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Friday 22nd March Update on Gangaa

Ammaji says  that she cant stay here, as keeping her here, is like keeping a snake, that might bite anytime. prabha hears this and is shocked. all are [...]

22nd Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Pragya and Abhi see each other and get shocked and emotional. Sad music plays… .. Abhi gets tears in his eyes. He recalls seeing Pragya in police st [...]

Friday 22nd Update on This is Fate

Prithvi gets a call from Neil. Neil demands him some more money, a girl witnessed them killing the girl. He warns that the girl may now go and complai [...]

Thursday 21th March Update on Gangaa

Ganga is stuck inside a black coffin, she asks and screams why was she kept captive and begs to be saved. she goes off into unconsciousness. they take [...]

21st Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi says I will bring my wife, but I wish she could meet your wife as I don’t think any girl will marry a man who has attitude. King looks on. Abhi c [...]

Thursday 21th Update on This is Fate

Sameer comes outside to call Preeta. Preeta takes him aside to speak to him in isolation. In the hall, Preeta asks Sameer if he had a fight with Shri [...]

Wednesday 20th March Update on Gangaa

Amma ji worries for Ganga. What if something happens to her? I shouldn’t have sent her alone. I will go to find her. She covers herself with a shawl a [...]

20th Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi jumps in the school through back door. He sees watch man dead and takes his gun. Disha comes to Dadi and gives her Poha, and then says Chedwa. [...]

Wednesday 20th Update on This is Fate

Sarla was worried at home as Shrishti hadn’t returned so late. Preeta says she spoke to Shrishti, she will be a little late but back soon. Sarla wonde [...]

Tuesday 19th March Update on Gangaa

They sit over a tree’s branch to eat it. Listen to me without questioning if you have any doubts. He agrees. I will do as you say as you know me more [...]
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