Changes viewer what to see in Twist of fate Zee World Tv


Changes viewer what to see in Twist of fate Zee World Tv

Changes viewer what to see in Twist of fate Zee World


Twist of fate would have been the best series Zee world has ever given its viewer, it might not have the best sizzling chemistry like the rest of the series but it was certainly  the best funny and romantic series so far, was funny to the core, the viewers are definitely very much eager to watch their romantic and passionate scenes.

It was making quite an impression on its audience but recently, losing its directions the show kept on repeating and revolving the same ideas, similar stories and are often unending.

Same story everywhere. Cat fights and revenge for stealing love life . Cat fights and revenge for taking control of house administration. Cat fights and fights for achieving missions. Viewers waste 1 hour of their life watching an episode.


The story so far:

Abhi is a rock star and husband of pragya who is a housewife. Tanu wants to marry with Abhi and she gets all type of support from Abhi’s Sister Aaliya for her objective.

What don’t work:

The pregnancy track of  Tanu proceeded for month’s presently, her tummy still remain the same which is quite abnormal. Abhi’ is not ready to have control on his life which is either controlled by Tanu or his sister, the writers made abhi’s character look’s foolish.Till to come ahbi will loss his memory and i know pragya will loss her memory too, this has become an exchange of memory loss or what? Memory loss is now the keyword in all their series, abhi and pragya are not able to have at least a week having some great quality time together. The gap in the life of Purub after the pass away of Bulbul has yet not filled up.

Here are the changes we want from Twist of fate


1) Bring an End to all the confusion that is surrounding Abhi and Pragya


Till on one track that made it monotonous. It lost its freshness and zenith. It is high time that everything comes out in open so that the two love birds finally unite. We want the couple to come out of this problem soon.Let the two then fight all the odds by staying together than fight against each other. That is precisely what i love most about this series,  Abhi and Pragya fighting each other like cats and dogs.

We hope the two finally move ahead in their careers instead of getting trapped in the family dramas more often.


2) Stop the repetition:

Pragya actress cast on twist of fate

It is one of such series where the same the conspiracy right from the beginning. Viewers are fed up of that the writers repeat, do you know how irritating it is to watch the main characters getting kidnapped so many times ,Overacting, plan! plan!! plan!!! What the heck no change it takes 3 to 4 months for it’s storyline to move from one part to another.


3) Tanu should Be Happy With Her BF Nikhil.


We hope that Tanu’s secret comes out in the open soon and Abhi understands that it is Nikhil who is the genuine father of the child in Tanu’s womb. Let Abhi make Tanu understand and even make her realize Nikhil’s love for her.

It isdue  time for some chemistry between Tanu and Nikhil. After all, Tanu intension toward Abhi  is boring and isn’t  fascinating any longer.


4) End all the negative role and end the series. 



Firstly it was the cooperator followed by the death of  Bulbul,It was a horrific experience for the viewers, bubul body has not been discovered .And also the Aaliya story line is so  exhausting going over a similar thing again and again REVENGE.She needs to take up some kind of hobby thus does Tanu, she should rather shift  her concentration from Pragya and find some productive motive in life instead of ruining Lives. 

Lastly, Prolonging series with no direction is an embarrassment to your crew, what a waste of good actor and actress. Everything has a limit, you guy’s are gradually losing your audience.


What is your reaction toward this movie?

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