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Bridal Material June Teasers 2022

 Sunny provokes Vivaan into testing Meera’s loyalty by means of a virginity test. Coming up on ZeeWorld Bridal Material June 2022 Teasers:

ZeeWorld Bridal Material June 2022 Teasers

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Episode 54

Vivaan vows to make Meera’s life miserable.

Thursday 2  June 2022

Episode 55

Not Available.

Friday 3  June  2022

Episode 56

Vivaan goes to meet the kidnapper and confront him. When Meera falls into a swamp and loses consciousness, Vivaan takes care of her. When she regains her senses, she brings Vivaan to a police station.

Saturday 4  June 2022

Episode 57

Vivan sets out in search of Meera.

Sunday 5  June  2022

Episode 58

Later, as Vivan reaches Meera’s house to stay, Amar tries to exact revenge on Vivan by mistreating him. As Meera goes to check on Vivan, she later finds him sleeping in the kitchen and takes over the cooking.

Monday 6  June  2022

Episode 59

Laali meanwhile learns that a golden statue is being brought home. She comes up with a plan to steal it and put the blame on Vivan. Later that night, Meera is shocked to find Silky and Vivan in a compromising position. Vivan overhears Meera confessing to her mother that she is still in love with him.

Tuesday 7  June 2022

Episode 60

Amar proposes a deal to Vivaan and tricks him into accepting it. When the villagers accuse Amar of stealing the idol, Vivaan intervenes.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Episode 61

Vivan confronts Amar and requests him to not get Meera married again. He then gets a call about the stolen statue. Later, when Meera decides to agree to her father’s wish, Vivaan is shattered. This decision is a big game changer for both Vivaan and Meera as it directly affects their relationship.

Thursday 9 June  2022

Episode 62

Vivaan reaches home and calls Amar out to talk to him. Meera appears after having a talk with Sunny and announces that she will marry Sunny.

Friday 10  June  2022

Episode 63

Silky takes a video of Meera and Sunny in a compromising position and shows it to Vivan. Vivaan assumes that Meera likes Sunny and consumes alcohol to vent his anger. Meera tries her best to stop Vivaan and confesses her feelings towards him.

Saturday 11  June 2022

Episode 64

The next day, Vivaan is shocked to see Silky in his room and she accuses him of trying to force himself upon her. Meera later challenges Silky claiming that she will never let her marry Vivaan, and later, plans a way out with Vivaan. Meera warns Silky and ends up throwing a challenge.

Sunday 12  June  2022

Episode 65

Later, Dolly pressurises Meera to reveal her secret and awaits a reaction from her. When Meera and Sunny get engaged, Satinder tells Amar to get the couple married at the earliest.

Monday 13  June  2022

Episode 66

Not available.

Tuesday 14  June  2022

Episode 67

Vivaan and fake Sunny come face-to-face. Fake Sunny reveals that he is Vivaan’s step brother.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Episode 68

Vivaan beats up the goons and manages to escape. Sunny and Vivaan fight tooth and nail until Vivaan thrusts Sunny off the cliff. In a twist of fate, Amar, Dolly and Sweety see the entire fight over a video call. Vivaan is then arrested for murder.

Thursday 16 June  2022

Episode 69

Meera steals the contact details of the eyewitnesses and tracks down the first witness, Madanlal. She intimidates and gets him to cooperate in locating Sunny, but he is soon shot dead. A familiar face peeks into the police station.

Friday 17  June  2022

Episode 70

Desperate to save Vivaan, Meera says she will do anything Sunny wants. A spiteful, heartless Sunny puts forth carnal demands. Later, Sunny arrives home and begs for forgiveness from the entire family. Vivaan calls Meera to his room to romantically apologise for misunderstanding her.

Saturday 18 June 2022

Episode 71

Simultaneously, Sunny orders Meera to spend the night with him. He threatens her with a bomb which could blow up Vivaan and the rest of the house. Later, Meera tries to get hold of the bomb’s remote by seducing Sunny.

Sunday 19  June  2022

Episode 72

Meera’s inner voice tells her that she should tell Vivaan everything, but she feels conflicted. Sunny provokes Vivaan into testing Meera’s loyalty by means of a virginity test. Later, Vivaan arrives home and flings the virginity test papers at Meera, demanding that she take the test.

Monday 20  June  2022

Episode 73

In a desperate bid to revive Vivaan, Meera calls upon the doctors.

Tuesday 21  June  2022

Episode 74

A drunk Sunny breaks into the house with intentions of harming Meera. Vivaan informs the family that he has found an eye donor for Meera. Everyone is relieved to hear this news. After some initial shock and a terrifying nightmare, Meera regains her vision.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Episode 75

Meera is struck by sinister visions of a woman. Meera has a nightmare of a woman being attacked in her house on a stormy night, but Vivaan consoles her. Meera dreams of the woman being rejected by the man she loves and facing grave danger.

Thursday 23 June  2022

Episode 76

Meanwhile, Vivaan almost runs over Meera, who is distracted by visions of the heartbroken woman killing herself. Vivaan orders Guru Mata to stay away from Meera. Later, Vivaan entrusts Meera with the Soni Kudi business.

Friday 24 June  2022

Episode 77

During the ‘Mata ki Chowki’ ritual, visions haunt Meera again.

Saturday 25 June 2022

Episode 78

Meeera cannot bring herself to trust Vivaan until she finds out the truth. Meera takes over as CEO of Soni Kudi Academy and meets Tulika, a girl who reminds her of herself. At the launch party later, Meera delivers a speech with conviction.

Sunday 26  June  2022

Episode 79

Vivaan decides to leave the house as Meera doesn’t trust him, but Meera apologises to him. Vivaan and Meera perform a ritual, Tulika chants an ominous ‘mantra’, and Meera faints! Guru Mata gives Dolly ‘prasad’ for Meera.

Monday 27 June  2022

Episode 80

Later, the police investigating the doctor’s murder show up at home and demand everyone’s fingerprints. Tulika reaches Vivaan’s room and gets the bindis. Dolly is shocked to see the setup and guesses it to be something evil. However, just then, bats enter and scare her away. Later, she tries to tell Vivaan and Meera about what she saw, but they don’t believe her.

Tuesday 28 June  2022

Episode 81

Tulika tries to kill a girl in a bridal dress. Meera and Vivaan spend a romantic evening together.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Episode 82

Tulika tries to strangulate Guru Maa using her hair. Vivaan is horrified to see Meera sitting on the blade of a ceiling fan.

Thursday 30 June  2022

Episode 83

Meera applies ‘Mehdipur Balaji’s Henna’ on the house’s entrance. This makes Tulika unable to enter the house. Tulika frames Meera for hurting her. When Meera enters Tulika’s room, she sees her with Paromita’s skeleton, which makes her scared.

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