Dear Pragya, aren’t you tired of getting kidnapped in Twist of Fate


Dear Pragya, aren’t you tired of getting kidnapped in Twist of Fate

The protagonist of Twist of  Fate has been kidnapped for at least five times in the show.

A LETTER TO PRAGYA ARORA- Twist of fate as we all know is here to stay and recycling it’s old formula just to remain in the rating charts.

The show looks like its either, particularly in love with kidnapping or the antagonists, are too lazy to think of a better way other than kidnapping to get rid of their arch enemy Pragya  Arora. But how many times must a protagonist be kidnapped in the same show just to be eventually rescued by her love which in this case is Abhishek Mehra?




First was when Neel thakur planned to kidnap bulbul because he was in love with her and hated seeing her engaged to another man and the thugs mistakenly kidnapped Pragya which also got Abhi kidnapped in his bid to rescue PRAGYA and this continued for about a month. Again Nikhil hires assassins to get rid of Pragya but seeing she was with Abhi asks them to kidnap her before killing her and again, Abhi comes to the rescue. Kidnappers strokes again but this time, Tanu and Nikhil leaves Pragya out of it and instead kidnaps a doctors daughter to blackmail her into making a fake DNA report saying Abhi is the father of Tanu’s unborn child and Pragya being the kidnap expert goes on a rescue mission and gets kidnapped once again. Aliyah who seems to hate Pragya more than she loves Abhi gets her kidnapped so she can’t disrupt Abhi and Tanu’s wedding. And as if we needed more kidnap drama Nikhil abducts Pragya again and Pragya never seems to learn and this happened when dadi and Purab planned to replace Tanu with Pragya but Nikhil comes to know about it and got Pragya before it could happen while Abhi once again go on a rescue mission.


We must say Pragya seems to enjoy being kidnapped and can write a whole book on how to get kidnapped.

Dear Pragya, we are tired of seeing you kidnapped so stop getting kidnapped. Leave your comment below?

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