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Beauty and The Beast Zee World Full Story Cast Summary

Synopsis. Beauty and the beast Zee World as per the name describes a young, independent girl of the 21st century who faces struggles in having a happy marital life. The show lead actors are Devi ()and Adhiraj(). Full Story/Plot Beauty and The Beast. 1. Devi a young orphan is nurtured by her extended family, in […]

Not Without My Family February Teasers 2019-StarLife

What Happened To Naira? An Attack On Naira, Naira Is Abducted, Naira Is Behind The Bars.Find out on Not Without My Family February Teasers 2019-StarLife Read:  Story, and Main Cast January Teasers 2019 Not Without My Family February Teasers Friday 01 February 2019  Episode 2350 The Singhanias and the Maheshwaris get emotional while making arrangements for Naira’s […]

Top Zee World Actresses who are divorced in Real Life

Like a saying “destiny can never be changed in human lives”. Most of the divorcees today do not wish to be stigmatized with the status, (divorce) but it’s the prevailing of destiny in their lives. Before divorce, marriage happens first. The victims of divorce might have realized the issues of differences or incompatibility in their […]

Not Without My Family January Teasers Star Life -2019

Blackmails, Family Conflict, Kartik and Naira’sengagement and  wedding on Not Without My Family January Teasers Star Life -2019. Read:  Full Story, Cast, and Summary March Teasers on Not Without my Family Tuesday 1 January 2019 Episode 2288 Kartik tells Dadi about the remedy suggested by the Maharaj. Later, Dadi allows the Singhanias to have the engagement […]

This is Fate Zee World Full Story Cast,Real name,Teasers Summary

This is Fate Zee World Full Story Cast Teasers Summary SYNOPSIS  This is Fate which also goes by the Indian name Kundali Bhagya is a steaming drama narrating how fate plays its role in the lives of two optimists sisters, Preeta(Shraddha Arya) and Shristi(Anjum Fakih). The serial can also be classified as a romantic tale […]

Twist of Fate 3 February Teasers Zee World Tv- 2019

With much difficulty and problems from Sangram, Purab finally accepts Disha into his life and showers her with love. Simonika becomes more determined to kill Abhi. Pragya and Munni struggle to free themselves from Aliya’s plots. Read : Twist of Fate 3 February Teasers Zee World Tv – 2019 Also Read: January Teasers 2019 on […]

The Crossroads StarLife-Read Full Plot Story Cast and Real name

The Crossroads Starlife is an upcoming series on Star Life starting from 16th of November 2018, Replacing Waiting for Love. Synopsis. Set in the political and legal world of Delhi, a love story of Adarsh(Harshad Arora) and Swadheenta( Tridha Choudhury) whose goals are the same but with a different path. Crossroad is an Indian television romance and […]

Twist Of Fate Season 3 Full story Summary Zee World

After Dadi’s(Abhi grandma) death, we are shown a seven years leap in Twist of fate 2. Season 3, The Mehra family move from Mumbai to settle in Delhi.  Pragya on the other hand, is shown living in the UK with her daughter, Kiara. Pragya stays with a man known as King Singh. Abhi marries Tanu […]

Twist of Fate 3 January Teasers 2019 Zee World

This month, Twist of fate takes another dimension as Aliya uses Pragya’s lookalike as an idea to turn the family against her. The truth about Munni comes out and Abhi considers his love to be a betrayal. A new deadly villain arrives at the Mehra house in a quest for revenge.  Read  Twist of Fate […]

Forever Yours February Teasers 2019-StarLife

Read Forever Yours February Teasers 2019-StarLife as Veer makes sacrifices for the sake of Pakhi. Pakhi is angered when she comes to know that Veer loves her. Meanwhile, some strange attacks are targeted towards Veer. Who could be behind this? Read: Summary, Spoiler, and the main cast January Teasers 2019 Friday 01 February 2019  Episode 245 […]