Broken Bonds April Teasers 2023

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Broken Bonds April Teasers 2023

Shubhra visits Samaira to tell her that she and Harsh are getting married on her wedding day. Read Zeeworld Broken Bonds April Teasers 2023:

Zeeworld Broken Bonds April 2023 Teasers 

Saturday 1 April 2023

Episode 78

Shubhra is terrified when she does not see Rishi around. Kuldeep visits Shubhra’s parents to offer an apology. Hurt by Kuldeep’s decision to go back with Samaira, Chandrani cuts ties with him.

Sunday 2  April 2023

Episode 79

Rishi punishes Shubhra. Harsh refuses to interfere between Shubhra and Rishi.

Monday 3 April 2023

Episode 80

Chandrani gets the letter. Chandrani praises Harsh in front of Shubhra.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Episode 81

Harsh tells Shubhra that he has fallen in love. Sadashiv, Chandrani and Madhura try to bring Shubhra and Harsh closer. The police arrive to arrest Kuldeep.

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Episode 82

Samaira cooks food for Kuldeep and gets him a new phone. Harsh and Shubhra’s car breaks down and Shubhra tells Chandrani about it.

Thursday 6 April  2023

Episode 83

Samaira forces Kuldeep to sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Harsh sends roses for Shubhra.

Friday 7 April 2023

Episode 84

Shubhra refuses to remarry. Chandrani, Madhura and Sadashiv try to convince Shubhra to marry Harsh. However, she firmly refuses.

Saturday 8 April 2023

Episode 85

Rishi and Roli prepare gifts for Harsh and Shubhra. Shubhra returns Harsh’s gift to him. Samaira and Kuldeep arrive at the resort, but everyone ignores them. Samaira requests Shubhra to speak with her in person.

Sunday 9  April 2023

Episode 86

Samaira tells Shubhra that she is pregnant and the latter signs the divorce papers.

Monday 10 April 2023

Episode 87

Samaira asks Kuldeep to forget Rishi and Roli and allows him three days to spend with them. Kuldeep gets emotional to meet Roli and Rishi and narrates a story to them. Kuldeep sends something for Shubhra, which brings back some old memories. Later, Kuldeep apologises to Harsh.

Tuesday 11  April 2023

Episode 88

Shubhra learns that Samaira is not pregnant and she informs Kuldeep. Samaira asks Kuldeep to move to Mumbai and forces him to marry her.

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Episode 89

Shubra tells Kuldeep that she will now teach Samaira a lesson for all her mistakes. Samaira tells Chandrani and Shubhra that she is marrying Kuldeep in ten days. Shubhra tells Madhura and Sadashiv that she will support Kuldeep. Harsh visits Shubhra with a lawyer.

Thursday 13 April 2023

Episode 90

Shubhra visits Samaira to tell her that she and Harsh are getting married on her wedding day. Shubhra tells Chandrani that Samaira will have to pay for her sins. Later, she explains to Madhura and Sadashiv why she helped Kuldeep.

Friday 14 April 2023

Episode 91

Samaira suspects that Shubhra and Harsh are not getting married.

Saturday 15 April 2023

Episode 92

Harsh and Shubhra work on their plan. Later, Shubhra accompanies Harsh to Samaira’s house and shows her the pictures of her and Harsh’s engagement. A baffled Samaira asks Rishi and Roli about it.

Sunday 16 April 2023

Episode 93

Shubhra asks the kids to not answer Samaira’s questions. Samaira thinks of kidnapping the kids. Shubhra gets her to do household chores in return for allowing her to meet the kids.

Monday 17 April 2023

Episode 94

Kuldeep warns Samaira and gets a shock the next day. Kuldeep, through a video, tells Shubhra about the preparations for Samaira’s overnight wedding. Shubhra and Harsh use a disguise to attend the wedding. Kuldeep and Samaira’s wedding rituals begin.

Tuesday 18  April 2023

Episode 95

Kuldeep convinces Samaira to return to Mumbai. Shubhra threatens to file a case against Samaira if she goes back. She asks Samaira to apologise to everyone.

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Episode 96

Rishi, Roli and Vedika stay with Kuldeep and Anant at Samaira’s house. Rishi asks Shubhra if she and Kuldeep can come together again. Phirki tells Samaira that Kuldeep is cheating on her. Kuldeep confesses to Anant that he has made a big mistake.

Thursday 20 April 2023

Episode 97

Shubhra later asks Samaira to transfer half of her wealth to Vedika. The kids request Shubhra to forgive Kuldeep.

Friday 21 April 2023

Episode 98

Samaira is shocked to see Harsh and Shubhra’s picture in the newspaper and visits Shubhra’s house with Kuldeep.

Thursday 22 April  2023

Episode 99

Samaira prepares to celebrate her victory with Kuldeep. Phirki tries to convince Samaira that Kuldeep is cheating on her. Shubhra visits Samaira’s house and tells Kuldeep the next plan against Samaira.

Friday 23 April 2023

Episode 100

Kuldeep visits Shubhra’s house and spends quality time with his family. Meanwhile, Samaira plots to trap Kuldeep.

Saturday 24 April 2023

Episode 101

Kuldeep suggests Shubhra a plan to harass Samaira. Samaira asks Kuldeep to turn down Rajyadaksh’s offer.

Sunday 25  April 2023

Episode 102

Rishi and Roli overhear Shubhra and Sadashiv’s conversation. Shubhra tells Kuldeep the next plan against Samaira. Later, Shubhra visits Samaira’s house with lawyers and executes her plan.

Monday 26 April 2023

Episode 103

Kuldeep tries to get some records to learn Samaira’s secret. Kuldeep’s health suddenly deteriorates as soon as he eats food. He cries out in agony, and Samaira makes a revelation to him.

Tuesday 27 April 2023

Episode 104

While everyone has breakfast, Kuldeep panics. Kuldeep apologises to Samaira and requests her to stay away from his family. Harsh suggests Shubhra to force Samaira to move out of the house.

Wednesday 28 April 2023

Episode 105

Phirki lies to Samaira out of fear. Shubhra lays down a condition in exchange for not complaining to the police against Samaira.

Thursday 29 April  2023

Episode 106

Shubhra gives household chores to Samaira. Harsh praises Shubhra in front of Kuldeep. Later, Rishi and Roli prank Samaira.

Friday 30  April 2023

Episode 107

Shubhra settles an old score with Samaira. Harsh gives Kuldeep’s letter to Shubhra and asks her to give Kuldeep a chance. Samaira gets infuriated when Rishi and Roli lock her in a room.

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