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Saturday Update on Gangaa 19th January 2019

He has changed a lot now. He has become adventurous. Ganga asks him if he has changed so much after going to London. Sagar gets up and inches closer t [...]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 20th January 2019

Niru closes the room from inside. Everyone requests him to open the door. Ganga says I am at fault. Please don’t be upset with others. Sagar too reque [...]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 21st Jan 2019

Woman scolding the shooter. Shooter says he will kill Abhi now. Woman says many people must have seen you and took your video. Abhi says we shall stay [...]

Saturday Update on This is Fate 19th January 2019

Shrishti wonders what’s going on. Preeta inquires what Shrishti is going here, but Shrishti leaves her side. Prithvi comes across Preeta and turns aro [...]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 20th January 2019

Shrishti and Sameer were unable to find Preeta. Shrishti watches Sherlin leaving the house, hiding. Shrishti thinks Sherlin can do anything, it’s impo [...]

Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 20th Jan 2019

Abhi asks Dadi not to stop him and goes outside the house. Pragya thinks he went out of house tensedly and gets worried. She feels apologetic to Dadi. [...]

Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 19th Jan 2019

Woman tells that they will not get scared with him and asks him to leave the wooden rod. She says we thought you will understand the matter, and says [...]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa 16th Jan 2019

Ganga slaps one of the guards. Srivastava gets angry. Tie her in a room! Sagar, Sahil and Janvi play truth and dare in the train. One guy reprimand [...]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 18th Jan 2019

RECAP: Tanu says we have to clear our doubt. Aaliya says if she is Pragya then I will find out her true identity. She asks her to come. Purab tries [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 15th Jan 2019

Sagar shares Ganga is his best / sweetest friend. His friends ask him if it means love. Sagar’s friends tease Janvi. Sagar denies. She is my best frie [...]
1 332 333 334 335 336 379 3340 / 3785 POSTS