Deception June Teasers 2020


Deception June Teasers 2020

Season Finale on Deception June Teasers 2020, Read below

Zee World Deception June Teasers 2020

Monday 1 June 2020 

Hardik orders Arjun to kill Pooja as soon as possible. As Rahul and Surbhi regain their senses, they are shocked to see Harish lying unconscious. Satish and Danish meanwhile search for Naren. The Vyas family later loses their memory for a while because of the occultist’s black magic. Rahul and Surbhi then realise that Angraj might be the culprit behind all that happened.

Tuesday 2 June  2020 

Pooja gets a call from a stranger. The caller informs Pooja that he has kidnapped Naren and Pooja has to find clues to reach to him. He also hints that the clue is hidden inside one of the balloons. Pooja bursts the balloon to find the number of Naren’s vehicle. She then rushes outside only to find that Naren’s car is missing.

Wednesday 3 June  2020

There are talks that Pooja has to get remarried and everyone is shocked by who offers to marry her. Rahul prevents Pooja from getting married to a dubious person, and Arjun quickly offers to marry her.

Thursday 4 June 2020


Naren finally exposes Angraj when he walks in during the wedding between Pooja and Angraj. No-one knows who to believe. Arjun apologises to the Vyas family for his past mistakes and the Vyas family accept him in their family as their own son. Following this, Naren and Pooja get back together makes the Vyas family happy.

Deception will be replaced by This is Fate Season 2

Update on 5th June This is Fate