Deception May Teasers 2020


Deception May Teasers 2020

Deception May 2020 teasers :Naren is losing control of himself, the Vyas family are worried about Naren’s dual personalities, Could it be Naren’s heart transplant is the cause? Read Deception May Teasers 2020.

Zee World Deception May Teasers 2020

Friday 1 May 2020

Episode 57

Pooja is curious to know whether Naren’s heart transplant is the cause of the change in his mannerisms.

Saturday 2 May 2020 

Episode 58

Bela TRIES to SEDUCE Naren on Deception Teasers may 2020 Zee World

Bela TRIES to SEDUCE Naren

Naren fights with Rahul because he wants him to move out of his room. Surbhi is excited by the news of Pooja and Naren’s break up.

Sunday 3 May 2020 

Episode 59

Bela and Rahul plan to kill Naren. Bela has won Naren over to her side. Surbhi overhears Rahul’s conversation and decides to inform the family about his intentions.

Monday  4 May 2020 

Episode 60

The Vya’s family finally see that Bela is after Naren and Pooja, she takes Surbhi and Rahul to trigger the situation at home.

Tuesday 5 May  2020 

Episode 61

Bela has a knife pointed at someone of the Vya’s mention, she shows her true colours and no one can stop her. Naren threatens to kill Bela’s father because she holds a knife to Pooja’s throat. Will Naren murder Bela’s father?

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Episode 62

Everyone is shocked to see Pooja’s uncle arriving at Bela’s house along with the policemen. Bela confesses why her heart was filled with so much hate and wanted her late husband and his inlaws to suffer.

Thursday 7 May 2020

Episode 63

Supriya loses patience with her family and threatens to leave.

Friday 8  May 2020

Episode 64

Meghna is about to arrive. However, Pooja has no clue who she is. When Harish doesn’t seem too happy about the news of Meghna’s arrival, it makes her even more curious. Who is Meghna?

Saturday 9 May 2020 

Episode 65

Pooja has nightmares about Magna being tied up and kidnapped, she wakes up and goes to her bedroom to check on her.

Sunday 10 May 2020 

Episode 66

Pooja and the other family members become devastated after Dr Sharma confirms that Meghna was raped. Inspector is already doing the investigation to Magna’s attack, Rahul seems to be the main suspect because of his missing button that was found in Magna’s clothes.

Monday 11 May 2020 

Episode 67

Mr Goenka puts off Kunal’s marriage to Meghna as she was raped. Pooja finds Magna as she was about to leave the country. the inspector accuses Naren of committing the crime and begins to frisk every male member of the Vyas family.

Tuesday 12 May  2020 

Episode 68

Inspector Shivani decides to arrest both Naren and Rahul. Suddenly, Anuj is now the suspect in Magna’s attack.

Wednesday 13 May 2020

Episode 69

Surbhi see’s the face of the culprit who keeps killing and raped Magna. Upon hearing this, Naren realises that Anuj has not raped Megna. Later, the judge sentences Anuj to life imprisonment.

Thursday 14 May 2020

Episode 70

Police arrest Hardik. Before his arrest, Hardik reveals some gruesome details about his crime and rants about his mistreatment by the Vyas family. Neelima can’t believe that her husband of so many years is so cruel, so she decides to commit suicide.

Friday 15  May 2020

Episode 71

Kunal and Meghna are getting married. Pooja, meanwhile, is curious to know about Naren’s special guest. When she asks him about his whereabouts, Naren informs her that his younger brother, Angraj, is the special guest. On hearing this name, Pooja goes into deep thought. Her past memories associated with this name begin to haunt her.

Saturday 16 May 2020 

Episode 72

Rahul and Angraj seem to have come together to destroy Naren.

Sunday 17 May 2020 

Episode 73

Angraj is determined to teach Anuj and Pooja a lesson. Meanwhile, Anuj’s mother is worried as she learns that there is some fault in Anuj’s horoscope that might affect his life. Anuj is keeping his eye on Angraj and the party, this could be his last day breathing.

Monday 18 May 2020 


Anuj informs Naren that Angraj is up to something but he pays no heed to him. When Anuj threatens Angraj that he will shoot him if he doesn’t reveal the truth, Naren tries to stop him. Despite Naren refusing, Anuj shoots Angraj and he falls in the river. Naren, in a fit of rage, shoots Anuj.

Tuesday 19 May  2020 


Supriya blames Pooja for her sons death and comes together with Neelima to make sure that she loses the elections.

Wednesday 20 May 2020


Kusum gets angry and stops Pooja from participating in Anuj’s funeral. Naren arrives and declares that Anuj’s final rites will not be performed until Angraj’s body is found. While investigating Pooja’s house, Naren finds a few of Angraj’s things and assumes that he was killed by Pooja’s family.

Thursday 21 May 2020


Naren takes Anuj’s body to the morgue. Pooja promises Kusum that she will bring Anuj’s body back and goes to the hospital. After overriding Naren’s commands, she manages to secure Anuj’s body and is about to leave.

Friday 22  May 2020


Pooja tries to warn Naren about him being in danger but Naren is being stubborn and ignores her.

Saturday 23 May 2020 


Pooja realises the only way to protect Naren is to lie.

Sunday 24 May 2020 


Naren is kidnapped by Rahul and Angraj, he hires a plastic surgen and steals Narens whole life acting like him.

Monday 25 May 2020 


Rahul laces his drink with an intoxicant and also gets alcohol served at the event. As the women at the event fume over the alcohol, Pooja comes just in time to pacify them and saves the day. However, Naren feels humiliated and assumes that it was Pooja’s deliberate plot to insult him and ruin his image. Later, he vents out his rage on her.

Tuesday 26 May  2020 


Angraj is finally leaving like Naren, only Pooja notices he is not Naren but she plays along and tries to find the real Naren.

Wednesday 27 May 2020


Naren is losing a lot of blood and has to be rushed to the hospital, but this is part of his plan to escape all that Angraj is doing to him.

Thursday 28 May 2020


Naren has escaped and he and Pooja come up with another plan to defeat Angraj,

Friday 29  May 2020


Naren has amnesia and forgot that he was once married to Pooja

Saturday 30 May 2020 


Angraj buried Naren and went back to marry the love of his life Pooja.

Sunday 31 May 2020 


Naren has woken up from the dead with the help of the plastic sugeon, he goes back and makes all those who made him suffer pay for Pooja’s tears.

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More Highlight on Deception May Teasers

Danish finds out that Rahul, Surbhi and Neelima are involved in Angaraj’s plan against Pooja and Naren. In the Meantime, Angraj, who is in Naren’s disguise, breaks Naren’s treasured violin. Upon seeing this, Pooja gets teary-eyed. Thereafter, Dr Kiran takes the blame for damaging the fingerprint machine. As per Angraj ‘s instructions, Surbhi adorns Pooja with bridal apparel and ornaments. Angraj then is eager to spend the night with Pooja.

Pooja, dressed as a newly-wed bride, approaches Naren who is, in fact, Angraj. On seeing her, Angraj gets amazed and showers her with compliments. When he attempts to get intimate with her, she stops him. She provokes him by telling him that he has adorned her with an attire and ornaments of Naren’s choice. To this, he threatens her to get rid of her clothing and forces himself on her. However, she manages to save herself. Later, Dhanish follows Rahul to locate Naren’s whereabouts.

Pooja is bewildered to learn that a truck full of white flowers is about to arrive. She then asks Danish to stop the truck midway and after a while, Danish informs her that he has managed to complete the task. However, soon after when the flowers arrive, Pooja is shocked. Angraj then shows her Danish’s bloodstained clothes and tells her that Danish was acting smart because of which he had to injure him. He also quizzes Pooja about being in touch with her maternal uncle.

Angraj, in Naren’s disguise, pretends to be grief-stricken after learning that Dhanish is in a coma. He asks Pooja’s uncle if Dhanish has revealed any secrets. However, to his dismay, Pooja intervenes and prevents him from finding out anything from her uncle. Angraj is sure that Pooja and her uncle are somehow connected to Dhanish. Pooja then receives a hint about Naren’s whereabouts. She heads out to find him, unaware of the fact that Angraj is following her.

Pooja punishes Naren and settles all Angraj’s doubts. She tries to help him by taking him into custody but Angraj stops her. Naren is stunned to see his lookalike, Angraj. After she leaves with him, Naren is crushed as he begins to believe all the lies fed to him about her involvement with Angraj. Feeling betrayed and upset, he hurts himself further. Dr Kiran then convinces her father to take him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Pooja fails to think of a way to avoid Angraj’s advances.

Rahul conveys to Neelima and Surbhi how they can access Naren’s vault. Meanwhile, Pooja writes a note addressed to Harish mentioning how Angraj has kept Naren captive and is living under his identity. Kiran, on the other hand, brings Naren to a hospital for treatment and claims to be his wife. Later, Angraj, who is under the influence of drugs, tries to get intimate with Pooja. By the time he wakes up in the morning, he finds Pooja with bruises on her face. She then blames him for her condition.

Angraj shoots Naren dead with a reluctant Pooja’s help. He later orders Rahul and Surbhi to take Pooja home, while he performs Naren’s final rites. While the trio is on their way home, Pooja curses Rahul and Surbhi and adds that Angraj will soon betray them. Kusum, meanwhile, agrees to attend Pooja’s wedding on one condition. While Pooja struggles to come to terms with Naren’s death and accepts defeat in her battle against Angraj, the latter copies Naren’s fingerprints before burying him.

Rahul is frantic with worry about Angraj as he is unreachable since the previous night. Meanwhile, Pooja grieves for Naren and vows to commit suicide before the marriage. Angraj arrives slightly late for the wedding and asks to talk to Pooja alone. She informs him of her decision to die before the marriage rituals are completed. Angraj then makes a shocking revelation that takes her breath away. He then explains everything to help her understand better.

Naren and Pooja get married in a private ceremony in front of their family. Unknown to Angraj, Danish follows him in his car. When Angraj reaches the Vyas mansion, he is alarmed to find the mandap empty. He then meets up with Pooja, who reprimands him for taking drugs. Shortly thereafter, Angraj faints in shock. Neelima shares her suspicions with Rahul and Surbhi. Meanwhile, Satish helps Dr Kiran escape. A terrified Angraj then wakes up and goes to Naren’s grave.

Neelima’s notices the blood on the floor and tells Rahul and Surbhi that ghosts don’t bleed. They follow the blood and enter Angraj’s room. A terrified Angraj, meanwhile, tries to follow Pooja’s instructions. He informs them about Naren’s spirit, after which Rahul reveals that he gave the ghost the wrong file. Shortly thereafter, Rahul manages to stop Dr Kiran from deleting Naren’s fingerprints. After the occultist draws a magical line, Angraj tries to open the Vyas family vault.

As Pooja frantically searches for Naren, Rahul is on the lookout for Angraj. Hardik, meanwhile, asks Arjun to kill Rahul, Surbhi and Neelima by the end of the day. Pooja later gets a shock when she sees that Naren’s car is wrecked, but Naren is not in it. Later that day, Arjun runs his bike into Rahul but injures himself in the process. Rahul then takes an injured Arjun home and gets Surbhi to treat his wounds while a monk performs a ritual to transport Angraj’s spirit into his father’s body.

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