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Mehek Friday Update 18th July 2019

Mahek ask what work … Shaurya tells she has aroused the lion inside him..and he won’t leave her ..he gets a call and Shaurya gets frustrated and some [...]

kindred heart Friday Update 19th July 2019

Adi starts pushes car forward and asks Jhanvi to handle steering wheel, she says I dont know how, I cant do it, Adi holds Jhanvi’s hand on steering wh [...]

Mehek Wednesday Update 17th July 2019

Nikki tells what is happening you both should talk out and clear the things…Mahek comes and ask excatly I want to know what’s happening…she stars cryi [...]

Mehek Thursday Update 18th July 2019

Sonal says to family that after police case, he isnt even talking to us, Kanta calls Mohit but Sheetal brings Mohit there. Mohit is totally drunk and [...]

kindred heart Wednesday Update 17th July 2019

Adi shows file to Jhanvi, he says Nisha broke kids FD, she got money from that FD and gave it to her father then put that money in Kaka’s cupboard and [...]

kindred heart Thursday Update 18th July 2019

In morning, Jhanvi comes to Baba. She is wearing nice colorful suit, Baba says someone is looking different today, you are looking really nice, you ke [...]

King of hearts Sunday Update 14th July 2019

Roshni will not accept defeat so easily. Simran throws her on floor. Sid comes and asks what is happening. Rival aunty says his wife was caught in [...]

King of hearts Monday Update 15th July 2019

Simran sees servant arranging food and asks who made it. He says Roshni prepared it for Sid. Simran gets irked. Ugly kritika comes and says Roshni say [...]

King of hearts Tuesday Update 16th July 2019

Sam’s boss calling Rajveer loafer calling him and informing about Sid creating havoc in office for Sam. Rajveer loafer asks him to take Sam out of cou [...]

Mehek Tuesday Update 16th July 2019

Mahek is worried, all investors leave. Reporters come there, they cover the incident and say that is this Shaurya’s publicity incident? they ask Mahek [...]
1 286 287 288 289 290 379 2880 / 3785 POSTS