Bitter Sweet Love Sunday Update 5 May 2024


Bitter Sweet Love Sunday Update 5 May 2024

Kunal defending Vandu. He asks Pammi not to treat Vandu as a servant. He says she is my PA. He asks Vandu to learn to say NO, go with Bobby for the work. Vandu goes. Kunal sees the mehendi design. He says I hope Vandu knows the truth. He says the worst thing in life is cheat in love. Bobby and Vandu are on the way. She says I can do anything for my dad, I don’t understand what Kunal does and why. He says yes, I also don’t understand, he was chilled out but he changed now, he handled himself, he also loves his family a lot, he can do anything for them, this is common between you too, you both are similar. She asks what. He says yes, you find him arrogant, he isn’t like that, you will understand him one day. She says fine, we will focus on work now, I have to prepare for my mehendi also. He thinks to tell her.


Vijay grinds the mehendi and feels unwell. Vandu says I will call home. Kunal speaks to Kuldeep on call. Kuldeep says I want the company to become number one, I want revenge on Vandu. Vijay falls down. Aaji shouts and runs to him. She says I will give water. She shouts for help. Kunal goes to see. Vandana says dad isn’t answering. Bobby says its okay, not a big deal.

Kunal asks what happened. He lifts Vijay and makes him lie down on the sofa. He says everything is fine. Vandana says they aren’t answering the landline. Kunal asks shall I call the doctor. Vijay says no need. Aaji thanks Kunal for help. Vijay says thanks for today, but you have done wrong before. Vaibhav and Mrunal meet. They argue. She shows their pic and blackmails him. He says delete the pic. She says don’t touch me, marry me, else I will send the pic to everyone, Vandu shouldn’t get mehendi of your name. He says I have planned something, Vandu will call the police, I may lose the job, but our love is enough to live, come. She says I m sorry, I will trust you. He says trust me. Vijay asks how shall I trust you, you save life and then put us in trouble, I will not forgive you.

Kunal says I respect your perspective, whatever Vandu did with my dad, I love my dad and did this to protect him. They argue. Bobby says we will go back home if you are tense. Vandana says no, Kunal will get angry. He says no, I will talk to her. Kunal says Vandana is very strong, she can handle all problems alone, we have issues, we will sort it, it doesn’t mean I have problem with you all, she has no problem with my family. Vijay says if you are sensible, then stop troubling her, she will faint down before reaching mandap, she is 35 years old, she is getting married, don’t do anything that causes a trouble in her marriage, 3 days now. Kunal says good, you love your daughter, keep this love, she needs it. Vijay invites him in marriage. Kunal leaves. Vaibhav and Mrunal come home. Mrunal asks did Vandu do anything, are you angry on her, you will stop the marriage, right, no, don’t punish us. She holds Kunal’s hand. Kunal says back off, don’t try to touch me, maybe someone else melts on your touch, I won’t melt down.

He stares at Vaibhav. Vaibhav asks why are you staring, tell me. Kunal says you have an affair with Mrunal just before the marriage, its not okay, I have Vandana and your wedding invite, and your and Mrunal’s report card, you have a good luck, I don’t want to interfere in your personal life, love cheat doesn’t let a person live and die, stop this. Vaibhav says mind your own work. Kunal scolds him.

Vaibhav asks do you like Vandu, tell me, do you like her. Kunal says I knew you will say this to provoke me. Vaibhav sees Vandu coming. He asks do you like Vandana, tell me, if you want her. Kunal pushes him. Vandu says I spoke to dad, everything is fine. Kunal gets angry on Vaibhav. Vaibhav acts to fall down. Vandu runs to him. She asks did you push him. Kunal says yes, ask him why, you believe whatever he says, wake up, no one deserves this pain, I wish this marriage breaks.