Bride with Benefits On Zee World Tv Series Full Cast Story Summary


Bride with Benefits On Zee World Tv Series Full Cast Story Summary

Bride with Benefits On Zee World Tv Series Full Cast Story Summary


Premiere date: 2nd April 2018

Zee World latest Series Bride with Benefits showcases how in the present times the custom of seeking dowry prevails but with a twist. With the changing times, people have now realized that dowry not only traps them legal complications but also the girls who come with huge dowry are known to carry a heavy baggage of tantrums and so it is better to opt for a working woman while bride-hunting. A working daughter-in-law is beneficial as it means legalized dowry for the in-laws for the rest of their lives.

This is the story of Payal who gets trapped as “Bride with Benefits”. Payal Rai, daughter of Bhuvneshwar Rai works as a PWD officer in the district of Chaibasa, Jharkhand. Payal is a strong, confident, today’s girl with sharp presence of mind and has always made her parents proud with her achievements.

Payal’s family, though modern in their thought and approach are constantly targetted by their community and are accused of over educating their daughter with the selfish motive to thrive on her income and purposely delaying her marriage. Payal’s parents tired of these accusations are desperate to find a good family and groom for their daughter.

On the other hand, Jogeshwar Prasad and his family are searching for a perfect bride for their son Dev. Their older son Ayodhya is married to Gulkand, a straight-forward, foul-mouthed woman who had brought in a lot of dowry at the time of marriage and takes a lot of pride in the fact. She resents Jogeshwar and Ayodhya for demanding such a huge sum of dowry from her family and makes their life miserable with every opportunity she gets. As a result, Jogeshwar is looking for a bride who is working woman for Dev so he can extort dowry for the rest of their lives and is sure that a working woman for a bride would not pose as much as problems as Gulkand causes them. After a lot of searching, they manage to find Payal and propose the marriage to her family. Dev, a simple and sweet guy, who is already in love with Payal is more than happy with the marriage and decides to get serious in life by searching for a job and trying to be worthy of Payal’s love completely unaware of his father’s ulterior motives.

Dev goes for a job interview and gets selected for a managerial position. Dev comes out to the reception and sees another man who desperately needs a job and Dev convinces the interviewers to select the other candidate instead of him. Meanwhile, Ayodhya decides to support Jogeshwar and tries his best to keep his nagging wife Gulkand at bay and brings her to Mumbai on false pretexts so she doesn’t create any problems in Dev’s wedding. Dev who is adamant that Ayodhya too attends his wedding refuses to get married otherwise. Ayodhya on Dev’s insistence promises to come down for Dev’s wedding and struggles to find a way to get rid of Gulkand in Mumbai. Ayodhya to distract Gulkand takes her out for Mumbai Darshan simultaneously thinking of a plan to trap Gulkand.

The next day as the families are completing the Matkoud rituals before the wedding, Ayodhya spots two policemen in civil dress in the market in Mumbai and picks a fight with them. The situation gets tensed and Gulkand comes there and slaps the police officers. The police officers arrest Gulkand for slapping them and Ayodhya succeeds in getting rid of Gulkand.

As promised Ayodhya comes to attend Dev’s wedding and everyone is relieved that Gulkand is arrested and now there is no way that she can ruin Dev and Payal’s wedding when to everyone’s surprise Gulkand arrives there and exposes Dev’s family and before Payal and her family. Will Payal call off her wedding with Dev? Keep watching Service Wali Bahu to find out.

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Brief Information and Details on Bride with Benefits

  • First Episode: 2nd April 2018
  • Total number of episodes: 123
  • Total numbers of Season:  1
  • Channel: Zee Tv – Zee World Tv
  • Original name: service wali
  • Country: Indian

Bride with Benefits Actress/Cast, picture and Real name Zee World Series

Payal cast actress Bride-with-Benefits-Zee-World

Payal Rai Real name is Kratika Sengar

Kratika Sengar favorite television actress who portrayed the character “Aarti” from our most cherished off-screen series Married Again.Payal is a strong, confident, today”s girl with sharp presence of mind and is currently working for PWD department in Vaishal District of Bihar.Payalis an ideal daughter and sister and has always made her parents proud with her achievements. Payal is a role model for her younger sister Neelam.Payal being exposed to modern society and education has a clear vision about her prince charming and his family with whom she will want to spend her life.


Dev Real name is Abhishek Rawat

Dev Simple, sweet, innocent, native guy. He is very low on confidence and falls short of words when it comes to expressing. He loves Payal a lot but fails to express the same.

Ayodhya cast Bride-with-Benefits-Zee-World

Ayodhya Prasad Real name is Vineett Kumar

He is the eldest son of Jogeshwar Prasad. He is the head of the house and takes all the decisions. He was the master mind along with Jogeshwar behind Dev and Payal”s marriage.

Gulkand-cast-actress-bride with benefits

Gulkand Ayodhya Prasad Real name is Akshara Singh

Jogeshwar cast bride with benefits

Jogeshwar Prasad Real name is Atul Srivastava

A greedy, selfish and money minded guy , he is Dev”s Father who is Extremely manipulative, he plans the lifetime dowry by ensuring he bring home a PWD


Gulkand Real Name – Akshara Singh

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Guddi RealName: Ekroop Bedi

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Ending/Finale Episode on bride with benefit drama

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