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Mehek Tuesday Update 30th July 2019 Zee World

Mehek Tuesday Update 30th July 2019 Zee World

Svetlana says he should remain in this condition till I comeback otherwise you all will be dead. She asks to hide Shaurya’s face, she gives them money [...]

Mehek Sunday Update 28th July 2019

Shaurya is on call with Mahek. Shaurya says I am ending call, he asks Mahek to take care and says I love you, Mahek says I love you too, comeback to m [...]

kindred hearts Sunday Update 28th July

Adi says I will give property and money to you, just sign divorce papers and tell me who is the shadow? who is helping you? Nisha says I told you trut [...]

kindred hearts Monday Update 29th July

Adi comes home with Jhanvi, they come to Baba. Adi asks Baba to come up,Baba asks what decision she took? he asks Jhanvi if she will marry Adi and bec [...]

Mehek Friday Update 26th July 2019

Mahek says we dont know about this family, we will contact them and then you can have money, doctor says I dont know anything, till you dont pay 70000 [...]

kindred hearts Friday Update 26th July

Jhanvi says please say truth, its important right now, she asks to call her mother, she will tell truth. Nisha says she is your real sister, she is li [...]

King of hearts Update Thursday 25th July 2019

Raj slapping Sid for divorcing Roshni and asking him to get out of his sight. Sid goes to his room, picks Roshni’s dupatta and cries vigorously holdin [...]

King of hearts Update Friday 26th July 2019

Roshni and DD’s talk. Kesar comes and says they shall not worry because of DD. He calls her bhabhi and says people should know that his bhabhi is back [...]

Mehek Thursday Update 25th July 2019

Shaurya punches Ajay’s car that he left there and says everything is destroyed now! I will kill them, Ravi says everything is finished. Mahek says no [...]

kindred hearts Wednesday Update 24th July

Jhanvi is driving her scooty on street. Adi’s mother comes infront of scooty, Jhanvi stops her vehicle, she comes to Adi’s mother and balances her, sh [...]
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