Aparajita Zee World Full Story,Plot Summary, Casts and Teasers


Aparajita Zee World Full Story,Plot Summary, Casts and Teasers

The plot of the Aparajita Zee World will revolve around a woman named Aprajita who has suffered in life for being independent.
She has three daughters whom she is raising to be strong and independent like her. So far the teasers have only shown Shweta Tiwari and her daughters and the evil society mongers whose only role in life is to poke their noses in other people’s business.
The show will also address the issues of women whose husbands have left them due to selfish reasons.
Shweta Tiwari will be playing the lead role as the mother of three daughters and is tagged as “Chodi
Hui Aurat” by the judgemental Indian society.

The three daughters will be shown with different personalities and showcase a united front in the face of adversity. They also love their mother very much.

Despite raising her daughters alone, Aprajita is no weakling and has the strength to face the world

Aparajita Zee World Full Story

Aparajita is deserted by her husband Akshay, leaving her alone to fend for her herself and her three daughters. But she rises to meet every challenge so that her daughters can be strong and independent.

Brief Information and Details on Aparajita Zee World

  • Genre: Romance
  • First Episode:  May 2023
  • Total number of episodes: 213
  • Total numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name:Main Hoon Aparajita
  • Tele Country: Indian


Main Cast on Aparajita

  • Shweta Tiwari as Aparajita Akshay Singh: Akshay’s first wife; Chhavi, Disha and Asha’s mother; Niya’s step-mother (2022–present)Aparajita Akshay Singh Realname cast Zee World
  • Manav Gohil as Akshay Singh: Kusumlata’s son; Aparajita and Mohini’s husband; Chhavi, Disha, Asha and Niya’s father; Kalpana’s younger brother (2022–present)Akshay Singh cast on Aparajita Zee World


  • Anushka Merchande as Chhavi Singh: Aparajita and Akshay’s eldest daughter; elder sister of Disha and Asha; Niya’s half-sister (2022–present)
  • Dhwani Gori as Disha Singh: Aparajita and Akshay’s second daughter; younger sister of Chhavi; elder sister of Asha; Niya’s half-sister; Arjun’s girlfriend (2022–present)
  • Shruti Choudhary as Asha “Ashu” Singh: Aparajita and Akshay’s youngest daughter; younger sister of Chhavi and Disha; Niya’s half-sister (2022–present)
  • Shweta Gulati as Mohini Akshay Singh: Akshay’s second wife; Manish’s younger sister; Niya’s mother; Chhavi, Disha and Asha’s step-mother (2022–present)
  • Garvita Sadhwani as Niya Singh: Mohini and Akshay’s daughter; Aparajita’s step-daughter; Chhavi, Disha and Asha’s half-sister; Arjun’s best friend and one sided obsessive lover turned fiancee (2022–present)
  • Amita Khopkar as Kusumlata Singh: Akshay and Kalpana’s mother; Chhavi, Disha, Asha and Niya’s grandmother (2022–present)
  • Nishikant Dixit as Sunil Thakur: A corrupt politician; Veer’s father (2022–2023)
  • Puneet Tejwani as Manish: Mohini’s elder brother (2022–present)
  • Ankit Rana as Vicky (2022)
  • Varun Kasturia as Arjun Kapoor: Niya’s best friend turnee fiancee; Disha’s boyfriend (2023–present)
  • Shubhkaran as Veer Thakur: Chhavi’s ex–fiance and boyfriend; Sunil’s son (2022–2023)
  • Smita Singh as Kalpana Singh: Kusumlata’s daughter; Akshay’s elder sister; Shubh’s mother (2023–present)
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as Ashmit Kapoor: Arjun’s father (2023–present)
  • Rajesh Dubey as Guruji (2023)