Chasing My Heart May Teasers 2020


Chasing My Heart May Teasers 2020

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StarLife Chasing My Heart May Teasers 2020

Friday 1 May 2020

Episode 90

Naina is caught stealing the USB from Raghav’s pocket. Later, Raghav rejoices when Armaan gets arrested.

Episode 91

At his staff’s insistence, Raghav agrees to attend the Holi party. Parth spikes the soft drink meant for Naina.

Episode 92

Naina confronts Parth and asks him to stay away from her. Later, Raghav dances with Sonali to make Naina feel jealous.

Saturday 2 May 2020 

Episode 93

Parth takes advantage of Naina. He threatens to publicise that she is pregnant when she slaps him. But Naina’s reaction takes him by surprise.

Episode 94

Naina lashes out at Raghav. Dilraj rescues her from a man who tries to humiliate her. Later, Raghav exposes Parth.

Episode 95

Raghav beats up Parth. Later, Raghav tells Khurana about Armaan’s wrong-doings. Khurana’s lawyer reveals a surprising truth to him.

Sunday 3 May 2020 

Episode 96

Naina is shocked to see her pregnancy reports on the presentation screen. Meanwhile, Khurana makes a shocking revelation to his mother.

Episode 97

Raghav proves his innocence to Naina. Later, Naina tells Zenobia and Dilraj about her pregnancy.

Episode 98

Naina taunts Harjeet as she tries to bribe Zenobia to save Armaan. Khurana threatens the doctor for the surrogate mother’s details. Later, someone sends Naina’s photograph to Harjeet.

Monday  4 May 2020 

Episode 99

Raghav humiliates Khurana and asks the security guards to throw him out. Later, disguised as a beggar, Harjeet blesses Naina’s baby.

Episode 100

Khurana asks his associate, Shukla, to find the surrogate mother. At the same time, Harjeet decides to harm Naina and hires a man to keep an eye on her.

Episode 101

Raghav learns that the apple he had eaten was poisoned. Harjeet misleads Khurana about the surrogate mother. Meanwhile, some men attack Naina and try to kill her.

Tuesday 5 May  2020 

Episode 102

Raghav rescues Naina from the goons but she is shocked to hear that he had planned the attack. Later, Parmeshwari tells Harjeet something about Naina.

Episode 103

Raghav arrives with the police and asks Naina to shift to his house. Later, Pandey tells Khurana that the woman in the photograph is Dr Sonali.

Episode 104

Naina is stunned as Rehan Khurana tells her that she is carrying his baby. Meanwhile, the employees learn that Naina is Raghav’s wife.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Episode 105

Khurana tells Harjeet that Raghav is the father of Naina’s baby. Later, as Naina and Raghav argue, Dadi wakes up from his coma.

Episode 106

Balraj rejoices on learning that Indu does not remember her past. Later, a special puja is organised for the well-being of Naina’s baby.

Episode 107

Harjeet continues to plot against Naina’s baby. Later, Indu questions Raghav about Naina’s baby. Will he and Naina reveal the truth?

Thursday 7 May 2020

Episode 108

Raghav and Naina are shocked when Indu gives consent for the DNA test. Later, Ira takes Zenobia to meet Armaan.

Episode 109

Everyone is shocked when the DNA test results come out. Harjeet and Armaan introduce themselves to Indu. Later, Indu tells Raghav about her attacker.

Episode 110

Raghav and Veer have a fight. Later, the police arrive to arrest Veer. Meanwhile, Naina has a nightmare.

Friday 8  May 2020

Episode 111

Veer manages to overpower the authorities and escape from the prison. Meanwhile, Harjeet continues in her ploy to kill Raghav. Will Raghav survive?

Episode 112

Veer takes Naina captive and tortures her. Indu pleads with Veer to release Naina. Can Raghav and Khurana rescue her?

Episode 113

Veer snubs his parents for betraying him. Later, he endangers his life while trying to shoot Raghav. What will happen now?

Saturday 9 May 2020 

Episode 114

Sudha apologises to Naina on Veer’s behalf. Harjeet moves to Raghav’s house with a plan to kill Naina.

Episode 115

Sudha tells Harjeet about her plan against Naina. Harjeet and Sudha decide to kill Naina. Later, Harjeet is shocked when Rihaan informs her that he had rescued Naina.

Episode 116

At the condolence meet for Veer, a stranger drops the piece of evidence near Naina to prove Raghav’s innocence.

Sunday 10 May 2020 

Episode 117

Armaan plans to harm Naina, but Raghav comes to her rescue. Later, Naina sets out to find Renu Kapoor. Why?

Episode 118

Harjeet leaves the house after a heated argument with Indu. Meanwhile, Naina is shocked to see a photograph in Renu’s house. Whose photo is it?

Episode 119

Naina stops Raghav when he tries to open up about his problems with her. Raghav gets tense when a shop owner recognises him. Meanwhile, Khurana decides to do Ahana’s post-death rituals.

Monday 11 May 2020

Episode 120

Harjeet hatches an evil plan to kill Naina. Later, Raghav and Naina attend the function at Harjeet’s place. Will Harjeet succeed this time?

Episode 121

Raghav is shocked on seeing his elder sister, Seema in the Khurana House. Later, Harjeet informs Sudha about her plan to kill Naina.

Episode 122

Seema surprises everyone with her strange behaviour and tries to stop Naina from performing the hawan rituals. Later, Naina asks Raghav about Seema. Will he tell her the truth?

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Episode 123

Naina is stunned to know that Raghav is Seema’s younger brother. Later, Seema reveals a truth about Veer’s murder to Naina.

Episode 124

Raghav is shocked as Naina brings Seema home. Enraged, Harjeet plots to kill Naina with Sudha’s help. Raghav visits Khurana.

Episode 125

A few thugs trap Naina in the stadium and tie a bomb to her. Will anyone come to her rescue?

Wednesday 13 May 2020

Episode 126

Naina leaves a few clues for Raghav, so that he can find her. Harjeet asks her goons to kill Naina. The goons are shocked when Naina informs them that the bomb is activated.

Episode 127

Naina gives birth to a baby boy after Raghav rushes her to the hospital. However, the baby needs a blood transfusion from his biological father.

Episode 128

Raghav convinces Khurana to donate blood for the baby. Back at the hospital, Harjeet deceives Naina and declares to claim the responsibility of the baby.

Thursday 14 May 2020

Episode 129

Raghav confronts Naina about the baby’s lineage. Later, Raghav and Rihaan get into a fight.

Episode 130

Khurana kidnaps his baby and challenges Raghav to find him. Harjeet tells Sudha about her vicious plan to kill the baby. Will Raghav find the baby?

Episode 131

Naina tries convincing Raghav against leaving with the baby. When Raghav tries to escape with the baby in his car, Khurana shoots the tire, sending the car into a spin downhill.

Friday 15 May 2020

Episode 132

Dadi promises to avenge Raghav’s death. Khurana arrives with the police to take away his baby but Naina has a condition!

Episode 133

Naina tells Rihaan that she wants to marry him for the sake of her son. Indu shares with Naina her plan against Rihaan and the Khuranas.

Episode 134

Rihaan agrees to take Dadi along with Naina while, Harjeet plots to kill the baby. Later, Naina is slowly taken over by an evil spirit!

Saturday 16 May 2020

Episode 135

Rihaan confronts Naina for misbehaving with Harjeet. Meanwhile, a pandit tells Rihaan about a spirit in his house.

Episode 136

Shocked with Harjeet’s decision, Naina challenges Rihaan to conduct the naming ceremony against her wish. Rihaan drugs Naina and takes the baby away. Can Daadi help Naina?

Episode 137

Rihaan is surprised when Naina names her baby Ahaan. Upon confrontation, Rihaan notices a change in Naina’s behaviour. Is she suffering from dissociative identity?

Sunday 17 May 2020

Episode 138

Naina puts on a good show when the Khuranas are horrified to see Armaan in the news! Further, Naina burns Harjeet’s hands!

Episode 139

Rihaan is terrified to learn that a negative spirit is affecting his house. Meanwhile, a girl called Rina, accuses Armaan of cheating her!

Episode 140

Sudha insists that Indu leave the house. Meanwhile, Armaan tries to prove his innocence. Will Sudha, Harjeet succeed in their evil plan?

Monday 18 May 2020

Episode 141

Harjeet teams up with Sudha and Armaan against Naina. Angry with Naina’s strange behaviour, Rihaan ties her up to a chair, while Armaan tries to kill her baby!

Episode 142

A possessed Naina attacks Armaan as he tries to drown her baby in the bathtub!

Episode 143

Harjeet is horrified to learn that Naina is possessed by Ahana’s spirit! She gets a sacred locket and asks Rihaan to tie it on Naina! But will Naina agree?

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Episode 144

Rihaan gets an electric shock as per Naina’s plan. Harjeet tries to provoke Ahana’s spirit and let Rihaan know that Naina is possessed. Will she succeed?

Episode 145

The sorcerer tells Harjeet to kill the baby. Further, Rihaan transfers the household responsibilities to Naina. Will Harjeet agree?

Episode 146

Indu is happy as she finds Rihaan’s grandmother, MK in the old age home. Naina meets Rihaan and he is perplexed due to her weird behaviour.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Episode 147

Harjeet is shocked when Manjot Khurana visits her and she falls unconscious. Naina humiliates Harjeet on her birthday in front of the guests.

Episode 148

Naina hurts Rihaan as he tries to slap her. Further, MK blames Indu for Naina’s unruly behaviour. Harjeet separates Naina from her baby.

Episode 149

Harjeet pays the Swamiji to treat Naina at the ashram. Indu stops Rihaan from touching his child. Naina is treated brutally at the ashram and is aghast to know the condition of other women.

Thursday 21 May 2020

Episode 150

Indu seeks Parmeshwari’s help to save Naina and makes a deal with her. They visit the ashram and execute their plan.

Episode 151

Naina and the women attack Swamiji and his disciple whom the police arrest. She asks the inspector to arrest Harjeet as she is sent to the ashram.

Episode 152

Naina agrees to surrender Harjeet to the police while, Harjeet plots to take advantage of the situation. Later, Rihaan has a surprise for Naina.

Friday 22 May 2020

Episode 153

Rihaan makes Naina the major stake holder of the company. Later, Naina and Indu try to poison Rihaan.

Episode 154

Naina shocks Harjeet by consuming the poisoned food to prove her innocence. Harjeet tries to prove to Rihaan that Naina is guilty.

Episode 155

Naina makes Rihaan feel guilty for touching her. Later, she gets worried on overhearing Harjeet talk about bringing someone to oust her from the house.

Saturday 23 May 2020

Episode 156

The nurse falsifies evidence against Rihaan and gets him arrested for a rape attempt. Is it all a part of Naina’s plot?

Episode 157

Naina threatens Harjeet at knifepoint and manipulates her. Further, everyone in the house get frightened when they look at Harjeet. Why?

Episode 158

Naina rescues Rihaan from police custody with the help of the video. She tells Rihaan about Harjeet’s involvement in sending the nurse to his room. Will Rihaan confront Harjeet?

Sunday 24 May 2020

Episode 159

Naina and Indu’s plan results with Harjeet slapping Sudha and ousting her from the house. Naina conspires against Harjeet by misleading Rihaan. How?

Episode 160

Naina shocks everyone by taking the baby with her to jail. She meets Mangal. Later, Mangal meets Harjeet. Why?

Episode 161

Indu manages to record video footage of Harjeet’s secret meeting with Armaan. Rihaan finds a lead through the CCTV footage while Harjeet threatens Mangal with a gun!

Monday 25 May 2020

Episode 162

Rihaan confronts Armaan, while Harjeet tells him that he is her stepson. But why is Sudha stunned on answering a call on Naina’s phone?

Episode 163

Ira arrives at Rihaan’s house and tells him that she has married Armaan and intends to make Naina suffer!

Episode 164

Naina scares Ira. Harjeet tries to convince Ira to return home. Naina gets her phone back.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Episode 165

Naina praises Raghav and makes Rihaan feel inferior. Mangal attacks Sudha and Parmeshwari. Rihaan gives the power of attorney to Naina!

Episode 166

Harjeet is aghast to learn that Rihaan transferred the power of attorney to Naina. She overhears Sudha and learns that Raghav is alive!

Episode 167

Harjeet warns Rihaan about Naina. Ira eavesdrops on Naina to learn about the whole plot of deceiving Rihaan.

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Episode 168

Naina and Indu discover that Raghav is alive and reach his kidnappers’ location with Mangal’s help, unaware that a shock awaits them.

Episode 169

The news channels show Rihaan in a drunk state. He visits a lawyer and seeks his help. Will the lawyer help Rihaan?

Episode 170

Rihaan takes the bullet to save his family. Seven years have gone by and Naina is talking to her students about true love.