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Thursday Update on This is Fate 24 January 2019

Sherlin brings Rishab to a corridor and complains for being too close to Preeta. Prithvi convinces he has to act of falling in love with Preeta. Shri [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 22th January 2019

Everyone waits for Pulkit’s answer. Amma ji hopes Pulkit says no. I will bring a nice girl from a good family for him later on. Niru hopes Pulkit does [...]

Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 23rd Jan 2019

Simonika telling herself that she wants to Abhi dead and blames him for being responsible as she lost someone because of him. Pragya calls electrician [...]

Monday Update on This is Fate 21 January 2019

Rishab comes from behind coughing, Sherlin takes him inside afraid about Prithvi. Preeta sat upset about not finding a proof against Sherlin. Karan ca [...]

Tuesday Update on This is Fate 22 January 2019

Kareena calls Sherlin and scolds her for not responding to her messages. Sherlin was irritated by her attention seeking personality. Kareena asks her [...]

Wednesday Update on This is Fate 23 January 2019

In the car Prithvi thinks he must control his emotions as they might cause hindrance in his mission. Right now its important for him that Sherlin marr [...]

Monday Update on Gangaa 20th January 2019

Janvi is excited about going on a bus. Ganga notices Pulkit. I want to say something important. Madhvi tells her to keep the bags in the bus first. La [...]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 22nd Jan 2019

Simonika scolds Servant for being late of 2 mins and then cheers up herself. She thinks she will be near her target and thinks to wear simple clothes [...]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 19th January 2019

He has changed a lot now. He has become adventurous. Ganga asks him if he has changed so much after going to London. Sagar gets up and inches closer t [...]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 20th January 2019

Niru closes the room from inside. Everyone requests him to open the door. Ganga says I am at fault. Please don’t be upset with others. Sagar too reque [...]
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