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Curse Of The Sands July Teasers 2021

Rana faints after witnessing Mohini’s true form. Siya comes one step closer in releasing Saroj Devi and the real Devki from Mohini’s captivity. Read Curse Of The Sands July 2021 Teasers:

ZeeWorld Curse Of The Sands July 2021 Teasers

Thursday 1 July 2021

Episode 53

Vanraj berates Siya for her selfish behaviour. When Jhumri starts to insult Siya, Vanraj slaps her. Vanraj boosts the morale of a heartbroken Siya. On seeing the villagers suffer, Siya agrees to stand up against Mohini. Later, the priest tells Siya about how Ram turned into Rana.

Friday 2 July 2021

Episode 54

Siya confronts Rana before Vanraj could harm him and stabs him when he starts misbehaving with her. Siya requests Vanraj to give her a chance to reform Rana and asks him to be her teacher. She sets Devki up for Rana’s injuries. Mohini takes drastic steps to find Siya’s identity.

Saturday 3 July 2021

Episode 55

Siya changes her looks to infiltrate the palace to defeat Mohini and to escape Rana’s scrutiny. Vanraj and the priest inform Siya of the way she can gain entry into the palace. With a plan in place, Siya goes into a jungle to attain the magical water from a well.

Sunday 4 July 2021

Episode 56

Rana rejects Mohini’s advances. Mohini realises that someone has succeeded in obtaining the magical water. Vanraj’s possessiveness towards Siya increases. Siya’s efforts make Mohini lose her youth. Posing as a widow named Kali, Siya traps Mohini and gains entry to the palace.

Monday 5 July 2021

Episode 57

Rana loathes the sight of an ugly looking Kaali. Sia cooks Rana’s favourite dish for him, but the latter leaves from the meal table. A hopeful Siya tries several ways to help Rana remember his past as Ram. She cooks his favourite dish, wears his favourite perfume and places her bracelet on his towel. Unfortunately, all her attempts go in vain.

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Episode 58

Sia plots to use Vivian’s dead body to teach Mohini a lesson. Rana sees Vivian lying beside an unconscious Mohini and beheads an already dead Vivian. Mallika accuses Rana of killing her son and in a fit of rage walks towards Mohini with a sword in her hand, but accidentally stabs Siya.

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Episode 59

Vanraj sneaks into the palace boundaries to meet Siya. Rana hugs Kali and professes his love for Siya. She is overjoyed when Rana calls her Siya. She then calls Vanraj to tell him this, making him wish he was the reason for her happiness. When Mohini hears Rana say Siya’s name, she is stunned and furious.

Thursday 8 July 2021

Episode 60

Jhumri blames Vanraj for being unfair towards her. Siya tries to learn what Mohini has planned for Rana. Vanraj suggests a plan to free Saroj Devi and the real Devki to Siya. Mohini’s fellow witches and Devki become suspicious of Kali. Rana’s action surprises Siya.

Friday 9 July 2021

Episode 61

Jhumri and Bindu stop Vanraj from going to help Siya. Mohini prepares for the next phase of her plan. Mohini reveals her plan to Siya which leaves her shocked. Siya asks for the goddess’ help in stopping Mohini from being successful. She resolves to prevent Rana and Mohini’s union.

Saturday 10 July 2021

Episode 62

The priest slaps Vanraj when he confesses to being in love with Siya. Siya orchestrates the circumstances which leads Rana to witness Mohini’s true form. Rana faints after witnessing Mohini’s true form. Siya comes one step closer in releasing Saroj Devi and the real Devki from Mohini’s captivity. Vanraj rejects marrying Jhumri.

Sunday 11 July 2021

Episode 63

Mohini makes DK apologise to Kali for troubling her. Saroj Devi’s health deteriorates due to starvation. Mohini refuses to help Jhumri. Learning that Jhumri is unmarried, Mohini captures her.

Monday 12 July 2021

Episode 64

Siya tries to sneak an unconscious Jhumri out of the palace. Mohini catches Kali feeding food to an inebriated Rana. She later punishes DK for Jhumri’s disappearance. Siya decides to cure Rana’s alcoholism which has been enabled by Mohini.

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Episode 65

At night, Vanraj sneaks into Siya’s room. Rana drinks the alcohol given by Mohini and spits it out on her. The priest tells Siya about a way through which Saroj Devi and Devki could be rescued. Rana’s aggravation increases due to alcohol deprivation.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Episode 66

Mohini tries to hide the existence of the basement from Rana. Siya manages to see Devki behind the magical barrier but soon falls unconscious. Siya and Devki have an emotional reunion in the basement. DK catches Kali exiting the basement and becomes suspicious of her intentions. She resolves to collect proofs against her to prove her point to Mohini. Siya craftily tries to get Rana to give up alcohol.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Episode 67

Rana and Kali join hands against Mohini and her fellow witches. DK vows to take revenge from Kali for all the insults she had to bear at Mohini’s hands. She overhears Kali speaking with Devki and alerts Mohini about it.

Friday 16 July 2021

Episode 68

In a shocking turn of events, Kali reveals her true identity to DK and mocks her for losing Mohini’s trust. Vanraj sneaks into the palace to meet Siya and gets caught by Rana. Rana remembers his encounter in the jungle with Vanraj and the mystery woman. Mohini gets upset due to Rana’s behaviour towards her. DK finds a way to prove that Kali is Siya.

More Teasers to be Available Soon.