Deception Monday update 10 February 2020


Deception Monday update 10 February 2020

Guru ji comes to Dr. Anand’s house and tells that he brought pooja’s alliance for him. Dr. Anand smiles. Naren calls pooja. Kusum asks her not to pick the call and reminds her that Naren is going to be married soon and asks if she wants to be called as second woman. She asks her to break her friendship with Naren. Pooja says we are just good friends. Kusum asks her to decide within 3 days.

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She asks why you want to come between Naren and that girl. Pooja says I can’t think of coming between them. Kusum asks her to marry to keep Naren away. Pooja says she will get Naren and Surbhi married, but she herself can’t marry anyone in her life. Kusum asks if she will become jogan. Pooja says may be it is her destiny and she will never marry. Naren is disturbed and thinks why Pooja is not picking my calls. Surbhi says lets go home. Rahul smirks.

Pooja thinks about Kusum’s words and thinks to convince Naren to marry Surbhi, and thinks she can’t marry anybody else. Guru ji asks when I shall take alliance to your parents. Dr. Anand says I will decide and will figure out what is in her heart. Surbhi argues with Naren and asks him to stop comparing her with Pooja. She badmouths about Pooja and says she is using you. Naren asks her to mind her language. Surbhi asks him to decide between Pooja and her. Naren looks on.

Naren bringing Surbhi to hall and push her. She falls on Yash. Yash asks what nonsense? Naren says I asked for 1 year time, but I don’t think that we shall wait for a year, and says he has decided. He says he and Surbhi can’t marry. Harish asks Surbhi what happened suddenly. Naren says he can’t marry a girl who don’t value someone’s goodness. Surbhi says if you think like this then I will not stay here anymore, and tells Yash that she don’t want a shared lifepartner. Harish tells Yash that he will talk to him and make him understand.
Nurse tells Satish that he will be discharged. Satish says he is eagerly waiting for tomorrow as a guy is coming to see Pooja. Kusum tells her that Guru ji took her alliance to Dr. Anand’s house. Pooja is shocked. She gets Neelima’s
call. Neelima tells pooja that Naren kicked Surbhi out because of her. Pooja is shocked.. She gets Dr. Anand’s call repeatedly. She picks his call. Dr. Anand asks her if she would like to have coffee with him. She says she is busy today and ends the call. Dr. Anand thinks she must be shy.

Yash tells Harish that he was silent as Surbhi wanted to give him a chance, but now as she backed off, the house will be mortgaged and also your respect. Harish asks Yash to give him sometime and asks him to think about their respect. Yash asks him to see what is humiliation. Harish bends down infront of Yash and says he lost everything. He is about to touch his feet when Pooja comes and stops him. She says she is guilty of Surbhi and shall be punished. She sits down and apologizes to Surbhi. She promises her that she will make Naren understand then limits of friendship. Surbhi asks what is the guarantee that Naren will not show authority on you as a friend, partner etc. She gets Naren’s call and rejects the call. He thinks why she is ignoring me.

Pooja gives her guarantee that Naren will have no authority on her, and says when Naren meets her then he will be only his, and says she wants guarantee in return. She says I want you to understand him and accept him the way he is. Surbhi says she gave him 15 years. Pooja says that was illusion, but this is truth. Surbhi gives her a day’s time. Naren breaks the things in his room thinking why she is not picking the call. Pooja goes to his room and questions him on his actions. Naren says he couldn’t bear anything against her when Surbhi told her, and asks if she would have bear anything against him. Pooja asks him to show some maturity and says Surbhi needs time to understand you. Naren says marriage is not his cup of tea. Pooja says you are a caring friend and tells that you will be a honest husband too. Naren says you and Surbhi are different. Naren holds her hand and says if I need best in life, and if marriage is important part of life then why don’t you marry me. Pooja gets emotional. A song plays….She recalls assuring Surbhi and asks Naren what he is saying? She cries. He says when you don’t want to marry this Naren, then why Surbhi. He goes. Pooja says don’t tell this and cries badly.

Neelima comes to Pooja and says you have just few hours left and asks how you will convince him. Pooja says Surbhi will convince him. Naren thinks he will not talk to Pooja now. Servant tells Naren that kids come from orphanage. Naren gets happy seeing them. Naren asks kids if Pooja brought them here. Pooja asks Surbhi to go to Naren. He sees Surbhi coming and is surprised. Surbhi apologizes to Naren for reacting and promises not to tell anything against Pooja. Naren forgives her and says this is last time. He hugs her. Pooja wipes her tears. She thinks about Naren’s words asking her to marry him. She gets Dr. Anand’s call and says she is busy. Dr. Anand says she is called for having tea and asks if she is always busy. He says we will meet for having tea.

Pooja makes tea for Naren and asks Surbhi to take it. Surbhi says he will have tea in this cup. Pooja says yes. Surbhi serves him tea. Naren says you know that I drink tea in this cup. Surbhi says she is trying to understand him. He asks did you make it. Surbhi says yes. He imagines Pooja in her.

Naren asking Surbhi if she made the tea drinking by him. She says yes. Naren sees Pooja in Surbhi’s dress. Malanga Re plays….Rahul tells Guru ji that Pooja is making Surbhi and Naren friendship. Guru ji asks him to wait. Surbhi asks if he didn’t like tea. Naren says I will come and calls pooja. Pooja says now you are giving time to Surbhi and says everything will be fine. Naren says I saw you in Surbhi and asks what does it mean? Pooja asks him to go to room, and says I will talk to you, and asks him not to tell anyone about this. Naren goes to his room. Pooja sees Neelima, Yash and Rahul standing. Neelima asks what is this, and says you was giving guarantee that Naren and Surbhi will get together. Yash asks her to do something so that Naren can’t show any authority on
her. Pooja recalls promising Surbhi and thinks about Naren and Kusum’s words. She goes to Satish’s house and hugs Kusum cryingly. Kusum pacifies her and says your decision will make your life fine, and tells that Dr. Anand came. She says if your mum would had been alive then she would have done same thing. She says Dr. Anand agreed to marry you without asking anything. Guru maa says Pooja…you needs to be careful.


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