Deception Monday update 20 January 2020


Deception Monday update 20 January 2020

Rahul comes to Naren’s farm and says Naren have insulted and slapped him for a servant. He says this is your karam. He pours many litres of kerosene oil in and around the farm and lights it on fire. All the animals in the farm panic and try to escape, but couldn’t as
they are tied up. Rahul thinks today is Thursday, his weak day and thinks how he will save them. Naren is cleaning the room. Mayank thinks to give hint to Naren about Pooja. Servant informs him that farm have caught fire. Naren and Mayank run towards the fire. Pooja gets to know about the fire and thinks if any anything happens to any animal then Naren wouldn’t be able to handle. She tells that she has some urgent work and leaves. Servants try to protect some animals. Naren is about to go and save the horses and the animals, but Pooja holds him. Naren cries badly. She hugs him tightly to stop him. Naren finally manages to push her. Mayank holds her. Naren goes inside to save Jaggi. Pooja asks mayank to save Naren. They manage to save horses. Rahul smiles seeing their struggle to save the animals. He comes to Naren and asks what happened? And where is Pooja. Naren runs inside. She sees baby goat Bholu stuck inside and runs to save it. She frees Bholu, but falls down and burns her hand to save Bholu. She cries in pain. Naren comes there and is shocked. Pooja is stuck in the fire with Bholu. She hides her hand. Mayank comes there and asks what happened to you? Pooja says she is fine and asks him to hold Bholu and take Naren home. Naren is in shock. Pooja stands up, looks at Naren and faints. Naren runs to save her and brings her outside. He asks Rahul and Mayank to call doctor.

Supriya and Harish are worried. Hardik tells that Rahul called and said that Pooja have a small injury, rest is fine, but farm is burnt completely. Neelima thinks this man is useless, haven’t taken even 2 mins to melt down. Supriya and Harish are shocked.

Naren takes Pooja to hospital. Mayank and Rahul also accompany him. Mayank says I will complete all the formalities. Rahul sees Pooja through the door’s window and smiles. Naren also sees her and recalls how she risked her life to save Bholu. He sees the temple and goes to pray to Pooja. Rahul thinks helpless Naren, destiny have trapped him on Thursday, how you will bear everything. He emotionally blackmails him and asks why bad things happen with good people, and says if anything had happened to her then you wouldn’t have bear. He says God has done injustice with her. Naren gets angry and goes. Pooja is treated in the ICU for her injuries. Malanga Re plays…..He recalls how she hugged him and tried to protect him. He cries and sits down shattered. Rahul again comes to him. Naren asks if bottle can be opened today. Rahul says anything.

Mayank looks for Naren. Doctor tells that Patient got consciousness, but she is weak, you can meet her. Mayank comes inside the ICU to see her. Pooja opens her eyes and sees Mayank. Mayank says Pooja…Pooja asks about Naren and asks him to take him home, says if he see my hand then he will take blame on himself. She faints. Mayank goes out and calls Supriya. He says Pooja is fine. Supriya asks about Naren. Mayank says he was here only and says he will make her talk to him. Hardik tells Supriya that Naren might be with Rahul and asks Neelima to call him. Neelima scolds him and asks him to call Rahul.

Rahul and Naren are sitting somewhere. Rahul makes Naren have wine and says you had already enough. Naren recalls Pooja fainting and finishes all bottle. He says heart is still making sound. Rahul says there is one place where all sounds is muted. He asks him to come.

Mayank bringing Pooja home and says Naren must have come home. Supriya asks Pooja about her hand. Pooja says she is fine and asks about Naren. Harish says you shall know. Mayank says Naren was hurt seeing Pooja’s pain and left from hospital. Harish fears Naren might do something. Mayank calls Rahul.

Rahul brings drunk Naren to the brothel. Naren asks where are we? Rahul says we are far from the noise, and says welcome to rang gali. He asks Naren not to think and says you will get all answers inside. A dancer is shown dancing in the brothel. Naren and Rahul come there. Naren is drunk fully and recalls Pooja getting her hand burnt in the fire. Hardik tells Harish that they shall search Naren, and says Rahul is not picking the call.

Rahul comes home. Harish asks
where is Naren? Rahul says Bhai was worried about Pooja’s wound. He got up and left. Harish asks where did he go? He asks do you know where is Naren? Rahul says Bhai is in Rang Gali. Harish is shocked. Rahul says he was fully drunk, I tried to stop him but….Neelima smiles. Harish turns to Supriya with a sad face. Naren is lost in thinking as the flashes of the fire in the farm appear in his eyes. He drinks again. Neelima gets a chance to speak and asks Harish, how he will punish Naren now. She says afterall Naren went to see dance only. Rahul says Bhai is concerned about his farm and Pooja was injured today, and today is Thursday too.

Pooja tells Neelima that Naren might have forgot the way being drunk and says wherever he is, he will not forget his limitations. Neelima says you trust your boss so well. Harish asks her to stop it and says he wants to talk to Pooja and Supriya alone. He scolds Pooja for diverting his mind. Pooja says she didn’t know that the shed will be burnt and shows trust on him. Supriya asks shall I go and bring him back. Harish tells that this is happening because of Pooja and asks her to go and bring Naren back. Supriya is shocked. Pooja comes to Rang gali and thinks about Harish’s words. She thinks about Kusum’s warning, Naren bringing Police to get Rahul arrested. She hides her face and goes inside. Malanga re plays…She goes inside the brothel and sees Naren there. She calls his name and runs towards him. Dancer stops dancing and looks at Pooja.

Harish asks Supriya what is the use of praying to God and says your God have spoiled our son, and says shall I send my son to rang gali on the name of Thursday, says I can’t see anymore. I can’t tell him anything because of the contract clause, but I hope you will fulfill your duty as a mother. Naren gets up and asks pooja about her hand. Pooja says she is fine now. Naren gets emotional and hugs her tightly. Pooja looks on surprised and clueless. She reciprocates his hug and holds him. Pooja tells him that they are fine and says this place is not suitable for you. Dancer looks on angrily.

Anuj comes to Rachel’s room and says shall I take my books. Rachel says it is kept here and asks him to take. Rachel says Pooja is lucky to have you as a brother and says who cares for cousin this time. Kusum comes and asks Ritu who is Rachel. Ritu says I can tell you. Kusum says I will come later and goes. Rachel thinks Anuj’s mum makes delicious food.

Pooja brings Naren home. Everyone is shocked to see him drunk.

Pooja bringing Naren home from brothel. Supriya asks Naren if he realizes from where he returned and says I never scolded you as I thought you are matured enough. She asks Mayank to take him to room and says he hurt us a lot. Mayank takes him to room. Supriya cries. Pooja consoles her. She looks at Rahul and gets doubtful seeing him tensed. Harish calls Rakesh and asks him to shift to his house, and says he told everyone that their house will be getting redeveloped. Rakesh says what will happen if we shift there. Harish says it will be a big support for me if you stays here and asks Rakesh and Harsha to shift immediately.

Pooja comes to Rahul and says you can’t take advantage of Naren until I am here. She says I know you took Naren to Rang Gali and says before Harish
comes to know about this, mend your ways, else you and I, both are here. Rahul asks will you stop me? He says everybody failed whoever tried to make him alright. Pooja says he is fine. Rahul asks who are you and why you are concerned about your boss. Pooja says you didn’t answer me the reason behind applying cake on my face, like wise I don’t think I shall answer you. She says my eyes will be on you. Rahul is tensed.

Pooja comes to Naren’s room and sees him sleeping. A song plays…..jogiya…Naren asks her to give warm water. Pooja asks him to get ready in 10 mins and says we are going. Naren asks where? Pooja shows him farm things, plough etc and asks him to wake up. He asks her to come to point. Pooja says you are resting here leaving your animals in NGO and asks him to get up. Mayank hears her and thinks she cares for him a lot, and thinks but why she is scolding him. She says she is talking about making shed. Naren says I have no savings to make shed again. Pooja says we have to earn the money and asks him to come, as she got all the stuff for organic stuff. Mayank thinks to check what pooja is doing in his room and tries to climb up to Naren’s room to hear them. The stairs fall down. Naren and Pooja come near balcony and see him hanging holding balcony. Naren and Pooja help him come up. Pooja says we shall find good work for him. Pooja and Naren are leaving for farm. Supriya gives them aarti and says she prays that they step on right path. Naren also takes aarti. Pooja asks him to come and says we have to earn money to build farm again. Rahul is shocked. Supriya asks Mayank to have food. Pooja says he is fasting today and says even Mayank will work for his brother today. She takes Naren and Mayank to farm.

pr*stitute Chandani thinks of Naren and is angry. Rahul calls her and provokes her against Naren. Chandani asks him to bring Naren again and says once he comes here, I won’t let him leave. Rahul says your aada shall become his habit. Chandani looks at her ghungroo. Rahul thinks once Naren gets trapped by chandani then…

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