Deception Monday update 23 March 2020


Deception Monday update 23 March 2020

Pooja stays in the lock up. Naren tells harish that he will not let pooja stay in jail. Rahul comes to Mr. Kapoor’s ward and tries to make him wear polythene to kill him. Mr. kapoor opens his eyes and holds his hand, and tries to suffocate him with wire. Rahul gets shocked. Surbhi calls Rahul. Mr. Kapoor picks the call and put it on loudspeaker. Surbhi asks if he killed Mr. kapoor and tells that pooja is in lockup. Mr. Kapoor is shocked. Rahul tells Surbhi that she called at wrong time.

Naren comes to the Police station and gets angry on a constable when he refuses to let him take ring for pooja. Inspector asks him to relax else he will cancel permission to meet Pooja. Naren comes to her. Pooja asks why is he upset? Naren says he brought gift for you, but they didn’t let him take inside. Pooja says you came here and it is the biggest gift for me. She asks what did you bring? Naren says engagement ring and says he wants to make right hands wear it. Pooja says you will make me wear ring. He makes her wear ring.

Naren telling Pooja that next time he will come with band baja to take his madam from there. Re Saiyyan plays…Pooja gets happy and hugs hum. Constable comes and says Lawyer came. Pooja says she is coming. Rahul tells Mr. Kapoor that Naren shot him and got Pooja arrested. He says Pooja will be in jail now. Mr. Kapoor says no. Rahul says we have one common enemy, so we shall play friend – friend game and says Pooja will be freed by evening and Naren will be dead. Anuj and Satish come to the police station. Anuj says he don’t trust Naren. Satish says he also don’t believe him. Anuj says may be Naren is doing this. Naren asks Mayank to come with him and says he don’t want to trouble them. Pooja says Naren only will handle her case. She asks Anuj to support Naren

and her and become her strength. Anuj asks Satish to meet Pooja for one last time and ends relation with Pooja. Naren tells Pooja that if his lawyer can’t bail her out. Pooja says they are your lawyers and she trusts him. Naren tells Mayank that it is a matter of his prestige and says he will free her.
Rahul is there in disguise of a cleaner and hears them. He hears Anuj talking to his friend and telling that he wants to end Naren, but can’t. Satish takes him with him. Rahul comes to his friend and takes his bike keys. His friend asks who are you? Rahul says it seems you are dabangg man, lets do some dabanggi together. Supriya talks to God and tells that she don’t remember anything and just knows that they are his family. She prays for Naren and Pooja’s togetherness. Her Pallu gets stuck. Supriya turns and says I was going without Prasad and takes it. Naren talks to someone and says he wants to know about Mr. Kapoor. Harsha asks him to sit and have something. He refuses, but she insists. Pooja tries to have lock up food, but she can’t. Harsha asks him to have it for Pooja. Pooja thinks about Naren and smiles.

Naren also thinks about her. They just have water. Naren asks her to pack tiffin for Pooja so that he can take it to court. Supriya comes to Harsha and asks if Naren is going to meet Pooja. Harsha says yes. Supriya asks him to keep the flower and also some sweets in tiffin. Mr. kapoor calls on naren’s phone. Supriya picks the call. Mr. Kapoor tells him that he will kill him for sending pooja to jail. Rahul comes and throws phone on ground.

He tells that Anuj’s friend will kill Naren and Pooja will blame them and then will come to him. Supriya is scared and tells Naren that she will also come with him. Naren asks her to stay at home. Supriya says no and insists to come. Harsha asks Naren to call her Maa as she is yearning to hear from him. Supriya comes to room and takes gun, thinking she won’t let anything happen to Naren. Supriya asks Harsha to take care of home. Harsha nods.

While Naren and Supriya are going to court, Goons aim gun at Naren from the car. Supriya also aims at them. Naren gets shocked. Pooja insists to talk to Naren after reaching court. Supriya says she won’t let anything happen to Naren and says she will shoot. Goon says he will shoot. Naren says who are you? I will not leave you and asks Supriya to keep gun down. Naren sees man like Anuj and is shocked. A bullet is shot, Naren’s car falls on side of road. Lawyer tells pooj tht Naren must be reaching. Naren gets shocked seeing Supriya unconscious. He gets the down and is about to get near her, but the car slips even more. He shouts Maa and tries to make her gain consciousness. He shouts realizing she is hit by the bullet and is dead. Pooja goes to court for the court proceedings.

Naren asking for help seeing Supriya unconscious, but no car stops. He cries sitting beside him. Anuj’s goon friend calls Rahul and tells supriya shooting at them. Rahul comes there and keeps gun near Anuj. They recall making Anuj having spiked drink and then making unconscious Anuj sit in car.

Naren manages to bring Supriya to hospital and recalls her care for him. Harish comes there and asks what happened to Supriya. Naren hugs him and cries. He thinks about Pooja’s words and calls her. He tells her that Supriya got hurt and he brought her to hospital. Pooja asks him not to worry about her and be with Supriya. Mayank takes the call and says he is with bhabhi. He tells Mr. Kapoor left no proofs of his illness, but they will win the case. Mr. Kapoor asks Rahul to do as

he says. Rahul says it will be costly.
Mr. kapoor says anything for Pooja. Nurse applies bandage to Naren’s wound. He thinks he haven’t cared for Pooja and Supriya before. He sees Anuj there as he brought by Satish and Kusum there. Naren grabs his collar and asks why did he shoot at his mum. Anuj tells that he was unconscious and someone conspired against him. Harish says it was someone plan and asks them to understand. Kusum says it might be Naren’s plan. Court hearing begins. Nurse tells Naren that Supriya needs blood. He gives her blood while taking to Mayank. Pooja tells the judge whatever happened that day. Judge is about to say the verdict. Naren rushes to court.

Peon informs him that the accused was imprisoned for 8 years. Naren shouts. He gets a call and comes home. Mr. Kapoor, Surbhi and Rahul come there. Naren holds his collar for sending Pooja to jail. They ask Naren to leave him. Mayank tells him that his love won. Hardik says Pooja is waiting for you. He sees Pooja coming and smiling. He hugs her and gets emotional. He says I thought I have lost you again. He asks how did you come here. Pooja tells that court was about to tell the decision…a fb is shown, Mr. Kapoor comes there and tells that his mental state is not good and Pooja is treating him. He tells that he couldn’t bear seeing Pooja and Naren together and aimed gun at them and Pooja shot at him in self defence. He asks judge not to punish her. Fb ends.

Mr. kapoor apologizes to Naren and says he was blinded to get Pooja that he can’t thought of wrong and right. He acts to be good with them and tells that he has decided to return back America. He tells that he has a desire before leaving and asks them to unite. He asks Rahul and Surbhi to show right path to him. Rahul says even we are guilty of Bhai and Bhabhi. Surbhi says we tried to separate you and says you both are made for each other. Pooja asks them not to shed fake tears. Naren says you both will be punished and asks Mayank to call Police. Harish stops Mayank.

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