja
to come and talk to her. Pooja asks Supriya until when she will protect Naren. Supriya says Naren can’t work there and will feel suffocated. Pooja thinks she don’t want to take her place. Supriya asks Naren to come to room. Rahul asks Pooja to get back to room. Supriya cries.

Surbhi sees her crying and thinks this is just a start, if your son had married me then you wouldn’t have seen this day. Pooja cleans the floor. Neelima asks her to clean all floors cleaning, dusting the house, kitchen work etc. Naren holds her hand and asks why you are doing this. I want to keep you on my eye brows always. He says if you are stubborn, then I am not less. He kicks the bucket. The soapy water falls down. Rahul gets angry and slips. Neelima helps him get up. Rahul asks Pooja to say sorry. Naren says she will not say sorry. Pooja folds her hand and apologizes. Supriya asks Naren to come. Rahul asks Pooja to bring big trunk from store room.

Pooja goes to bring it. Neelima tells that they have punish oversmart servant, and says Supriya will punish her oversmart bahu. She says until when she will save 100 crores. She pulls the trunk by holding the rope. She falls. Naren comes there and helps her get up. Pooja asks him not to help her, but he insists. They bring the trunk to Rahul.

Pooja asks Neelima if she made them upset. They are upset and go. Naren holds Pooja’s hand and bandages her hand. He says you wants me to go to office, I will go to office now itself and asks her not to work in the house. Pooja says she will leave the job if she is sure that he will do his job. Naren asks Surbhi to make sure that Pooja is not given such work again. Surbhi says ok and asks him to go to office. He leaves for office. She thinks it is her first win to make Ram as Krishna.

Naren working in office. Rakesh sees him and thinks it doesn’t want to work and think he shall bring Prerna/motivation for him. Pooja prays to God. Rakesh asks manager to tell all employees to demand leave from Naren, and asks them to give their work to him. He says ok. Pooja tries to speak to Supriya. Supriya tells Surbhi that she is going to temple and asks her to take care of Harish. Surbhi says she will and says help is asked from dear ones. Pooja looks sad. Many employees come to Naren and politely asks for leave making many excuses. Naren gives off to them. Rakesh thinks he is really innocent and smirks.

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