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Brave and Beautiful December Teasers 2020 Starlife

Shraddha chooses her family over her love. Due to her influence in everything that happened, Anand breaks all ties with Kritika. Read Brave and Beautiful December 2020 Teasers:

Starlife Brave and Beautiful December 2020 Teasers 

Tuesday 1 December  2020 

Episode 108

Jaya calls Kamini and tells her that Shraddha is not going for the reunion. Zorawar comes to Amrit and confronts her asking her to tell him what the real problem is.

Episode 109

Kittu feels unhappy upon hearing what Kamini did. The Shergill family make up and  prepares to celebrates Diwali.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Episode 110

Shraddha demands for Kittu’s diamond necklace. Purshottam brings gifts for everyone while Kamini sees Shraddha dresses up and taunts her. Kittu warns Kamini to stay away from her.

Episode 111

Kunal confesses his love once again but Shraddha does not hear due to crackers sound. Later, Zorawar and Amrit scolds Kamini for always taunting Shraddha.

Thursday 3 December 2020

Episode 112

Shraddha decides to go for the reunion. Kittu goes to Kamini and is hurt on the way by the crackers outburst.

Episode 113

Kunal purposely gets into an accident to have Shraddha travel along with him. In the car, Kunal praises his girlfriend while Shraddha is annoyed.

Friday 4 December 2020

Episode 114

Kamini gets jaya’s call and comes to know that Kunal went with Shraddha. Kamini is shocked. Kunal’s friends ask Shraddha to be away from Kunal.

Episode 115

Shraddha seems to be intimated by Kunal’s female friend, Suzanne.

Monday 7 December  2020 

Episode 116

Shraddha, Suzanne, Chalya and Kunal play truth or dare with others. Anand laments as to how Kittu does not give him attention. Later, Kamini comes to the Shergill house with a marriage proposal for Shraddha.

Episode 117

Amrit disagrees with Kamini over choosing a groom for Shraddha. Elsewhere, Kunal makes up his love story and tells it to Shraddha while Shraddha hears it with interest.

Tuesday 8 December  2020 

Episode 118

Kittu tries to convince everyone that Kamini wants the best for Shraddha.

Episode 119

Kunal is happy as Shraddha cares for him. Kittu and Zorawar meets Rohit and his daughter. Later, Zorawar tells Shraddha that Kamini brought a proposal for her. Shraddha misunderstands and thinks Kamini brought Kunal’s proposal and gets happy.

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Episode 120

Kunal proposes to Shraddha and both of them have an eyelock. Later, Shraddha gets jealous upon seeing Suzanne and Kunal together.

Episode 121

Dhruv is happy to be reunited with his mother. Kunal finally masters the courage to tell his parents about his love for Shraddha.

Thursday 10 December 2020

Episode 122

Jaya sees photos on laptop and is shocked to see Shraddha and Kunal closer and dancing. Kittu is stunned to know that Shraddha likes Kunal. In the meantime, Kamini storms the Shergill house.

Episode 123

Everyone are shocked when Shraddha admits that she wants to marry Kunal.

Friday 11 December 2020

Episode 124

Zorawar asks Kittu to choose between her parents and in laws. Meanwhile, Kunal gets into an accident leaving him in a critical condition.

Episode 125

At the hospital, Kamini scolds Shraddha and requests her to stay away from Kunal’s life. Anand persuades Shraddha to forget everything and marry Rohit.

Monday 14 December  2020 

Episode 126

Kunal shows up unexpectedly at the same time Rohit family visit to meet Shraddha. Kunal tries to convince the family to let him marry Shraddha but they all refuse his request.

Episode 127

Laxmi calls off Rohit marriage to Shraddha. Purshottam gives Kunal his full support while Kittu makes a promise to Shraddha.

Tuesday 15 December  2020 

Episode 128

Kamini argues with Purshottam and says she cannot accept Shraddha. Kunal is happy to get Dhruv’s call and Dhruv asks him to come home as he is missing him. Shraddha decides to stand up for herself concerning her relationship with Kunal!

Episode 129

Dhruv, Shraddha and Kittu meets Kunal outside Dhruv’s school. Kittu suggests that they both have a court marriage the next day. However, their plans might be ruined as Amrit & Zorawar prepares for a trip to Mussoorie.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Episode 130

Kittu vows to get Shraddha and Kunal married at any cost.

Episode 131

Anand warns Kittu to tell Kunal to be away from Shraddha. After jumping all hurdles, Kunal and Shraddha walk towards the temple holding hands and smiling. They sit near the fire and start the rituals.

Thursday 17 December 2020

Episode 132

The news of Kunal and Shraddha’s wedding begins to reach the family members one by one. Zorawar gives Shraddha an option to choose either Kunal or them.

Episode 133

Shraddha chooses her family over her love. Due to her influence in everything that happened, Anand breaks all ties with Kritika.

Friday 18 December 2020

Episode 134

Amrit expresses her dissapointment over Shraddha’s actions. Kunal goes to question Anand.

Episode 135

Anand is adamant and refuses to take Kittu back.

Monday 21 December  2020 

Episode 136

Kunal takes Kittu somewhere out and reminds her about their childhood.

Episode 137

Kunal scolds Shraddha for not thinking about him and Kittu. Later, Anand and Kittu coincidentally visit a temple.

Tuesday 22 December  2020 

Episode 138

Jasmeet talks some senses into Anand’s head but will he listen?  Shraddha and Dhruv come to meet Kittu at her house.

Episode 139

Once again, Anand misunderstands Kittu’s intentions. Kittu decides to be free from her marriage and starts living independently.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Episode 140

The Shergill family are shocked when Kunal announces that he is leaving for America with Kittu forever.

Episode 141

It’s Christmas and Dhruv wants Anand to bring Kittu back. Will he?

Thursday 24 December 2020

Episode 142

Amrit and Zorawar convince Kittu to return home with them. Anand is still not happy with Kittu.

Episode 143

Shraddha and Kunal both get lost in thoughts and regret meeting each other.

Friday 25 December 2020

Episode 144

Zorawar forgives Shraddha and calls her his strong child. Everyone ask Shraddha to go to the new year party with her friends. Anand talks to jasmeet to make Kittu jealous.

Episode 145

In the mood of Christmas celebrations, Kunal and Shraddha friends force them to dance together. Back at home, Zorawar also renews his love for Amrit.

Monday 28 December  2020

Episode 146

Zorawar & Amrit stylishly sends Anand to the room Kittu is. Things doesn’t go as planned instead, the argument between the two escalates more.

Episode 147

Jaya informs Kamini about the divorce papers. Zorawar and Amrit reveals their plan regarding the divorce issue to Kittu.

Tuesday 29 December  2020 

Episode 148

Anand signs the divorce papers leaving Kittu with no other option than to sign as well.  Could this be the end of the “love birds” marriage?

Episode 149

Kunal comes to Shraddha’s house dressed like a thief. Kunal by mistake runs to jaya’s room. She is shocked to see a thief and shouts. Shraddha and Everyone wake up hearing jaya’s screams.

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Episode 150

Shraddha and Kunal make a plan that Anand and Kittu should be together and have a child.

Episode 151

Shraddha drugs Kritika’s tea which makes her dizzy. Ashish and Ishaan become excited as Shraddha informs them that Kritika might be pregnant.

Thursday 31 December 2020

Episode 152

Kittu gets hurt and Anand cares for her. Shraddha is worried as Anand wants a confirmation from gynaecologist.

Episode 153

Kamini overhears Kunal conversation and misunderstands him thinking Shradhha is pregnant.

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