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Saturday Update on Iron Lady 15th December 2018

Zara puts Rishi’s SIM card in her phone and sends message to Indira which says, don’t try to call me again, I don’t want to talk to you again. You pro [...]

Sunday Update on Iron Lady 16th December 2018

Zara on the bed and the doctor is presents to examine her. She looks at her phone while Meher is calling her but is not able to answer.Meher sees Indi [...]

Friday Update on The Promise 14th December

Vicky in a meeting and he is wondering how he is going to get out of it, some guy asks Vicky a Question and he gets called out his dream. They ask abo [...]

Saturday Update on The Promise 15th December

Jai and Dadi taking the darshan at Vaishnavdevi, and Jai praying for Bani's happiness and his family also. Then the scene shifts to Bani, thinking abo [...]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 15th December

Next morning, Amma ji has made kheer for Sagar. She asks Madhvi to send breakfast to Sagar in his room only. Niru is leaving for court. Amma ji remind [...]

Sunday Update on Twist of Fate 16th December

Aaliya and Tanu coming inside Mehra house. Tanu asks why did we wait outside and why we are standing here. Aaliya says they have to make sure that eve [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa 14th December

Sagar waits for his van. He notices Ganga’s FIL talking to a nearby shopkeeper. He hides. What are they talking about? Ganga’s FIL leaves. Sagar asks [...]

Saturday Update on Twist of Fate 15th December

Abhi says her prayers are answered. Sarla asks where did you find her. He says he was singing song at the concert and then saw Pragya, she was trying [...]

Friday Update on Iron Lady 14th December

Nanda gives jewelries and money to Indira to bring to the pooja. Munna sees and thinks Indira stole that from the trunk. Rishi and family leave for th [...]

Thursday Update on The promise 13th December

Jigs finishes offering to the Lodhi and Bani finishes praying.. she opens her eyes and sees Jigs and is happy...Bani says lets go and celebrate with e [...]
1 342 343 344 345 346 379 3440 / 3785 POSTS