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Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 13th Jan 2019

Pragya thinks car started. Disha asks Purab to get up and tells that Pragya was locked in the car and gone with them. Purab says they shall go and sit [...]

Saturday Update on This is Fate 12th December 2019

There, Deepak was waiting for Preeta. He was curt that she has been away for hours now. He thinks it was his mistake, when she slapped him he shouldn’ [...]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 13th December 2019

Mr. Luthra was enjoying sweets in the kitchen. He hides underneath the shelf as Karan comes there. He notices Mr. Mehra there and asks to join him in [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa 11th January 2019

A few ladies are singing in Chaturvedi House. Amma ji asks them about it. They share that Madhvi is 3 months pregnant. Amma ji is pleasantly surprised [...]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate 11th January 2019

  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Bangkok soon. Pragya tries to speak to Abhi that she is really afraid, she wa [...]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa 9th January 2019

Ganga says Shanta Dadi is too clever. Sagar too had thought so. She is so bad. I thought she would help us in hiding Jalebi Prasad. Ganga cannot under [...]

Thursday Update on Gangaa 10th January 2019

Ganga keeps asking Pulkit. Tell me what happened to Sagar. They reach home. Maharaj ji calls out for everyone. Everyone rushes to Sagar’s side. He is [...]

Tuesday Update on This is Fate 8th December 2019

Karan returns home and thinks he would not share Preeta’s accusations with Rishab. Preeta’s isn’t as important. In the room, Preeta was irked calling [...]

Wednesday Update on This is Fate 9th December 2019

Sherlin thanks Rishab for help. Rishab forbids her being formal and leaves to make a call. Karan rings bell of Preeta’s house. Preeta was enraged and [...]

Thursday Update on This is Fate 10th December 2019

Karan was confused about what to say to Kareena. He wonders what if inspector has told her that they have proof. He then decides to see the situation [...]
1 334 335 336 337 338 379 3360 / 3785 POSTS