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Broken Hearts November Teasers 2021

An astrologer predicts Ahana’s future, leaving her worried. Below are Broken Hearts November 2021 Teasers.

Starlife Broken Hearts November 2021 Teasers Season Finale

Monday 1 November 2021

Episode 25

Anant and Ahana get married in a small family-only ceremony, followed by a grand reception.

Episode 26

Mahendra humiliates Ahana and says that she married Anant only for his property. How will Anant react to this?

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Episode 27

Tarun reveals to Saloni about the prenuptial agreement and apologises to Anant for Mahendra’s behaviour. The family performs Anant and Ahana’s post-wedding rituals.

Episode 28

Reema catches Rehan staring at Ahana when the Mathurs take a family picture. Rehan tells Anant that he doubts Ahana’s intentions. How will Anant react?

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Episode 29

Roshni is displeased as Ahana suggests a few changes in the kitchen. Kavita accuses Karan of stealing Laila’s earrings. How will Roshni react?

Episode 30

Ahana learns that Kavita stole Laila’s earrings, while Mahendra discloses a secret about Ahana to Rehan.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Episode 31

Tarun is humiliated by Mahendra. Laila instigates him to confront Mahendra for his claim on the property.

Episode 32

Rehan tells Anant that Ahana married him only to acquire his property. Ahana expresses her immense hatred towards Rehan.

Friday 5 November 2021

Episode 33

Anant stands by Ahana and confronts Rehan for his behaviour. Rehan decides to leave the house.

Episode 34

Roshni and Aarav seek Ahana’s help in bringing Rehan back home. Yet again, Roshni misunderstands Ahana’s intentions!

Saturday 6 November 2021

Episode 35

Rehan finds the person who ruined Anant’s wedding and decides to take revenge. Who is his target?

Episode 36

Ahana is blamed as her and Anant’s honeymoon trip coincides with Roshni’s birthday. Rehan meets Shelly to know about Ahana’s intentions.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Episode 37

Anant and Ahana reach Maldives and spend some romantic time together. An astrologer predicts Ahana’s future, leaving her worried.

Episode 38

Rehan vows to expose Ahana while Roshni meets an unknown guy. Later at night, Ahana gets into a seductive mood for Anant!

Monday 8 November 2021

Episode 39

Laila lands in Maldives and pokes fun at Ahana! Later, Anant surprises Ahana with a romantic dinner and sends their selfie to Roshni. Meanwhile, Laila and Saloni go to Anant’s house where Roshni insults them.

Episode 40

Anant and Ahana plan a surprise for Roshni. Meanwhile, Roshni struggles to hide her boyfriend in her room.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Episode 41

Anant and Ahana surprise Roshni on her birthday. Later, Shivaay and Anika congratulate Anant and Ahana on their wedding.

Episode 42

Ahana and Rehan are left heartbroken after Laila instigates them against each other.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Episode 43

Ahana is ecstatic as Roshni thanks her for changing Anant’s mind. Rehan exposes Ahana in front of Anant. Will Anant believe him?

Episode 44

Rehan gets visions of Ahana talking to him, while Roshni continues to be upset with Ahana. Rehan helps Roshni in keeping a secret from Anant!

Thursday 11 November 2021

Episode 45

Yamini learns about Roshni and Rehan’s night out. Anant is confused after listening to Shelly’s voice recording.

Episode 46

Anant leaves the house. Laila confronts Rehan and tries to instigate Ahana against Rehan.

Friday 12 November 2021

Episode 47

Ahana accepts her motives behind marrying Anant. Later, Rehan and Ahana have a fierce argument.

Episode 48

Anant continues to ignore Ahana’s calls and seeks Reema’s advice for his problem. Will Reema be able to make peace between them?

Saturday 13 November 2021

Episode 49

Mahendra badmouths Anant. Later, a furious Rehan pushes him into a swimming pool.

Episode 50

Anant keeps his ego aside and cheers Roshni up after her video goes viral. He also decides to break up with Ahana for betraying him!

Sunday 14 November 2021

Episode 51

Ahana learns that she is pregnant and is relieved to find a way to save her marriage. But will Anant forgive her?

Episode 52

Vyoma is heartbroken as Rehan rejects her. Later, he gets confused about his feelings.

Monday 15 November 2021

Episode 53

Unable to win Anant back, Ahana decides to abort the baby. Laila overhears Saloni and Ahana’s conversation and plans use the pregnancy news to her benefit.

Episode 54

After her numerous failed attempts of talking to Anant, Ahana writes a letter to him. Will he read it?

Tuesday 16 November 2021

Episode 55

Anant is dejected on thinking about his relationship with Ahana. She then takes a shocking decision!

Episode 56

Anant apologises to Ahana. She tries to tell him about the abortion. Rehan feels guilty after listening to Nisrin and Kavita’s conversation. Why?

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Episode 57

Anant turns furious when Ahana tells him about her abortion. Rehan is upset thinking about their miseries.

Episode 58

Ahana slaps Rehan when he apologises for his misdeeds. Why does Anant decide to keep distance from Ahana?

Thursday 18 November 2021

Episode 59

Laila sustains severe injuries after meeting with an accident. Meanwhile, Tarun struggles to get her treated. Ahana and Saloni are depressed about Laila’s condition.

Episode 60

Karan and Rehan reprimand Roshni for hating Ahana and Laila. Later, a doctor informs Ahana about Laila’s critical condition.

Friday 19 November 2021

Episode 61

Ahana is in a dilemma as Rahul tells her about his feeling for Laila. Later, she decides to stay in the hospital as Laila gains consciousness.

Episode 62

Ahana is concerned about Laila. Meanwhile, Rehan tries to console her. Roshni is adamant on throwing Ahana out of Anant’s life.

Saturday 20 November 2021

Episode 63

Anant’s ignorance leaves Ahana heartbroken. Rehan bonds with Ahana. Later, they narrowly escape a deadly car accident.

Episode 64

Rehan learns that Ahana’s condition is vulnerable and that she is on anti-depressants! Can he cheer her up?

Sunday 21 November 2021

Episode 65

Rehan visits Goa along with Ahana to start a new project. He gets infatuated with Ahana and wants to bond with her.

Episode 66

Roshni informs Rehan that Anant has signed the divorce papers. Ahana overhears it and tells Rehan that she wants to die.

Monday 22 November 2021

Episode 67

Rehan sneaks into a stranger’s bungalow with Ahana. They hide under the bed when the owner returns!

Episode 68

Rehan gets carried away and kisses Ahana. Later, Ahana returns to Anant’s house, leaving Rehan alone in Goa.

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Episode 69

Rehan argues with a frustrated Roshni while Laila moves in with the Mathurs. Anant apologises to Ahana but she hesitates to forgive him.

Episode 70

Anant learns about Ahana’s miseries and looks forward to fix his broken relationship with her. Vyoma is disturbed due to Rehan and Ahana’s growing bond.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Episode 71

Vyoma gets drunk and pleads with Rehan to come back to her. Anant decides to buy a pendant for Ahana, but Roshni wants to foil his plan.

Episode 72

Anant and Ahana go to meet Saloni and her newborn baby. Later, an anonymous letter makes Laila and Roshni curious about Anant.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Episode 73

Laila tears Vyoma’s letter after reading it and re-writes it, asking Anant to help Vyoma patch up with Rehan. Meanwhile, Ahana gets scared as Laila’s prediction about her marriage is coming true.

Episode 74

Rehan confronts Roshni for hurting Ahana’s feelings. Anant books tickets for the Bahamas for him and Ahana, leaving Rehan surprised.

Season Finale!

Roshni makes Anant read Vyoma’s letter. Elsewhere, Rehan expresses his love to Ahana. How will she react?

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Broken Hearts Last Episode

The Episode starts with Laila getting Ahana’s call. Ahana says congrats, you have become a grandman, Saloni delivered a baby boy. Laila says I m so happy, congrats to you too. Ahana says come soon, Saloni is asking about you, I will send the car. Laila says not now, I will come later. Ahana thinks what happened to Laila. Roshni sees Laila hiding the letter. Yamini smiles holding pendant and cooks food. Roshni asks is anything special.

Yamini says I m making Anant’s fav food. Roshni says to thank him for this pendant. Yamini says yes, he is so good, he thinks for everyone, its my duty to think for him, I thought to make his fav dishes, I m sure he will like this. Roshni says my Mausi is the best, you take care of all of us. Yamini says how much will you compliment me.

Roshni says I shall also taste it. Yamini says its done. Roshni thinks see Ahana how I teach you a lesson. Rehaan and Ahana are on the way. He says its such a big day, we haven’t done anything, you have become Maasi, we have to celebrate. She says sure. He stops the car and says we will find sweets here, I used to come here after college to have icecreams. She says there’s nothing here, come. He says I will do something, wait a second. He gets a cola and says we shall celebrate with this, there are no glasses. She asks now? He says this is the best way to drink. They drink by the bottle cap. She laughs. They sit on the car. She asks just one glass. He says yes, so sorry, have the bottle. They smile. She says some star would be breaking and still many stars are shining, many lives end and start in this Nakshatra, like Arjun’s life started today. He asks about the name. She says its Saloni’s choice. He says we also like it.

He drinks. She says you spilt it, cleans his face. He thinks of her. Ae dil na kar….plays…. She says we shall go home. He holds her hand. He says we go home every day, if we are celebrating today, we shall stay back for some time more. She nods. He says lets talk to these stars, lets share our happiness with them, lets celebrate, not just for Arjun, our every happiness….She says lets celebrate life, a few days ago, I wanted to die, but now I want to live, I want to laugh without any reason, I want to see Arjun growing up, so many things changed in past few days, I didn’t thank you, thank you Rehaan. He says anything for you, anytime. Dil ko bhi udne ke liye….plays….

Laila reads Vyoma’s letter…. Vyoma writes…. Rehaan and Ahana are getting closer, Ahana is happy to make him part of her life, they are breaking your trust, this will just defame you, I wanted to save you from the defamation, your well wisher. Laila sees Rehaan and Ahana coming home. She tears the letter. She writes…. Mr. Anant Mathur, my name is Vyoma, I m Rehaan’s girlfriend, I still can’t believe he left me, we both did some mistakes, I want to rectify my mistakes and mend this relationship, you are the only one who can convince him to marry me, Rehaan and I will stay happy together, help me in saving this relationship, thanks… Vyoma…. Laila smiles and thinks Rehaan won’t refuse Anant, Vyoma will get Rehaan, Ahana and Anant’s relation will get fine, Anant will help me start a better life, I can’t lose him at any cost.

Ahana shows baby’s pics. She says Saloni and Tarun named by Arjun. Laila says you killed your own children, just be happy seeing others’ children. Ahana asks why do you hurt me like this. Laila asks why are you doing this, I m seeing it, you are trying to ruin your marriage, Rehaan was your biggest enemy, how did he has become such a good friend, I m not blind, you forget all problems seeing him. Ahana asks what do you want to say. Laila says you know it, you are a big fool, I want to save your marriage, Anant got Vyoma’s letter, she has mentioned your friendship with Rehaan, its good I got it first, you are not a kid anymore, I can see Anant is trying to win your heart and get close to you, you are still living in a different room, control your heart, else you will lose everything. Ahana opens the door and sees Rehaan. Ahana recalls Laila’s words. She goes.

Roshni asking Rehaan why does he look tensed, everything isn’t fine. Ahana says I m fine. Roshni says you have become Maasi today, did you had a fight. Ahana says no. Roshni says you can tell me if there is any problem. Anant comes and asks why did they sleep till now. Roshni says since Rehaan and Ahana came back from Goa, they got sleepless nights, their relation is so weird, they fight and become friends. Anant says I didn’t get you.

Yamini comes and says I have made something special, I will call Laila, we will dine together. Ahana says no, mum is sleeping. She sees Yamini’s pendant and asks her. Yamini says its nice right, Anant gave it. Anant asks when did I… Ahana says really, he gave me the same pendant. Rehaan sees Roshni smiling. Ahana says it suits you more, thanks Anant. Anant says I didn’t… she removes the pendant. He says please try to understand me. She asks him does he realize how she feels, he said this pendant is sign of his love, do Yamini and she hold the same value in his life. She argues and goes. Anant worries.

Roshni comes. Anant asks how dare you do this. Roshni says sorry, I didn’t know you ordered it for Ahana, I liked it in magazine and thought to gift it to Yamini. He asks why did you say I gifted Yamini. She says I thought she will feel good if I say you gifted it. He asks her to ask him before doing anything. She goes.

Rehaan comes to Rehaan and asks what are you doing, what’s same pendant doing with Yamini, stop this cheap game of hurting Ahana, shall I say this to Anant. She asks shall I tell dad about you, did your intentions change, to become a boyfriend from a friend, I can understand everything, look into your eyes, anyone can understand this, please control your emotions, you will hurt a lot of people. He asks what are you trying to say. She says it means everything and nothing, please leave, I m feeling sleepy. He goes.

Ahana thinks of Laila’s words. Rehaan comes and says I heard whatever Laila told you, trust me, I didn’t know Vyoma will do this. She says I want to sleep. He says how am I supposed to sleep, knowing you are upset, what do I do. She says you are asking a wrong person, I m going through a strange dilemma, you take good care of me, shall I get happy or scared by this. He says please I will explain Vyoma. She says don’t do please. He says trust me, I will set everything fine. She asks how, we already made a mistake, nothing can happen. He holds her. Anant looks on and comes to them. Rehaan gets away. Anant says I know everything, I know Ahana is lonely and annoyed with me. Ahana says no. Anant says I m trying my best to sort it, but its getting more complicated. She goes. Anant thanks Rehaan. He says you helped Ahana and took care of her, you have proved it that you have grown up, thanks for helping us. He goes. Rehaan thinks how to tell you, I can’t convince myself that Ahana is your wife.

Its morning, Rehaan comes for breakfast. He asks Laila how is she. She says fine, did you sleep well, I slept very well, if you hide emotions, you feel scared and can’t sleep, expressing things lightens the heart. Anant comes and says this is an insurance policy for Tarun and Saloni’s son so that his future is secure and he fulfills his dreams. Laila says 2 crores… I have never seen a man like you, I m lucky that my daughter chose you as life partner. Anant says its my duty, its a small thing. Laila thanks her. Anant says Ahana, I m fed up of office work, I have booked the tickets for Bahamas, just pack your bags, Laila and Rehaan are here, they will take care of children. Anant says please, don’t refuse. Rehaan coughs. Laila asks him not to hurry and have water. Ahana says fine, here’s your coffee. Anant says kids didn’t come for breakfast, I will tell them that we are going for a holiday. He goes. Laila says Ahana, you are lucky to get a good husband like Anant, he cares for everyone, he cares for you so much. Ahana sees Rehaan. He gets up. Laila says you haven’t finished yet, I need to talk to you, can we go to my room. Rehaan goes with Laila.

Roshni swapping the letter and saying Ahana you have seen his love, now you will see dad’s hatred, your relation with him and this house will end, you took advantage of his goodness, you have hurt him. She leaves. Laila asks Rehaan what’s happening, Ahana is Anant’s wife, does he understand the meaning of relations. She says I forgot, what does an orphan know about relations, Anant did many favors on you, will you cheat him, I know everything, you use your charm to impress everyone in this house, throw this charm and love out. Ahana comes and says stop it, you know clap doesn’t occur with one hand, I m not going to cheat like you. She asks Rehaan not to listen to all this.

Laila says wow, I m surprised seeing you like this, you misunderstood me and said you won’t become like me, you proved you are my daughter, just like me. Ahana recalls Laila’s words. Laila says you proved it by defending Rehaan, don’t play with fire, else you both will be destroyed, Anant is a nice man, don’t cheat him.

Roshni talks to Anant on call and asks him to come and see the surprise. He says I will finish the meeting and come. She says please, I will always be a child for you, you have to give me time always, you are my dad, promise me you will meet me first when you come. He says someone is coming to meet me. She says promise me that you will just meet me first. He says I always lose, okay I m coming. She thinks come soon dad, it will be a shock for Ahana, dad will throw her out of his life. She smiles.

Anant comes to workshop and asks Roshni what’s the surprise. She says I bought tool kit from my credit card. He says oh, it means I have to pay the bill, I m joking, no one gave me such an awesome gift, thanks. She hugs him and goes. He sees the letter and checks. He reads… Roshni smiles and recalls keeping Vyoma’s letter in the workshop. She checks and reads it. She gets shocked. She thinks and takes a photo in her phone. She keeps the letter back and goes. FB ends.

Anant reads…. Rehaan and Ahana are getting closer, Ahana is much more than a friend for him, Ahana is very happy to make him part of his life, the people who trust the most, they are breaking his trust, this will just defame her, her motive is to save him from that defamation. He gets shocked and recalls Ahana and Rehaan.

Rehaan pulls Ahana into his room. She asks him to leave her. He says if my love is madness, then I m mad, I love you, I know you love me too, I can’t live without you, how could you think I can live without you for ten days. She asks shall I tell Anant that I can’t come with him, I want to spend time with you. He says yes. She says we have shared pain, but whatever happened in Goa was a mistake, leave me. He asks are you running away from this feeling, you know its not wrong, don’t call it a mistake, please listen to your heart. She says its wrong. He says please listen to me, I love you, its not wrong, I can’t live without you. She says I have a husband, he loves me.

He asks do you love him. She says yes I do. He says I can see in your eyes, you are lying, you were in love with Anant, you love me now, this is the truth. She says its not true, I don’t love you. He says look into my eyes and prove it. He holds her close. Music plays….. They have an eyelock. Rehaan and Ahana’s moments flash. They get close… Anant walks in. He asks what’s all this Ahana… means whatever is written in this letter is true, Rehaan say something, is this true? Rehaan bows down. Ahana sees Anant…..