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Saturday Update on Twist of Fate 8th December

Tanu says she will kill Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says have you gone mad. Tanu says she ordered Nikhil to kill Abhi and Pragya both, and called her back [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa December 7th

At Lawrence School, the rehearsals are on in full swing. Chandan keeps looking at Sagar. He recalls seeing Sagar eating some medicines. He excuses him [...]

Friday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv December 7th

Jai is worried what is wrong with Krishna and why she is behaving like that.. Bani makes him understand that she will be fine in a few days.. just giv [...]

Wednesday Update on The Promise December 5th

Bani is crying and Rano and Rashi comfort her. They tell her to come down but Bani says I cannot face everyone, Aditya tells her not to blame herself, [...]

Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv December 6th

All the 3 sisters are crying and pia is telling about Pushkar, how he has made her life so beautiful and everthing, bani was telling, they have to bri [...]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa December 5th

MLA’s goons don’t think that Solanki will live. Its good that we don’t have to do anything now. One of the guys eyes his bag. They pick him up. Gan [...]

Thursday Update on Gangaa December 6th

Everyone looks sad but Bulbul surprises everyone by agreeing to take part in the competition. Everyone gets happy. I know I too lot of time but we sti [...]

Friday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 7th December

Abhi says for you. Pragya smiles. The flower petals fall on them due to the wind. Allah Wariyan plays…..Abhi says you are special to me, and says he w [...]

Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 6th December

Commando asks Damru to see her face. Raghuveer says until you are here in this room, you are more prone to get infected. Raghuveer asks him to stand s [...]

Monday Update on Gangaa 3rd December

The peon is cleaning the premises while Bulbul and her friends throw banana peels there only. He scolds them for creating a mess. Throw garbage in the [...]
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