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4th May Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate

Tarun’s friend Akash tells that before the engagement, they can do something good and asks for music. Purab says today we will dance too for the love [...]

1st May Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate

Pragya hears goons’ voice and alerts Abhi. Abhi asks Tarun and Neha to run and asks him not to let anything happen to her. Pragya tells Abhi that they [...]

2nd May Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate

Abhi says she is 21 years old. Mitali says no. Pragya tells that she knows Neha’s age. Tanu come and asks Pragya not to interfere. Abhi asks Tanu n [...]

Mehek 2nd Thursday Update May 2019

KD comes out of car, Vaitlana taunts that Shaurya keep barking. Shaurya says its good that nothing happened to my mother otherwise i wouldnt have spar [...]

Mehek 1st Wednesday Update May 2019

Mahek says we have to stop them from doing the mehndi at Shaureya’s place. Mahek comes to shaureya’s place and calls him. He is taking shower. Mahek k [...]

This is Fate Wednesday Update 1 May 2019

Preeta asks how does she know Prithvi, Manisha makes a plan after that she says that she should keep both Karan and Prithvi, Preeta is about to hurt h [...]

Mehek 30th Tuesday Update April 2019

Mahek says to Kanta that I wanted to say that Ajay.. Pammi comes there with Ajay and Pundit and says should we join breakfast? Kanta says come inside, [...]

30th April Tuesday Update on Twist is Fate

Abhi and Pragya manage to go inside. Neha asks Goons to leave them. Goon says we are not enjoying to keep you here, and will let you go once we get th [...]

This is Fate Tuesday Update 30 April 2019

  Preeta is walking, Karan comes and says that he suspects that someone is doing something really bad, she says that she also knows this and h [...]

Mehek 29th Monday Update April 2019

Ajay says to Mahek that on Tv, you were dancing wildly and drank wine too, baby come here, he tries to open zipper of dress, Shaurya is watching all t [...]
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