Deception April Teasers 2020


Deception April Teasers 2020

Naren’s life is in danger as the doctor tells Naren’s family that he needs a bone marrow transplant, will Pooja reveal the secret donor to Naren’s bone marrow transplant? Read Deception April Teasers 2020.

Zee World Deception April Teasers 2020

Wednesday 1 April  2020


Pooja creates trouble for Naren, who wants to take her to the doctor. Pooja refuses to listen to Naren and Naren is forced to get stern with her. Seeing his behaviour towards Pooja, a crowd gathers around him and begins to beat up Naren.

Thursday 2 April  2020 


The pandit ties a sacred thread around Naren and Pooja’s hands during the puja.  Pooja spots Naina and Naren spending time together. Later, Naren drinks some alcohol and becomes unconscious. His family takes him to the hospital and Supriya blames Pooja for Naren’s state.The doctor tells Naren’s family that he needs a bone marrow transplant.

Friday 3  April    2020


Pooja goes to look for Naren’s real parents and collides into Chandrika. She asks Chandrika about Naren but she says she does not know anything and leaves in a hurry. Meanwhile, Naina tries to become a donor to the family but Harish refuses. Pooja meets Chandrika at the hospital and learns that she came for the blood test. She begs Chandrika to help her and Chandrika agrees. They come to the hospital and tell the doctor to keep the name a secret but Naina overhears this.

Saturday 4 April  2020 


Naren’s life is out of danger because the doctors are able to find a donor whose identity cannot be revealed. Following that, Pooja takes the donor to visit Naren. Meanwhile, Naren’s family tries to find who the donor is. Naren becomes angry when Pooja tells him that she doesn’t know his donor.

Sunday 5 April 2020 


Naren asks Chandrika about her relationship with him. Following that, Pooja tries to handle the situation and tells him that Chandrika is his mother. Meanwhile, Chandrika tells Pooja not to say anything. On hearing this, Naren’s father gets angry and asks Mr Gupta for an explanation and an apology.

Monday  6  April  2020 


Grandfather and Pooja find the control room and try delete the video from the hospital of when Grandfather came to tell Pooja the family’s secret. Neelima and Rahul try to figure out what is happening in the Vyas family. Meanwhile, Naren and Pooja enter the temple along with everyone for the puja. However, an unknown woman follows them into the temple.

Tuesday 7  April  2020 


Surbhi takes Supriya to Chandrika’s room. When the lights are turned off, Naina beats Supriya with a hockey stick. Later that day, Naren’s father and Rahul blame Chandrika for attacking Supriya and stealing her jewellery. Following that, when Naren accuses Chandrika, Pooja defends her. Subsequently, Naren tells Pooja and Chandrika to leave the house.

Wednesday 8 April  2020


Hardik urges Nillu to treat Surbhi well as she is going to bear their granddaughter. Nillu, however, is in a bad mood because she wants a grandson. Later, Meghna surprises Naren and Pooja by playing the piano as they enter the house. Thereafter, Supriya tells Pooja that Meghna lights up a room even though she cannot see. Meanwhile, Nillu and Harish are frustrated because Supriya and Naren give Meghna a lot of importance.

Thursday 9 April  2020 


After a period of six months, Pooja lives with Chandrika. She’s happy that Chandrika is learning English. On the other hand, Naren is a politician and stands for elections. Chandrika hopes that he will win the elections. Following that, Chandrika tells Pooja to go back to the Vyas house because she cannot bear to see Pooja in this state. Later, Naren calls to Pooja and dances on the road with her in front of a number of news reporters. Pooja then tells Chandrika to feed Naren his favourite food.

Friday 10  April    2020


Naina’s impostor uncle and aunt pretend to be Naren’s parents and blackmail Dadaji into telling Naren the truth. Later, Dadaji calls for a family gathering and announces a fair wealth distribution among his daughters-in-law. When Pooja shows up, Naren attacks her.

Saturday 11 April  2020 


Naren’s mother is acting as if she is also Pooja’s mother to spend more time with her son.Naina instructs her accomplices about her new agenda.

Sunday 12 April 2020 


Naren refuses to believe Pooja when she tells him that Chandrika is innocent. He instead forbids her from entering Supriya’s room. Subsequently, Pooja, determined to prove the attacker’s real identity, disguises herself as Supriya’s masseuse and starts questioning her. Supriya, however, gets scared when she sees her and starts yelling. Naren calls a few labourers to build a small room in which he plans to keep Pooja so that she doesn’t escape.

Monday  13  April  2020 


Nillu wakes up Rahul and tells him not to marry Naina. Naren’s grandfather wants Pooja to eat Breakfast with the rest of the family but Naren refuses to eat on the same table as her. Naren sends Pooja to her room to eat alone.

Tuesday 14  April  2020 


Supriya wakes up in the early in the morning and cooks something for Naren. She hides when she sees Pooja coming. Pooja then finds Supriya’s rings and searches for her. Later, Naren and Pooja share a romantic moment.

Wednesday 15 April  2020


Pooja is accused by Naren of leaving him and breaking his heart. Meanwhile, Neelu accepts Naina for Rahul. Furthermore, Ghanshyam asks Dadaji for the property in Naina’s name, and Naina yells at him for it. Later, Naren surprises Pooja on Valentine’s Day, but only for the photo op. It upsets Pooja and she cries after he leaves.

Thursday 16 April  2020 


After Chandrika learns that Pooja is interfering with Naren’s business, she instructs her to stay away from professional matters. However, Pooja tells her that she cannot leave Naren alone in difficult times. Meanwhile, Naren and his family are shocked to see their factory’s union members shouting slogans in protest.

Friday 17  April  2020


Chandrika takes away Pooja’s share of the dance academy and threatens to tell Naren the truth about his birth. Later, Chandrika asks Naren to meet him as she wants to discuss a few things. Pooja begs Chandrika to hide the truth from Naren. Subsequently, Naren asks them for forgiveness because they saved him from consuming poisoned food.

Saturday 18 April  2020 


Pooja observes that Rachel is worried about something but Rachel doesn’t reveal it. Pooja then sees Anuj with a false moustache and teases him. Later, Naren makes an excuse and takes Pooja to a decorated farmhouse. She is delighted and expresses her love for him.

Sunday 19 April 2020 


Naren has a flashback of his romantic moments with Pooja. He then regrets planning to harm her at the rally and tries to tell Digamber about his change in plans. On the other hand, Rahul informs his mother to plan his wedding with Naina so that he can break Naren and Pooja’s relationship.

Monday 20 April 2020
Episode 46

The love between Naren and Poojs keeps growing and Pooja and her family welcome him once again with love, except for Anja.

Tuesday 21 April 2020
Episode 47

Naren is making headlines with the rally and the Vya’s family is very proud of him.

Wednesday 22 April 2020
Episode 48

Today Neine and Rahul are getting married and Pooja is refusing to be part of the celebration seeing that she knows his intentions.

Thursday 23 April 2020
Episode 49

Pooja finds pregnant Surbhi where she has been held hostage this whole time.

Friday 24 April 2020
Episode 50

Naren tried to find out from the thugs who killed Mayank who hired them and why they did it.

Saturday 25 April 2020
Episode 51

Pooja disguises as Nenie’s Dr in order to catch that she’s lying about her pregnancy, but Neine is 10 steps ahead of her and removes her mask.

Sunday 26 April 2020
Episode 52

Pooja goes to the river and decides to end her own life.

Monday 27 April 2020
Episode 53

Naren is giving Pravin’s heart and now they have to stay with his evil wife to console her.At the hospital, Pooja is curious to know why Naren woke up only after hearing Bela’s voice. She then manages to convince Dadaji and Harish to allow Bela to live at the Vyas mansion. Thereafter, Rahul and Nillu plan to use Bela for their ulterior motives.

Tuesday 28 April 2020
Episode 54

Bela is introduced to the Vya’s family but not everyone seems to be welcoming. The family welcomes Pooja and Naren into the house. Pooja informs them that Bela will also be staying with them. Thereafter, Bela is denied entry by Harsha who calls Bela inauspicious.

Wednesday 29 April 2020
Episode 55

Pooja gets electrocuted and collapses on the floor. Soon after, Bela also comes in contact with a live wire and gets a shock. Thereafter, Naren runs towards her to help her. Later, he feels guilty for not helping Pooja. Meanwhile, Bela talks to herself about killing Naren for his heart.

Thursday 30 April 2020
Episode 56

Bela gives Naren a paan. Later, Naren eats it and starts talking like a Bihari man, Naren and his split personalities confuse Pooja.

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